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4.30-5.00pm      Registration


5.00-5.20pm      Refreshments - FREE drink and nibbles provided!


5.20-5.35pm      Welcome - Dr. John Redman, Education Consultant and former Headteacher - The Education Network


5.35-5.55pm      Keynote - Jon Tait, Senior leader in education, deputy headteacher, 2012 Olympic Torch bearer, education blog author & speaker on the TED stage


5.55-6.05pm      Performance - Students of Bishop Barrington Dance Academy






6.15-6.30pm      Workshop 1


6.35-6.50pm      Workshop 2


6.55-7.10pm      Workshop 3


7.15-7.30pm      Plenary - Jon Tait






Please see below for a list of workshops. You can choose to attend 3 out of the 6. When you sign up and confirm your attendance please let us know your choices.  We will then add your name to the relevant workshop guest lists and let you know in which order to visit them on the evening in order to accommodate everyone's choices.



1) How to write successful funding bids to enhance school sport


2) How schools can work together to integrate PE into the pedagogy of other curriculum subjects


3) Meaningful PE for Early Years


4) How to spend Sport Premium to achieve outstanding PE provision


5) Continuing your PE professional development journey


6) Outdoor learning and PE





If you're looking to attend then please e-mail Deborah Foster on deborah.foster@ednetwork.co.uk and we'll add you to our guestlist!





Please help us to promote this event by sharing the invite with other colleagues!

We are going to use the hashtag #BBTeachMeet in all of our marketing. Please follow us and use this whenever talking about the event on twitter or facebook.


twitter           @edunetwork

facebook        /theeducationnetwork








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