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Sheffield Maths Teachmeet 9 11 16

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Sheffield Maths Teachmeet 9th Nov 16

A chance for maths teachers across all levels to get together and shared ideas.


Longley Park 6th Form College, Horninglow Road, Sheffield, S5 6SG 


Please fill in this quick form to sign up for sessions



Registration and refreshments from 4

4:15-5:05 First session

5:10-6:00 Second session

6:00-6:30 Lightning talks and Raffle

6:30 Finish and off to the Riverside for some food, puzzles, games and crafts organised by Sheffield Maths Jam http://www.riversidesheffield.co.uk/


50 Minute sessions (choose 2) - More sessions and descriptions coming soon


Proportional reasoning in the new GCSE with Mel Muldowney from Just Maths @JustMaths

Most of us dread those questions that involve a number of builders building a wall and having to work out the number required if one of the variables is to change. It’s a tricky concept to teach.

This session will look at some ideas that Mel has brought together into a series of lessons … oh and she promises not to rant!


Mel is currently Associate Leader in Maths at Alcester Academy, having moved, with her “partner in crime”, Seager, from their previous school which prior to their departure was “Most Improved School” in England. Since joining Alcester the school has been recognised as one of the “Top 100” non-selective state school in England the Maths department was recently awarded TES “Maths team of the year”.

She is also one third of the JustMaths team that brings you www.justmaths.co.uk where she happens to write a little blog!


Learning from the past with Emma Bell from Franklin College, Grimsby, (@El_Timbre)

Emma has a few "obsessions". Along with a more than passing liking for a certain Doctor, Emma collects old maths and teaching texts. Lots of them. In this session, Emma will show you maths teaching ideas and resources from the past 2000 or so years, and show how we could use them in a classroom today. You can learn more about Emma HERE.


Nikki from Markit !!: Errors need to welcomed 

Great exam technique and understanding comes from being well informed about where things can go wrong. This is often  silly mistakes or just not knowing what to do. I will share our insights on everything I have learnt about how students perceive feedback when mistakes are pointed out. What can we do to make mistakes empowering.


Cathy Hamer - engaging parents with early maths

Ideas and strategies to engage parents with early maths.


Stephanie Kirk - Primary Maths Specialist

Bar modelling suitable for Primary and Secondary



2 minute lightning talks (all together in one room, sign up here or on the night)

Something interesting you've tried in your classroom lately, an idea you'd like to share or anything else you think people might be interested in.

1 - Rene Meijer - How the Real Junk food project can help make sure no student goes into an exam hungry.

2 - James Valori

3 - Ruth Ringrose - The maths in birthdays

4 - Paul Bristow - Core maths

5 - Mark Savidge 

6 -

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -



You can create an account and add your name in which case please leave an email address, twitter handle or way I can get in touch once the program is finalised so that you can pick your sessions. A form will be sent out a week before the event. Alternatively email Jenny.Hughes@LongleyPark.ac.uk to reserve your place.

1 - Sharon Faulkner, Longley Park

2 - Marie Hart, Longley Park

3 - Jon Bogie, Longley Park

4 - Mel Muldowney, Just Maths

5 - Ruth Ringrose, Longley Park

6 - Jenny Hughes, @MsSteel_Maths

7 - Barry Faulkner, Rawmarsh

8 - Nikita Marshall, Longley Park

9 - Pete Sides SY Maths Hub

10 - Jessica Bramwell

11 - Jessica Henshaw @MissJHE_

12 -  Harry Taylor - Longley Park

13 - Stephanie Krajewska - Acres Hill

14 - Emma Bell, Franklin College, Grimsby @El_Timbre

15 - Anna Bellamy, Gloucester college

16 - Charles Dupont, MarkIt!!

17 - Nikki Gupta, MarkIt!!

18 -  Hayley Milthorpe, Horizon CC

19 - James Valori, Brix Learning

20 - Corinne Angier, Trinity TSA

21 - Marwan Elnaghi  

22 - Brett Coleman - bcoleman@chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk

23 - Shahjan Hussain, Oak Tree High School

24 - Billy Hedge - bhedge@chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk

25 - Gemma Butters - gbutters@chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk

26 - Paul Britsow

27 - David Cleaver, Winterhill

28 - Harriet Baker, Winterhill

29 - Jayne Metz, Hallam

30 -  Sarah Linnell, Longley Park

31 - Kayleigh Ashurst, Wingfield

32 - Jordan O'Neill, Wingfield

33 - Rebecca Tesdale, Wingfield

34 - Abigail Vickers, , Wingfield

35 - Heather Whitehouse, Wingfield

36 - Damir Mulavdic, , Wingfield

37 - Claire Little, , Wingfield

38 - Lucy Button

39 - Sian Granville

40 - 

41 - 

42 - 

43 - 

44 -

45 - 

46 -

47 -

48 -

49 -

50 -




Event contact details

Jenny.Hughes@longleypark.ac.uk or @MsSteel_Maths



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