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Teachmeet arrives in Glasgow’s East End!


What is TeachMeet?

Inspired by Leadmeet09 and some blogging and tweeting, two Glasgow HTs, Sheona Allen (Caledonia PS) and Fiona MacDonald (Oakwood Primary - merger of Blairtummock, Bishoploch, Commonhead, and Rogerfield Primary Schools) planned one for Glasgow’s East End. It is being fully supported by Glasgow’s Open Door scheme.



Thanks to those who set up the TeachmeetSLF09 for the format below.


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of local teachers to explore some ideas about their teaching and CfE. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions and take part in learning conversations.


When and Where?


Saturday 24th October 2009 in Oakwood Primary School.

Address: 22 Drumlanrig Avenue, Easterhouse, Glasgow, G34 0GD





Let's keep it all together and use the following tag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations to do with this TeachMeet should be tagged TMeastend (eg Twitter #TMeastend). For those not joined Twitter yet, come on – just sign up and have the conversation. Include #TMeastend in any message so we can all follow.


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What can you do?

You can come along to chat, meet new people, join in the conversations.



We will run a bunch of creative activities where you just join in a session of your choice.



As with all Teachmeets, we are dependant on sponsors for a venue, refreshments, wifi, equipment and other things. We are grateful to Glasgow’s Open Door scheme and to Fiona for the school for the morning! Tea, coffee and nibbles will be on tap. Help yourself whenever. This is informal, guys!




Presentation Rules


What are the rules for this Teachmeet ?


You can use whatever presentation format you want, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song! do something different?



The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get a few seconds set up time.


Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it! That’s what makes Teachmeet exciting! Most of all – EVERYBODY join in. 


Un-Conference Chairs


Fiona and Sheona


Seven minute micropresentations




Frank Crawford, HMCI, (Twitter @frankcrawford) will give a couple of short presentations during the morning with loads of time for discussions and creative input.



Sheona and Fiona say that next time (!), they’ll be looking to you for presentations.




Two minute nano presentations




We already have volunteers to give a series of two minute nano presentation on their BIG IDEA! Strictly two minutes  at which point you will be assaulted verbally and then physically by a shower of soft toys. We’ll have quick discussions of the big ideas in-between times.



We’ll add the names shortly.



Learning conversations


We might be able to slip in a few learning conversations if we run out of steam in the discussions. Come along with some ideas for these conversations and maybe ideas for the next TMeastend.




Answers From the Crowd

As an alternative to being lead in conversation by a more knowing other, participants can post a topic or question here which will be the focus of conversation threads. At an appropriate time in the morning the focus of each thread could be presented. This idea would allow anyone to contribute to the event without the need to stand up and present.







Enthusiastic Lurkers


Venue now full!








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TeachEat Venue?


Suggestions for post meeting venue for a bite of lunch???



How to get there


Basically, look up Google maps or something.



Who's eating?


Sign up below if you fancy a bite to eat after teachmeet:


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Promotional Images


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