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TeachMeet BETT 2010 Friday Session

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We have had a great response from sponsors this year, thank you to those shown below who have confirmed their involvement.

Please get in touch with Tom Barrett     if you want to support this event. 














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What is TeachMeet?






When and Where?  


Time: 18:00 - 21:30 (presentations start at 18:30)

Date: Friday 15th January 2010.

Where: Olympia, London - APEX Room 



Twitter & Tags


When you are mentioning TeachMeet BETT 2010 whilst using Twitter please just add #TMBETT2010 somewhere in the tweet - that way it will be picked up by a Twitter search. 


Check out what's being said on Twitter about TMBETT2010 right now by clicking here!


Tags (for everything else ... flickr, YouTube, facebook etc)

Let's keep it all together and use the following tag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations to do with TeachMeet BETT 2010: TMBETT2010



Sign Up! 


You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk or a two minute nano presentation. 


Presentation Rules 


  • You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song or do something different?
  • The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time. 
  • Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it on the night! That’s what makes Teachmeet exciting! 
  • If your examples are online please add links to your presentation or work to the title (this will speed things up on the night)



Seven minute micropresentations  




If it is online please add links to your presentation or work to the title (this will speed things up on the night)


Add your name and what you may talk about below. 


  1. David Rogers (@daviderogers) : It's not about invasion but modelling. Social Space and Guerrilla Action. Apologies - couldn;t get out of school on time today so have to pull out. Will be posting a link to the presentation as soon as I record the narration! Presentation now here
  2. Lisa Stevens (@lisibo) : What Lisibo did next.
  3. Chris Leach (@chrisleach78) : The Gunpowder Plot - brought to life using Twitter (@LCS_RCatesby) and other web2.0 tools
  4. Miles Berry (@mberry): Scratch - programming for primary pupils (and teachers)
  5. Ian Addison (@ianaddison) - Using Sound and Voki in the classroom -
  6. Nic Hughes @duck_star - The Redbridge Games Network - Gaming right here right now! (in Redbridge)
  7. Drew Buddie @digitalmaverick - I am not a Superhero - YOU are!
  8. Dai Barnes     @daibarnes School Council on Moodle or ePortfoilios using Google Apps Edu
  9. David Phillips @ictcoverlessons - creating an interactive whiteboard with a couple of wiimotes, bluetooth and smoothboard
  10. Greg Hodgson @greghodgson - Games Design from Chalfonts to Chicago.
  11. Helen Myers - @helenmyers  helenmyers email (for Stuart)first steps in Skoolaborate (Teengrid of Second Life) OR if I haven't taken many steps (!), how SL can be used for adult language learning - shortened version of bliptv video  (realistically will need more than 2 mins but probably not as much as 7) 
  12. Ian Usher (@iusher) Teachers As Writers - tales after a term of this project...
  13. Daniel Needlestone (@nstone) - Forums for learning
  14. Derek P Robertson - Some more flim flam and snake oil from the Consolarium! Not sure which initiative to share just yet. Will update.
  15. Peter Schneider (@peteschneiderEracism Project-Students from around the world used VoiceThread/Second Life to debate and bring about Global understanding
  16. Darren Murphy; ePortfolios for assessment @darrenmurphy
  17. Ian Yorston, @IanYorston - sharing smart lesson-plans in 140 characters via Twitter
  18. Oliver Quinlan @oliverquinlan - Using blogging and 1:1 netbooks in year 4. My blog about this. Class 4OQ's blog.





Two minute nano presentations 




If it is online please add links to your presentation or work to the title (this will speed things up on the night)


Add your name and what you may talk about below. 


  1. John Davitt (@johndavitt) S&N -  using simple small notebooks in the classroom 
  2. Terry Freedman (@terryfreedman) - Details of new free ebook being launched on the morrow: Amazing Web 2.0 Projects 
  • Saiqa Liaqat (@gvibe) xtranormal.com - text to video in a secondary classroom
  • David Noble - pupils capturing progress using mobile phones
  • Ian Pittman - 'There's a lot more to Digital love Story Telling than telling stories digitally'. 
  • Edward Upton (@eupton), Teachable -Teachers creating content.  Who owns it, and who should be rewarded?
  • Michael Berman (@amichaelberman) - the view from across the pond.
  • Tony Parkin : Not re-inventing the wheel - sharing learning school to school.... www.ict-register.net
  • Tony SHeppard : Collaborative IT Support - not re-inventing the wheel ... again!
  • Dughall McCormick - @dughall 'When I was 10...' - Blimey, things have changed a bit and what are we gonna do about it?
  • Ross Wallis (@mac.com) - simple but flash Flash
  • James Robinson - Teaching databases via murder mystery.
  • Steve Philp (@frogphilp) Children as Teachers: an inter-school collaboration in reflective video. 





Enthusiastic Lurkers 


Add your name


  1. Dawn Hallybone @dawnhallybone
  2. Nic Hughes @duck_star
  3. Ian Addison @ianaddison - Am now presenting. Did I really say yes? Oh god...
  4. Sarah Brownsword @missbrownsword
  5. Martin Brown @louisesdad 
  6. Niilo Alhovaara (Sweden) @niiloa TeachConnect (might talk, too, but I'm kinda shy..)
  7. Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat (you won't want me to talk!)
  8. Stuart Sutherland @ssutherland (Probably will do wee talk. Getting foot in the door first)
  9. Steve Warburton @stevewn
  10. Peter Ellwe @ellwe (from sweden) Ellwes Fisk
  11. Merlin John agent4change.net @merlinjohn
  12. Maureen McTaggart agent4change.net
  13. Ian Pittman (from Malaysia) @ipittman Tempted to present - I'll get back to you on that one :-)
  14. Martin Watts
  15. Mike Thomas-Peter 
  16. Jenny Pettersson (Sweden)
  17. Andrea Carr  @andreacarr1
  18. Tim McShane @innerquest
  19. Alan Parkinson @GeoBlogs (like others, could talk but getting name down first)
  20. Jason Dilling @jasondilling
  21. Mark Warner @markw29
  22. Rob Micallef @micallrob
  23. Maeve Costigan 
  24. Mary Farmer @ebd35
  25. Julia Shalet @jewl - want to share my relevant & engaging learning experiences working with cutting edge youth focussed tech businesses
  26. Chris Thomas @cthomas18
  27. Bill Lord @joga5
  28. Danny Nicholson @dannynic whiteboardblog.co.uk
  29. Chris Leach @chrisleach78 (have just signed up to present but may have to step back to lurker status)
  30. Kate Sim  @misetak
  31. Sandra Wissting @sandrawissting snwi@nacka.se
  32. Inger Lison @ingerlison inal@nacka.se
  33. Gunbritt Seffer @gnse gnse@nacka.se
  34. Lena Gällhagen     @lenbys leby@nacka.se
  35. Ewa Augustson ewau@nacka.se
  36. Matt Evans @psycho65
  37. Simon Finch @simfin (can talk - available if needed.. shy bairn me)
  38. Nick Dennis @nickdennis
  39. Jonathan Sim @jonsim29
  40. Anne Matthews @elsfield
  41. Drew Buddie @digitalmaverick
  42. Kevin Mulryne @kevinmulryne
  43. Mick Thorn @hawkesfarm
  44. Dave McCollom @techsmithedu
  45. Kevin Mc Laughlin @kvnmcl (Might present a 2 minute nano)
  46. John McLear @johnmclear (Happy to present if needed)
  47. Steve Beard @tarannau20
  48. Paula Hubbard @paulahubbard 
  49. Fons van den Berg @helikon & @teachmeetnl 3rd year in row. Might step up for a nano about the impact of TeachMeet in The Netherlands.
  50. Theo Kuechel @theokk
  51. Kevin Burden
  52. Paul Prestt
  53. Paul Easton
  54. Ben Barton @bartoneducation
  55. Tom Sale @tomsale
  56. John Heffernan @johnmayo
  57. Kathleen Heffernan
  58. Nick Jackson @largerama
  59. Kerry Turner @4goggas
  60. Eylan Ezekiek @eylanezekiel BrainPOP UK
  61. Chris Bradford @brainpop_uk BrainPOP UK
  62. José Picardo @josepicardo
  63. Yvonne Steinruck @yvstei http://twitter.com/blendedlearner
  64. David Dixon @dsdixon
  65. Damian Ward @damoward
  66. Chris Allan @infernaldepart
  67. Michael Wilkinson @I_AM_LEARNING
  68. Steve Holt @I_AM_LEARNING
  69. Helen Myers @helenmyers
  70. Andrew Merryweather @futive 
  71. Paddy McGrath @Paddymcgrath
  72. James Maloney @mister_jim
  73. Fiona Aubrey-Smith @FionaAS
  74. Donna Rogers (Kent)
  75. Steve Bunce @stevebunce
  76. Russell Prue @russellprue - Thanks Tom for the opportunity of supporting this event 
  77. Jesseca Oram @joram10
  78. Oliver Quinlan @oliverquinlan Blog
  79. Dan Cottle @blendedlearner
  80. Magnus Nilimaa @nilimaa
  81. Christer Holger @christerholger christer.holger@gmail.com
  82. HelenePodmore @HelenePodmore helene.podmore@steljes.co.uk
  83. Dale Jones can't make it - something cropped up
  84. Dewi Lloyd @dewilloyd
  85. Jo Pugh TNA Education
  86. Douglas Chappelle @doogiec
  87. Bruce Wilson, RM
  88. Peter Moseley, RM
  89. Andy Bruce, RM
  90. Clare Berry, St Catherine's Bramley
  91. James Michie @jamesmichie
  92. Gideon Williams @gideonwilliams - will be lurking in spirit as taking student leaders on the day and need to get back - bah!
  93. Tricia Neal @tricias   
  94. Peter Schneider, netTrekker @peteschneider   
  95. Paul Benson @psbenson psbenson@gmail.com
  96. Peter Twining P.Twining@open.ac.uk
  97. David Hicks @dhicks6345789
  98. Shahina Burnett , Steljes 
  99. Toni Theisen @tonitheisen
  100. Sophie Bessemer @sophiebessemer
  101. Jurgen van Groningen Schinkel (NL) - I most likely will visit the TeachMeet...

  102. Annette Iafrate @aiafrate - just checked flight times don't think I'll make it :(

  103. Dave Smith - ICT Consultant and Curriculum Advisor Havering Inspection and Advisory Services/Chair of The Visualiser Forum

  104. Stefan Richter - @stefanrichter Hoping to gather ideas for my real-time collaboration tool @scribblar

  105. Paul Bou-Samra

  106. Joanna Debens - @GeoDebs

  107. Jen Kenny -Arbours Primary @genkijen

  108. Tony Parkin - SSAT, @tonyparkin

  109. Mark Hickson - Primary ICT consultant, Hartlepool

  110. Tony Sheppard - Northamtponshire CC @grumbledook

  111. Dermot McDaid - Test Valley School, Hants @dermot_mcdaid

  112. Steven Smith - Primary ICT Consultant, Cambridge Education @ Islington  @stevebob79

  113. Jan Webb @janwebb21

  114. Sandra O'Neill, CALL Scotland

  115. Bo Helmersson, Varbergs kommun, Sweden

  116. Dai Thomas- Warden Park ,West Sussex @daithomas

  117. Tove Wållberg, Järla skola, Nacka Sweden @seo blog

  118. Mats Nilsson Järla skola, Nacka Sweden

  119. Mats Strandler, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  120. Erika Tassinari, Järla skola, Nacka, Sweden

  121. Magnus Nilimaa, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  122. Ann-Charlotte Anvret, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  123. Patrik Lundqvist, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  124. Roger Karvonen, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  125. Stefan Lindström, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  126. Therese Lindahl, Eklidens skola, Nacka, Sweden

  127. Evelyn Baxter Rotherham/Sheffield @Evie48

  128. Sam Trigg, MK, @sam_trigg 

  129. Marieke van Osch @mariekemove Trusty sidekick with Dutch TeachMeets. Will join Fons van den Berg (@helikon) for moral support.

  130. Mike Hourahine, @mhourahine, CTO, THINK Global School

  131. Laura Doggett @lauradoggett Director of E-Learning 

  132. Rob Harrison PGCE ICT

  133. Matthew Pearson, Steljes @mattpearson

  134. Adam Creen, Head of Maths at Salesian School in Chertsey @adamcreen

  135. Amy Blackmore, e-learning advisor, Somerset LA 

  136. Donna Hay, ICT KS3 Co-ordinator @dwsm  
  137. Andrew Roland, RM. aroland@rm.com

  138. Pauline Maas, from 4pip from holland. @4pip 

  139. Dan Cottle @blendedlearner 

  140. Alison Black ICT/KS1 coordinator, Islington school

  141. Vic Jenkins @vicjenkins, previously Learning Centre Manager (secondary) now Learning Technologist (HE)

  142. Joe Wilson @joecar Head of New Ventures Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA

  143. Bernadette Brooks, Naac

  144. KarenGriffith @kgriffith

  145. Gill Budgell @gillbudgell

  146. James Bird @jamesateynsham

  147. Nick Speller @nickspeller - Oxfordshire LA consultant

  148. Carol Rainbow @carolrainbow - Oxfordshire LA consultant

  149. Geoff Stead @geoffstead - Digital Learning Studio, Tribal

  150. Johan Snällström, Igelboda skola, Nacka, Sweden

  151. Barbro Rusck, Igelboda skola, Nacka, Sweden

  152. Per Nyberg, Igelboda skola, Nacka, Sweden

  153. Dawn RItchie

  154. Simon Howells - ICT coord for MFL, Cheadle Hulme School

  155. Sal McKeown sal@sallymckeown.co.uk

  156. Doug Dickinson @orunner

  157. Ollie Bray @olliebray - Learning and Teaching Scotland

  158. Mike Lane leadlearner@gmail.com Woodlands Junior

  159. Mike Bostock mike@new-media-learning.org 

  160. Bev Evans @bevevans22 ICT Leader Pembroke Dock Community School

  161. Alex Isaachsen @alexisaachsen Director of ICT Cheltenham College

  162. Mark Pentleton @markpentleton Radio Lingua Schools

  163. Kristina Alexanderson @kalexanderson Enskilda Gymnasiet in Stockholm and Education expert for The Internet Infrastructure in Sweden

  164. Lars Larsson @stjarnkikare The Internet Infrastructure in Sweden

  165. Pernilla Rydmark @pernillarydmark The Internet Infrastructure in Sweden

  166. Michael Walsh @mikefnw75  The Zone HoS Project Manager

  167. Camilla Erskine - Senior Publisher Rising Stars

  168. Phyl Stroud

  169.  Samantha Peter - Google

  170. Cristin Frodella - Google
  171. Martin Smelt VIVES.NL
  172. Steve Gayler - WildKnowledge @wild_knowledge
  173. Neil Bailey - WildKnowledge @wild_knowledge
  174. Ed Whyman - http://www.whymandesign.com @whymandesign
  175. Anne Mear - ICT Coordinator, Pembs, Wales
  176. Pete Gravell - http://teachbox.net
  177. Pat McGuire
  178. Johan Michaelson, Södra Ängby Skola, Sweden @johanmichaelson
  179. Katarina Weidman Johansson, Södra Ängby Skola Sweden
  180. Malin Uhlan, John Bauergymnasiet Örebro, Sweden.
  181. James Wright @jameswwright - Sprowston Community High School
  182. Caroline Ackroyd - Norwich High School for Girls
  183. Mattias Davidsson, @mattias73, Johannes Hedberggymnasiet, Helsingborg Sweden. Blog
  184. Leon Cych @eyebeams Learn4Life ;
  185. Malcolm Moss - Core Education UK 
  186. Poul Tang, VIA University College, Denmark
  187. Katrine Tang Stenz, VIA University College Denmark
  188. Jay Morris, EAL at International School of Amsterdam @thispersonjay
  189. Isabelle Borremans
  190. Omer Deboes
  191. Wim Saliën
  192. Koen Pierlet
  193. Carl Prentice     
  194. Alasdair Douglas @hairysporan
  195. Matthew Clarke
  196. Jo Rhys-Jones @jowinchester - Talkabout Primary Languages
  197. Gia Rossini @GianninaRossini 
  198. Chris McQueen @cjmcqueen
  199. Phil Bagge @baggiepr
  200. Sanneke Prins | @sannekeprins  / @mijnnaamishaas (NL)
  201. Eileen Brennan Freeman. Dublin, Ireland
  202. Boyd Freeman. Dublin. Ireland
  203. Daithi Murray, Bessbrook, N Ireland | @daithimurray
  204. Siobhan Bradley, Bessbrook, N Ireland
  205. Lisa Taner, London, T&L Consultant for EMA
  206. Chris Fuller, Bideford, Devon www.chrisfuller.typepad.com
  207. Max Wainewright - 2simple
  208. Anthony Evans - 2simple
  209. Katie Heart - 2simple
  210. Dan Stucke - Director of E-Learning, Stretford High School @mrstucke
  211. Howard Trish - Teacher and car dealer 
  212. Moris Lorsrent - 




Can't make it to BETT in person? You can still catch the TeachMeet action by joining the FlashMeeting.  There are 25 spaces available, please sign up below if you want to join us.  Click here and you can join in from anywhere!  The FlashMeeting will run from 17:30 on the night. 



  1. Sinclair Mackenzie  @mrmackenzie
  2. Andy McSwan @andymcswan
  3. Malte von Sehested @maltexDK / @ittorvet 
  4. Julie Arrol @jarrol
  5. Lotta Holmström @lararnasnyheter
  6. Alasdair Douglas  
  7. Daithi Murray @daithimurray
  8. Siobhan Bradley
  9. Doug Belshaw @dajbelshaw 
  10. Ian Stuart @IslayIan
  11. Tom Henzley @tomhenzley
  12. Mark Stacey @mrjstacey
  13. Dorothy Coe @dotcoe 



TeachEat Venue?




Please add some possible venues you think could work for this year.

Note from Ian Usher: Pizza Express will require a booking and will probably request a deposit. Last year, I gave my credit card details for the deposit and (fortunately) didn't get burned. Paying was a nightmare as the generosity of the sponsors meant that it was hard to (a) track how much "menu allowance" each attendee got (e.g. £10) and (b) then make sure people chipped in what they'd actually spent over this - tricky to say the least. Still, nobody died! 


Note from Edward Upton, Teachable.  We're negotiating with Pizza Express about getting a group discount, as we'll be offering free pizza to teachers contributing ideas during the lunchtime at BETT (come and find us if you're hungry!).  So i'll update you as to what kind of deal TeachMeet could get for 30 of us.


  1. Pizza Express (closest?) (Also, they have a half price offer for two weeks-covering BETT)


Who's eating?


Sign up below if you fancy a bite to eat after TeachMeet:


  1. Tom Barrett    
  2. Nic Hughes
  3. Helen Myers
  4. Dawn Hallybone
  5. Niilo Alhovaara is definitely eating - wouldn't mind something like this!
  6. Ian Usher
  7. David Noble
  8. Alan Parkinson - if Pizza Express can contribute £20 of Tesco free food tokens (every little helps)
  10. Stuart Ridout
  11. Miles Berry
  12. Clare Berry
  13. Anne Matthews
  14. Lisa Stevens
  15. Fons van den Berg
  16. Mark Warner
  17. Daniel Needlestone
  18. Drew Buddie
  19. Ian Addison
  20. Charlie Deane
  21. David Rogers See above
  22. John Davitt
  23. Nick Dennis
  24. Eylan Ezekiel
  25. Christopher Bradford
  26. Nadav Kadar
  27. Edward Upton
  28. Tony Parkin
  29. Tony Sheppard
  30. Dughall McCormick
  31. Sandra O'Neill
  32. Theo Kuechel;
  33. Kevin Burden
  34. Paul Prestt
  35. Paul Easton
  36. Matt Evans - depending on train times back to Kent
  37. Andrew Roland
  38. Ian Yorston
  39. Dave McCollom
  40. Bernadette Brooks
  41. Russell Prue
  42. Will Nutbrown
  43. Simon Howells
  44. James Robinson
  45. Sal
  46. Ollie Bray
  47. Ian Pittman     
  48. Dr Martin Watts
  49. Mike Thomas-Peter 
  50. Alex Isaachsen
  51. Kate Sim - if someone else drops out, otherwise I will go home to a bowl of gruel.  :-(
  52. Dai Thomas- Can we make sure that Pub is identified? Any suggestions Tweet this during meet etc ( will have to replace Pizza with more beer now Boo Hoo :)
  53. Pete Gravell
  54. Steve Beard (is now allowed out to play)
  55. Mattias Davidsson
  56. Leon Cych
  57. Matthew Clarke (depending on how the day goes!)
  58. Gia Rossini @GianninaRossini  
  59. Jenny Pettersson, Sweden
  60. Eileen Brennan Freeman. Ireland
  61. Boyd Freeman. Ireland
  62. Chris McQueen
  63.  Lisa Taner -possibly 
  64.  joe Wilson 
  65.   Darren Murphy
  66. Steve Philp  






Problems using the wiki?


If you are having problems signing up on this page make sure the link at the top of the window is 



If it's not then copy and paste the address into the address window of the browser


If you're still having problems email stuart.ridout@me.com