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Digital PlayDate and TeachMeet

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Digital PlayDate and TeachMeet


Wednesday 8 June 5.30pm - 8pm


The University of Northampton

Newton Grand Hall, Avenue Campus

St George’s Avenue
Northampton, NN2 6JD


Twitter hashtag: #TMPlaydate


                                                               Padlet: https://padlet.com/helencaldwell/TMPlaydate 




Facilities will raise the barrier to Car park 2 just before 5pm. If you come on site via the Main Entrance (not the Staff Entrance), the large visitor car park 2 is right at the end of the road. If car Park 2 is full you can also use Car Park 1.


This event, for educators across primary and secondary education, combines an interactive Digital Playdate with an informative TeachMeet to provide an inspiring opportunity to tinker with new tools and technologies and explore media and digital literacy.


A Digital Playdate is a chance to find out about some technologies you are curious to try through hands on play alongside others. It is based on the acronym ‘People Learning and Asking Y’.

We’ll have a choice of workshops and demos for you to join in with, including greenscreening, making photospheres, iPads full of apps, virtual reality headsets, robots, micro:bits, filmmaking and animation, digital art, lightboxes and dark dens.


There will be digital leaders at hand to support your playful exploration. We are delighted to welcome Tom Rees, head of Simon de Senlis Primary School as our host.


There will also be short presentations on media and digital literacy so that you can hear about some of the great practice happening around the country.


You’ll go away with some fresh skills that you are confident to try out with your learners.


At the end of the event we will have time for participants to share what they’ve learnt and we’ll be encouraging everyone to take part in the conversation on Twitter throughout the event.


We are looking for 3 and 5 minute presentations on media, film and digital literacy - you must register via Eventbrite to take attend or to present as well as listing your name below. 


You can also add your names below so that everyone can see who is attending but please remember to register officially via Eventbrite or you will not be on the attendee list!  



Hands-on tables

Evie and Gemma: Digital art

Into Film: Animation

Into Film: Filmmaking

Scott Turner: Robots and Oculus Rift

Simon de Senlis: Micro:Bits

Multisensory environments





5 minute presentation (please register officially via Eventbrite   ) 

1. Chris Baldwin, The William Allitt School, Derbyshire - circularity.org

2. Dan Ainsow, Crosshall Junior School, Cambridgeshire - Filming Shakespeare

3. Evelyn Hartley and Anna Cox - eTwinning

4. Gemma Wade and Evie Malpas - physical meets digital artmaking https://animoto.com/play/aTocgCR4p99VPnSEzSSxAw 

5. Circularity in Teaching and Learning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuXzTWHDq9s&feature=youtu.be 

6. Into Film: media and filmmaking

7. Kevin Hewitson


3 minute presentation (please register officially via Eventbrite    )  

1. Scott Turner, University of Northampton - NAO

2. Jean Edwards, University of Northampton - using film and animation to explore subject knowledge

3. Helen Caldwell - STEM to STEAM  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xJnT9Rxy0_NbrIxKeaXyjygVQopvzDUTd2P53fCspAQ/edit?usp=sharing 

4. Emma Whewell -Technology Outdoors

5. Ben Johnson and Helen Caldwell: immersive multisensory environments





1. Anna Casey, The William Allitt School

2. Chris Kendrick, The William Allitt School

3. Stacey Ramm, Duston Eldean

4. Sara Friend, Irchester Community Primary School

5. Hannah Worsey, Into Film

6. Sunaina Gabriel, Lode Heath School, Solihull

7. Lynn Webster, The William Allitt School, Derbyshire

8. Jane Leckie, The William Allitt School, Derbyshire

9. Liam Murphy, Crosshall Junior School, Cambridgeshire

10. Sophie Burrows, Into Film

11. Rico Lowson, Into Film

12. Amos Turvey, Irchester Community Primary School

13. Suzanne Turvey, Earls Barton Junior School

14. Jacqui Hughes, Northampton College

15. Debra Rogers, Wavendon Gate School

16. Hannah Boyden, Mayflower Primary School, Leicester

17. Masoud Malekzadeh, Northampton University

18. Imane Tiahi, Northampton University

19. Moussa El Hadj Ben Moussa

20. Chris Baldwin, The William Allitt School, Derbyshire

21. Dan Ainsow, Crosshall Junior School, Cambridgeshire

22. Evelyn Hartley

23. Anna Cox

24. Scott Turner, University of Northampton

25. Jean Edwards, University of Northampton

26. Emma Whewell

27. Helen Caldwell, University of Northampton

28. Nicki Wise

29. Andrew Morse

30. Tomos Prosser

31. Tom Rees

32. Chris Baldwin

33. Dan Ainsow

34. Gemma Wade

35. Evie Malpas

36. Sway Grantham

37. Kevin Hewitson

38. April Addison

39. Freya Steele

40. wafa zekri





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