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#tmeggars returns for 2016


Come along and share your educational passions ......


Venue - our very own marquee in a field in Hampshire


Enjoy a bbq, listen to some great teachers and then stay to find out more about your favourite micro presentation


A teachmeet with a difference .........


Sign up details below or email mreah@eggars.hants.sch.uk or ecox@eggars.hants.sch.uk for more info




















Part 1


5 min micro presentations 5.00 - 6.00 ish


     Name                               School                          Twitter Handle             Title  


1 Emily Cox (SLE WW1)         Eggar's                         @eacoxx                           My role as a SLE for WW1 education and how I can help resource your KS1- KS5 curriculum

2 Chris Chivers                      Uni Tutor / Consultant   @ChrisChivers2              24652

3 Laura Braun                                                              @Braunteaches               A tale unfolds - Using @alanpeat sentences app

4 Jenna Lucas                        Corpus Christi               @JennaLucas81               5 Starters in 5 Minutes 

5 Heather Lucas                                                          @HLucas8                       Time in or Time out? (Re-Thinking discipline) 

6 Natalie Love                       Eggar's                          @NatalieLoveMath          How to write your own exam style questions (from a chief examiners perspective)

7 Kerry Macfarlane                Corpus Christi               @KAB21MAC                 Enriching pupil wellbeing 

8 Bethan Ford                        NCS                                                                      National Citizenship Service updates and involvement 

9 Rebecca Higgs                    Eggar's                                                                 How to use twitter to save hours of your life to support your planning

10 Dawn Jones                      John Hanson                 @stowdawn                    Planning for extended writing

11 Helen Pengelly                                                       @helenpengelly              Reducing input

12 Stephan Caspar               UoS                                @dotsandspaces             Taking to the skies (how drones can help us see differently). 



Part 2 


Follow up chats about the micro presentations of your choice and the tmeggars raffle 


6.15 ish - 7.00 ish



Enthusiastic Lurkers


1 Graeme Irwin                             Testbourne Community School @GeographyMrI

2 Natalie Love                              Eggar's School 

3 Chris Rowe                                Eggar's School

4 Christine Tigwell                       Herne Junior School 

5 Jennifer McAllen                       Farnham Heath End School

6 Yvonne Jones                            Farnham Heath End School

7 Pippa Probert                            Amersbury

8 Magali Swabey                          Amersbury

9 Liz Larkin                                   Eggar's School

10 Helen Ronan                           Amesbury

11 Roberta Howard                     Cove  

12 Nicola Bertram                        Eggar's School

13 Stephan Caspar                       University of Southampton

14 Daryl Reseigh                           Eggar's

15 Christian                                   Brooklands

16 Amy Carson                             Yateley

17 Steve Drake                             Eggar's @eggarsmaths

18 Steve Clarke                             Babcock 4s @stevi_e_c

19 Kim Skelton                              Perins School

20 Clare Daish                               Eggar's School

21 Marie Prendergast                   Ranstad Education

22 Fraser Lawrence                       Eggar's School

23 Laura Sandon-Webb                Petworth

24 Dean Gillatt                              Alton College

25 Chris Revell                              Alton College

26 Michaela Tucker-Blackford      Bishop Challoner School

27 Nicky Christoforou                   Woolmer Hill

28 Barbara Cuerden                      Woolmer Hill

29 Linda Campbell                        Eggar's School

30 Nicola Maxfield                        Alton College

31 Jeremy Denton                         Mill Chase Academy

32 Pete Whitworth                        Bohunt School

33 Jessica Little                              Amersbury

34 Toby Arkless                             Mill Chase Academy

35 Fiona Revell                                Alton College

36 Dave Lynch                                 Alton College

37 Barbara Murray                          Alton College

38 Libby Smith                                Alton College

39 Nicola Maxfield                          Alton College

40 Andy Light                                 Alton College

41 Amanda Bollini                          Alton College

42 Paul Williams                            Alton College

43 Peter Cox                                  Alton College

44 Dean Gillatt                               Alton College

45 Lily Stewart                               Alton College

46 Olga Culebras                            Alton College

47 Nicola Kingsley                          Alton College

48 Chris Revell                               Alton College

49 Jocelyn Chapman                      Alton College

50 Jon Myers                                 Alton College

51 Kelly Campbell                        Lovely Secondary School in Hampshire 

52 Steve Cosier                            Mountbatten

53 Kate Shawyer                          Eggar's

54 Rachel Atherton                      Harrow Way

55 Debbie Ashtorpe                    John Hanson

56 Diane Spoors                          Alton College

57 Emma McBriarity                    Alton College

58 Rachel Atherton's +1              Harrow Way

59 Leah Crawford                        HIAS 

60 Sarah Julian                            The Vyne School   

61 Pippa Lacy                              The Vyne School

62 Kelly Gregory                          Harrow Way. 

63 Emma Hyslop                         Upper Shirley High School

64 Paul Jackson                           Eggar's

65 Leona Bennetts                       Eggar's

66 Anna Tindall                            Perins School

67 Kerry Cross                              Perins School

68 Julian Dance                        Cove   

69 Jane Sheridan








Raffle prizes from 


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