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What is a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of all of us who are enthusiastic about learning and teaching and who are keen to share ideas. Everyone is invited to share approaches they have trialled in their classrooms, examples of good practice and to ask questions, or simply to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere. You can give a talk for 7 minutes, a nano-talk for 2 minutes, or just be there to learn from and support your colleagues. 


The main point of a TeachMeet is that it's an 'unconference', so there are no PowerPoint presentations, no sales pitches - only real stories from real educators making a real impact.



TeachMeet.org became overwhelmed by just a few spammers, and we've done our best to clean that up. There's some more work to do. In the meantime, we're locking the homepage, although this doesn't stop you creating a TeachMeet page of your own that is part of this site. 


Thanks for your patience as we all work out how we want to use our TeachMeet.org domain, and how we preserve this wiki as an artefact for the future. 



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