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UWS Media Culture and Society PhD teachmeet 1 (Paisley, Scotland 18th November 2015 1230-1430

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Teachmeets are regular (though informal) gatherings of (originally) teachers designed to allow the sharing of ideas. PhD TeachMeets are for PhD students (initially in the School of Media, Culture and Society) who have ideas to share about their research activities, that can be of benefit to other PhD students (and perhaps staff!).




The format is simple. Each individual who wishes to present can do so for either 2 minutes (Nanopresentations) or 7 minutes (Micro­presentations).


Whilst not saying you can’t use technology at all, we discourage the use of more than 1­2 PowerPoint slides as time is tight and the focus is on sharing ideas or examples of something that works for you. A Teachmeet is supposed to be the opposite of a conference in that it is short on presentation time but long on discussion time. For each session we’ll be looking for a maximum of 4 micro presentations and 4 nano presentations (totalling around 45 mins).


All we ask is that your topic is related to your PhD research ­ whether that’s conceptual, methodology, practical or just sharing something that works for you that others might benefit from. One person will operate a timer so you don’t get to go overtime with your talk. Also there isn’t a set schedule for the speakers. Speakers’ names will be drawn from a hat (or another form of receptacle) randomly on the day.


The second part of the event includes roundtable workshops hosted by either an active researcher in the School on a topic relevant to PhD student or one of our School educational guidance staff/student enhancement developers. Our first session will be ‘led’ by Marjorie McCrory our School Education Guidance Adviser.


Attendance and Participation


Although there is no obligation to be a speaker, we want to encourage participation and over the course of these monthly sessions we expect all of you to do either a micro/nano presentation at least once per academic session. If you’re not speaking, we still want you to attend, listen and take the opportunity to find out more about what your colleagues are up to. These sessions are intended to be inclusive and we want to welcome members of staff undertaking PhDs, part time and full time students.




12.30 Nibbles and refreshments, then introductions

12.45 7­minute micropresentations & 2­minute nanopresentations

13.15 Round table discussion: Marjory McCrory (Education Guidance Adviser), “Peer Support and the PhD Journey”

13.45 7­minute micropresentations & 2­minute nanopresentations

14.30 Wrap­up


To start the ball rolling slot for the inaugural session, please send the following details by email to david.mcgillivray@uws.ac.uk


Presentations should be no more than 2 or 7 minutes in length and give you a chance to share something about your PhD. Please feel free to add your name to the list below along with a brief outline of what you will be sharing.



Micro Presentation (7 Minutes)


No.  Name  Institution/Faculty  Email address:  Twitter ID  Topic  




Nano Presentation (2 minutes) 


No.  Name  Institution/Faculty  Email address:  Twitter ID  Topic 



Enthusiastic Attendees: 

Add your name, your role and twitter name here if you just want to come along, watch and network:


No.  Name  Institution/School Email address: Twitter ID 
Jennifer Jones UWS, Media Culture and Society jennifer.jones@uws.ac.uk @jennifermjones
David McGillivray UWS, Media Culture and Society david.mcgillivray@uws.ac.uk @dgmcgillivray


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