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TeachMeet Takeover

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Teachers sharing inspiration for free

Find out more about the BETT TeachMeet Takeover


@BETT Show 13th-16th January 2010




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Thursday 14th January 2010


Coordinators: (please volunteer)


Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat Scholastic

Rising Stars / Andrea Carr @andreacarr1

Time Company / Contact Stand No. Names of teachers taking over Free ideas in a nutshell(s)
10.30am-11.00am BrainPOP UK / Chris Bradford @BrainPOP_UK  S46 

Drew Buddie 


Doing more with Tim & Moby using freely available Web 2.0 Tools
11.15am-11.45am Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40 

Tricia Neal (@tricias) 

The blog support for the session.

NB the prize offred by Storybirds, it's still up for grabs.

Free opportunities for simple collaborative story and picture making-focus early years (5-7) Storybird and Flock 

Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat

G40  Ian Addison (@ianaddison) Using a VLE to promote learning. What is happening in Hampshire with 400+ schools? What have we been doing to encourage the use of the VLE?
12.45pm-1.15pm   Netintelligence / Marion McCallum @netintelligence   N31 

Tricia Neal 


The Ictopus link is on this  blog


Ictopus Free online primary user support support for teachers and  parents @Quickest Way to Lose Weight mac mini

TrueTube /



Drew Buddie


Quest Atlantis - a Virtual World with a Purpose
2.15pm-2.45pm Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Nick Jackson (@largerama) Edmodo, Ning and good example of use of Wallwisher here - The more ways students can communicate, the more teachers should listen

Rising Stars/Andrea Carr


B25  Ian Usher (@iusher)  Adding useful free collaboration tools (GDocs, Buzzword, ConnectNow, Aviary, etc. - i.e. not just eye candy), to your Moodle VLE (or any other half decent tool) - examples and How To get Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat tivi

The National Archives / BFI / English Heritage



Ollie Bray

(@ollie Bray online no fax payday loans

Free web tools for teachers (that I have found in 2010!) 

background check

4.30pm-5.00pm Moava / @AndersBjerkholt SW12    
  Netintelligence/Marion McCallum/ @netintelligence N31 

Ian Addison


Sharing children's learning online - using Animoto and MyEBook Apple iPhone 5 imac macbook

Promethean Planet






Ollie Bray


Google Maps and Google Earth in the classroom

Fastest way to lose weight



Friday 15th January 2010



Tom Barrett (@tombarrett)

Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat

Studywiz / Steve Moore (@studywiz / @stevemoore)


Adding useful free collaboration tools (GDocs, Buzzword, ConnectNow, Aviary, etc. - i.e. not just eye candy), to your Moodle VLE (or any other half decent tool) - examples and HowTos

Time Company / Contact Stand No. Names of teachers taking over Free ideas in a nutshell(s)

Rising Stars/Andrea Carr



Lisa Stevens  


Ideas for using tools in language learning (but applicable to whole curriculum!) Voki, Voicethread, Storybird, Wallwisher 
11.15am-11.45am Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40 

Zoe Ross 


Link to blog post & presentation


Scratch resource Google doc

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dich vu seo

My favourite web 2.0 tools for collaboration

(wallwisher/linoit, primarypad, Google docs, wikis)

& some other free software I use in my teaching (Audacity, Scratch, Alice,  Videospin - no deposit casino bonus codes





12.00-12.30pm VT Group/ @Dan_Bowen K54  Ian Usher (@iusher)  Adding useful free collaboration tools (GDocs, Buzzword, ConnectNow, Aviary, etc. - i.e. not just eye candy), to your Moodle VLE (or any other half decent tool) - examples and HowTos  
12.45pm-1.15pm Netintelligence / Marion McCallum @netintelligence   N31 

Kevin McLaughlin


Tools I use in the classroom - Myths and Legends, Voicethread, Wallwisher. dog health problems,
1.30pm-2.00pm Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Tom Barrett  Maths Maps - using Google Maps to find maths all around us. 

Ian Yorston



Sharing smart lesson-plans in 140 characters via Twitter
        Bear Spray, best dog food for allergies
2.15pm-2.45pm BrainPOP UK / Chris Bradford @BrainPOP_UK  S46 

Tom Barrett 



Why Voicethread should be used in every primary classroom? 




John Johnston


http://edutalk.cc/  a project to gather the voices of educators using mobile devices (5-6 minutes) 

Not going to make it to BETT

         piese auto import

Geographical Association



Stuart Ridout

Creating websites quickly, easily and for FREE!

Unfortunately has been cancelled







3.45pm-4.15pm Netintelligence / Marion McCallum @netintelligence   N31 

Dai Barnes



Some of the free tools I use in my school:


Google Apps




Dissertation Help

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Car Transport

dental implants sutton coldfield 


DB Education / Tom White

@dbeducation / @etihwmot
F140 Dughall McCormick (@dughall) Something about why I love forums (fora?) so much.

Adobe / Liz Wilkins



Saiqa Liaqat


My most used 10 web 2.0 tools in 20 minutes. There will be examples of practice from classrooms around my school during this last term.




Saturday 16th January 2010


Coordinators: (please volunteer)


Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat

Studywiz / Steve Moore (@studywiz / @stevemoore)

Rafi.ki / Oli Watts (@oli)


Time Company / Contact Stand No. Names of teachers taking over Free ideas in a nutshell(s)

Roar Educate 

K56  David Noble  Creating a successful school blog
11.15am-11.45am Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Drew Buddie  Glogging all over the World 
12.00-12.30pm Rafi.ki  F70  David Noble Five powerful reasons for creating educational audio using a mobile phone forex



U124  Bev Humphrey (@LibWithAttitude)  Use of nings, wordle, visuwords, diigo etc 
1.30pm-2.00pm BrainPOP UK / Chris Bradford @BrainPOP_UK  S46 

Drew Buddie 


Wordle, Tagul & Brainpop 
2.15pm-2.45pm Scholastic / Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Ian Usher (@iusher)  Adding useful free collaboration tools (GDocs, Buzzword, ConnectNow, Aviary, etc. - i.e. not just eye candy), to your Moodle VLE (or any other half decent tool) - examples and HowTos 

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Chris Ratcliffe said

at 5:49 am on Dec 3, 2009

I promised Tom this week that I would commit to Scholastic providing an hour per day if it was required. I have therefore put that in. If it is not needed, just let me know and I will take out one of the slots! FYI - on G40, there will be an interactive whiteboard, plasma screens, web connection, PA system etc. There is a stage area, and seating. I will post a pic so you know what I am on about! Chris (@chrisrat)

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