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body care before marriage

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Tips and care measures appropriate body naturally to women before the marriage or before marriage. Before marriage, women are encouraged to maintain the beauty of the body and support his appearance. All that  by the women who will enter the marriage so that during the first night after the wedding will be beautiful with a partner and do not want a partner disappointed. Here's 7 tips to keep your body before marriage:
1. Wear Scrub Before the bath Take care of the outside of your body by using a scrub made from herbal ingredients. Wearing scrubs 1 hour before bathing is also excellent for keeping your skin clean of bacteria after shower. Scrub can also make your skin tightening and looks fresh and fragrant. Usually at the time of the royal ancestors using glutinous rice flour to be used as a scrub or mask body can also be made. At the time of dispatch wearing scrubs other people to do massage and sequencing so that your muscles are not stretched and strained so this time first night could be rilexs and exciting.
2. Take a shower that as often as possible. With a shower then all the dirt, dust and sweat that sticks to your body will be lost. Bath also serves to refresh the body and keep skin  entire body. Wipe the area multiples of your skin for a closer look or do massage gentle massage in order multiples of the skin really clean and also the part that is difficult to reach by hand using toiletries to clean. Do not be lazy to take a bath at night with warm water and roses and jasmine flowers because of the leaves are compound substances can make your skin more soft and fragrant.
3. Use antiseptic soap The bride is advisable to shower using an antiseptic soap for 3 months before the wedding begins. Get a handy antiseptic soap to remove and clean the germs or bacteria that cause body odor. Do not forget to rub on the sidelines of the legs and arms, behind the ears, and armpits, because these places are breeding grounds for germs or bacteria. Soap containing scrub is also good to use lift dirt and skin cells that have died that skin health is maintained.
4. Wear Deodorant Liquid or Spray. By using talcum powder or deodorant liquid or spray will kill the bacteria that cause body odor and can increase your self-confidence increases. By using deodorant then your sweat glands in the armpit area will shrink and the perspiration was reduced. Will but to use long period of time you should avoid deodorants containing  The actual ingredients of any deodorant is not good for health and the sweat glands to sweat out a solution that is not excessively could use cucumber slices smeared on the armpits and this is a natural way.
5. Intimate Regional Treatment For treatment of intimate areas you can take herbal medicine because taking care of your feminine area it is important to support the climax during the first night. Care is needed to eliminate vaginal discharge and odor in your feminine area. For treatment of womanhood should be  done even if you are married though.
6. Eat Basil If you eat a minimum of 1 handful basil leaves per day then you will get the properties that can eliminate body odor and bad breath odor due to indigestion, stomach ulcers  gas in the intestines. Basil leaves contain a compound that serves to stimulate the hormones estrogen and also has  compounds that can kill fungi that cause vaginal discharge. Substance stigma perawatan tubuh compounds in basil leaves also stimulate egg maturation and can also inhibit the release of vaginal secretions and substances tryptophan in basil may also delay the menopause. So more often to consume leaves of basil are suitable also to be used as fresh vegetables as well for body care before marriage.
7. Drink water  From Betel leaf Betel leaf has remarkable properties to treat your body before a wedding. The content of betel leaf produced after boiling which is scientifically called phenol content of the betel leaves is antiseptic and five times more effective than phenol content in other substances. Drinking boiled water betel leaves the phenol content will help and reduce body odor from your body. The phenol substances can also be used to keep the teeth from damage by chewing betel leaf 3 pieces per day. Water boiled with betel leaf mixed, steam can also be to scent your body because the bacteria that cause body odor will die and clean.

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