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Bay House and Bridgemary TM

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Bay House School and Bridgemary Presents:




Energy Efficient Teaching- Improving efficiency AND reducing workload  TeachMeet



At the Diving Museum, Gosport


Our TeachMeet is an informal and enjoyable gathering of like-minded teachers coming together to present to, and learn from each other. Anyone can share energy efficient ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, a teaching resource they love, a great website, a classroom activity - whatever you like! You can ask questions or simply turn up to soak up all the great ideas and enthusiasm.  It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues. TeachMeet events are open to all and do not charge an entry fee. For further information on TeachMeets watch this video


Event Information



June 16th 2016




The Diving Museum

Stokes Bay


PO12 2QU





4.30 - Arrive for time to wander through the Museum and picnic on the Front Lawn. Refreshments and Ploughman's Picnic available- small contribution asked for towards food

5.00 – Presentations begin (12 presentations of 5 minutes and 5 presentations of 2 minutes)

6.30 - End and should colleagues want to carry on sharing Teaching and Learning, a drink down at The Seahorse pub to follow



Windows Laptop

Large Screen Projector

Ploughmans and drinks 








Becky Mountford and Moira Duffy


What can you do? 

You can just come along and be a member of the audience if you like, you can give a two minute presentation on one of your favourite teaching ideas, or you can give a five minute presentation on an aspect of classroom teaching. 


Telling Others

Please tell other teachers about the event. If you've been to a TeachMeet before, aim to bring along someone who hasn't. Please use Twitter and other Social Media to publicise this event, please use our hashtag #TMBayHouse when you write or post anything about Energy Efficient Teaching and Learning


Please sign up either to present, or simply be inspired, so that we know approximate numbers for refreshments.

See the bottom of the page for instructions on how to add yourself


Five minute Presentations (12 slots)

Add your name, contact email and what you may talk about below


1. Katie Broadribb k.broadribb@wildern.hants.sch.uk - Wall of confidence

2. Maria Nicholls- Department Bright Spots- Bridgemary

3. Emma Cairns- STEAM -Bridgemary

4. Jen St Hill - Rubric Marking - Bridgemary

5. John Winkles- Focused Revision - Bridgemary

6. Jane Monk - Self and Peer EBI -Bridgemary

7. Jeanette Evans - Maths Reasoning Bridgemary

8. Debbie McCormack- How effective is emotional support in enhancing learning behaviours in the classroom? - Bay House

9. David Higginbottom - Effective Differentiation Ideas - Bay House School

10. Helen Pengelly - Reducing input

11. Eliza O'Driscoll - Seven ways class websites can reduce workload and improve learning - Bay House

12. Katie MacDonald - Let's Think - Bay House


Two minute presentations (5 slots):

Add your name, contact email and what you may talk about below 

1. Aretha Green + Jamie Meekins- Creating Menus for starters and plenaries - Bay House

2. Samm Cooper- Revision Folders - Bridgemary

3. Rima Cooper- Emergency Box - Bridgemary

4. Rich Thomas + Jen Allen - Learning outside of the classroom - Bay House

5. Carole Terry - Challenging some of our established ideas of T+L- Bay House

6.Tom Morgan- Videos


Stall Holder (unlimited numbers): 

Did you want to share an idea informally as people walk around the Museum/ eat their picnic rather than present?

1. Kirstie Smillie- Alternative provision - Bay House 

2. Jen Allen- Global Curriculum

3. Kiera St John Mosse - Pupil Achievement tutors

4. Gemma Paterson- Dyslexia

5. Jen Palmer- Effective formative assessment


Those coming to be inspired (70 max): 

Add your name and contact email below 

  1. Katie Broadribb - Wildern
  2. Aretha Green - Bay House
  3. Jamie Meekins- Bay House
  4.  Maria Nicholls- Department Bright Spots- Bridgemary
  5. Emma Cairns- STEAM -Bridgemary
  6. Jen St Hill - Rubric Marking - Bridgemary
  7.  John Winkles- Focused Revision - Bridgemary
  8. Jane Monk - Self and Peer EBI -Bridgemary
  9. Jeanette Evans - Maths Reasoning Bridgemary
  10.  Samm Cooper- Revision Folders - Bridgemary
  11. Rima Cooper- Emergency Box - Bridgemary
  12. Moira Duffy- Bay House (Hosts)
  13. Becky Mountford- Bridgemary (Hosts) 
  14. Nadia Moore - Bridgemary
  15. Anna McClaron -Bridgemary
  16. Tracy James- Bridgemary
  17. Leearn Whiteley -Bridgemary
  18. Ken Dowell- Bridgemary
  19. Ellen Caddy- Bridgemary
  20. Leon Fallon - Bridgemary
  21. James Batten- Bridgemary
  22. John Pugh-  Bridgemary
  23. Wendy Bright -Bridgemary
  24. Chris Jones (the legend!) - Bridgemary
  25. Isabel Isern - Bridgemary 
  26. Jen Allen - Bay House
  27. Debbie McCormack - Bay House
  28. Richard Thomas- Bay House 
  29. David Higginbottom - Bay House 
  30. Eliza O'Driscoll - Bay House ] 
  31. Katie Macdonald 
  32. Catalin Tenase - Bridgemary 
  33. Rachael Twining  - Bay House
  34. Carole Terry - Bay House 
  35. Kirstie Smillie- Bay House 
  36. Kiera St John Mosse- Bay House
  37. Gemma Paterson- Bay House 
  38. Rosina Sergeant - Bay House 
  39. Claire Coates - Bay House 
  40. Luke Adderley - Bay House 
  41. Jen Palmer - Bay House
  42. Tom Morgan- Bay House
  43. Ian Potter- Bay House
  44. Kirstie Andrew Power- Bay house
  45. Gill Halls - Bay House
  46. Deanne Coombs- Bay House
  47. Ryan Peet- Bay House-
  48. Nige Matthias- Bay House
  49. Sue Carter- Bay House
  50. Pete Beadell - Bay House
  51. Seb Spall- Bay House
  52. Mike Jones- Bay House 
  53. Laura Millyard- Bay House
  54. Ruth Snook - Bay House 
  55. Dan Stokes - Bay House 
  56. .
  57. .
  58. .
  59. .
  60. .
  61. .
  62. .
  63. .
  64. .
  65. .
  66. .
  67. .
  68. .
  69. .
  70. (Max number) 




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