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High Ability TeachMeet Oldham

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How do we get the most out of our most able students?  An opportunity to share good ideas that will help you to build your professional capabilities.


What is it?  An opportunity for teachers to share creative and interesting ideas which engage learners and promote learning (without killing the teacher).


When? February 23rd 2016 5:00pm-6.30pm - sign up on the table below (you will need to create a free account, it only takes a minute!)


Where? The Blue Coat School, Oldham


Who? You! All teachers are welcome. What works well in your classroom? What have you learnt the hard way that you would like to share?


Micro presentations 7 minutes


Nano presentations 2 minutes


Bring with you: Enthusiasm and a notepad!


RSVP: Sign up by emailing me at cpw@blue-coat.org  Let me know if you'd like to present or just come and find out what others are doing to inspire their strongest students.


Refreshments will be provided.




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