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Friday 11th January 2008, Olympia Apex Hall

\"My best continuing professional development\" | Ollie Bray in the TES


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about technologies and teaching.


Pictures from Flickr tagged with TeachMeet08



The Big Questions

The questions from the floor (via text message) about the future of connected learning. What would your answer be?


What do you want Teachmeet 2032 to be discussing?




This event couldn't exist in the (really fun) way it does without the support of our sponsors:





For TeachMeet08 @ BETT you must register for the BETT Show first, and aim to get to the venue before 6pm. If you can't, let me know.

You can also get email updates on the prep for the event and the night itself by joining the Facebook group.


Anyone can share cool ideas they have or great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms by signing up here.

Just click 'edit', use the password teemhcaet and add your name, blog or website link and an idea of what you would like to share in seven minutes, if you want to share anything.

It's important to sign up if you intend to come, so that sponsors have an idea of how much space, prep and drinks need to be provided.







What can you do?


You can come along to linger, loiter, contribute, chat, meet new people, or give a talk.


Rules for talks

  • Micro-presentations are strictly seven minutes long, nano-presentations two minutes long.
  • No PowerPoint allowed... unless... you're doing 20 slides for 20 seconds each (pecha kucha style - pecha kucha article).
  • Please make sure that what you're showing has actually been done in your classroom or a classroom of a colleague - this isn't blue skies, this is right here, right now stuff.
  • If you're using the web, make sure you save a copy of your tabs in Firefox, just in case it all goes down. ScrapBook is a great add-on to do this easily.


Take photos, write blogs... but tag them!

Tag your photos, videos and blog posts: teachmeet08




When and where?




Entry time - after 6pm you may not get in, although you can leave any time (tbc).



TeachMeet08 5th Edition, London, BETT

Early evening drinks, snacks, innovation



We could reserve tables at Pizza Express (under the venue). Add your name if you want to do this (at your own expense unless a sponsor comes forward).






'Tip 1:' If you just want to lurk, please still add your name and come back regularly to see who else is lurking with you ;-)'


Seven minute micropresentations



  1. Ewan McIntosh- never did talk in the end, but more than happy to compere! :-)
  2. Ian Stuart - What's happening in Islay High School; Can't make BETT. Are you open to skype talks and lurkers? -- we can but try (Emci)
  3. Alex Savage - Keep IT Real. Ways we are exploring the real world and creating products for a real audience
  4. Stuart Sutherland - Leading innovation; learning innovation - NCSL's Leadership Library
  5. Tess Watson - Glow : 'The Scottish School's Digital Intranet'
  6. John Griffiths - How Sheffield Police are using Kar2ouche to help young offenders understand the consequences of their actions for their victims, and using MissionMaker to help YOs gain a qualification.
  7. Drew Buddie - The Wikifly Effect - how the student-led use of Web 2.0 tools within a small section of the Royal Masonic School, had a wider effect on the school community.
  8. Theo Kuechel - Easy & Free; digital assets archives plus easy tools and Web 2.0, can open up new opportunities and designs for learning.
  9. Leon Cych - Live Video Streaming free from your laptop - if it works!!!! Seat of the pants high risk demo!!!!
  10. Mark Mullis - 3D stereoscopic (imax) visualisation in the classroom and secondlife
  11. Andy Black - Gadgets and gizmo's making you think its not about one device stupid !!
  12. Vivien Bailey - Web 2.0 in Warwickshire - the experience of being part of a pilot project using blogs in primary schools
  13. Jeff Howson - free web tools via a new UK based open, non-proprietary, no-plugin, cross-platform, cross-curricular Resource Library - ULearn.
  14. Andrew Roland www.rm.com/minibook - give a tour of the RM Asus miniBook, and answer any questions people may have about the device.
  15. Cliff Manning - music learning and the web - face your fears or indulge your passion with NUMU - its free.
  16. Mark Riches - Voice It! How the The Ministry of Justice has gone web 2.0 with Radiowaves
  17. Terry Lamb, Robert Anderson - Explore world cultures through Travels with Music [http://www.travelswithmusic.org]
  18. Derek Robertson Objection! Games in the classroom?: Using Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo DS to encourage and motivate writing in an S2 English language class
  19. Ian Grove-Stephensen - Yacapaca: the free, web 2.0 assessment platform. How we are building the world's largest collaborative educators' authoring community.
  20. Brides For Marriage
  21. example of good online dating profile
  22. How to make a good impression on first date
  23. How to be a charming woman
  24. dating online advice
  25. Toxic Relationship Signs
  26. How to make long distance relationships work
  27. News Ops
  28. Tems' biography


Two minute nano-presentations



  1. Dave Stacey - 10 Commandments for evangelising Ed Tech - Posted here on my blog
  2. Doug Dickinson - ictopus - www.ictopus.org.uk
  3. --John Sutton---- -- -possibly something about ---jing-- -or ----Voicethread-- Can't guarantee attendance due to overdue baby, will add name to lurkers instead
  4. Steve Sidaway - RSS to text/moodletxt and using SMS as the glue to deliver e-learning
  5. Tim Curtis - using a shared excel workbook as an "offline wiki" to share ideas.
  6. Chris Quigley from Delib- about using Argument Visualisation techniques to visually map out complex issues and help students 1) understand issues 2) be empowered to have the ability to develop opinions / well formed arguments on issues. We've developed a prototype product called aMap to show off and play with. I'll work out a snappier intro + decription by the 11th (I hope!).
  7. Paul McMahon - What is happening in terms of trying to bring local and international schools together for a historic conference May 2&3 2008. Also an open invitation to make contact and share with our group in this part of the world.
  8. Ian Usher - (new?) ways of stimulating, building and sharing content (by not paying for it) - done with Moodle but hey, it's a transferable thing...
  9. JRowing - podcasting homeworks etc if there's time!


Enthusiastic Lurkers


Please only add your name if you are going to be physically present at the event. It helps us guage needs. Virtual signups - see further below...


  1. Andrew Bush
  2. Janet Carruthers http://blogfrancaisdepps.edublogs.org
  3. Linda Hartley Usefulwiki.com 
  4. John West
  5. Lesley Harrison
  6. Aurélie van Loon
  7. Damien Pratt
  8. Lee Davis
  9. Andy Roberts Usefulwiki.com
  10. Paul Harrington - I wish to lurk....it's going to be a long day !!!!
  11. Susie Arnott
  12. Merlin John
  13. Peter Sadler
  14. Clive Dawes
  15. George Kortuna giving a roofing estimate.
  16. Mark Pelling - if he can get out....
  17. Paul Birch
  18. Donna Burton-Wilcock
  19. Mark Berthelemy
  20. Susan Kambalu - If I can get there in time!
  21. Anthony Jessop
  22. Poul Tang - no deposit casinos
  23. Steve Sidaway
  24. John Heffernan
  25. Steve Beard
  26. Steve Bridger - parent governor, re-built school website as a WP blog
  27. Allison Miller - would love to attend in a virtual space from the land of Oz
  28. Karyn Romeis - who feels like too much of a beginner to present, but will greedily be gobbling every scrap of learning on offer!
  29. philippines flowers delivery 
  30. send flowers to the philippines 


Doug Belshaw

  1. Daniel Needlestone - is wondering if talks can be gripes or moans! (not that kind of night ;-) EMcI)
  2. John Warwick.......lurking for those inspirational ideas to share with colleagues + kids
  3. Fons van den Berg Dutch ADE coordinator finally getting a chance to attend. Will lurk, shake hands, have a real good time.
  4. Roger Davies ... great idea - looking forward to hearing as many inspirational ideas as possible.
  5. Charles Poznanski
  6. Dan Sutch
  7. Andy Fisher
  8. Emma Arkill
  9. Stephen Fletcher
  10. Jonathan Sims
  11. James Power - Now an Assistant Head in Manchester (school to become Media and ICT specialist!), formerly ESIS ICT adviser in South Wales between Jan 05 - Aug 07.
  12. Cain Hormozdez giving a speech on various demolition practices.
  13. Kevin Burden
  14. Steve Bunce
  15. Jonathan Sim - Thomas Deacon Academy
  16. Mark Pentleton - if I'm still in London on Friday
  17. José Picardo
  18. Sunita Gordon
  19. Russell Dyas Should be able to attend for some of it.
  20. Peter Rafferty - www.greenparkschool.org.uk
  21. Clare Roberson
  22. Stuart Gorse
  23. Mrs Moodle
  24. Peter Butler - ASUS - peter_butler@asus.com
  25. Lisa Stevens
  26. Joe Dale
  27. Jo Rhys-Jones
  28. Phil Nelkin - works in an independent school so has scrapped the QCA SoW in favour of a more progressive, creative scheme using macromedia and adobe as well as the microsoft stuff. notting hill & ealing high school
  29. James Holden-Storey
  30. Michelle Craig
  31. Douglas Chappelle
  32. Nicki Harman
  33. Graham Holland
  34. Steven Goodman
  35. James Christie – exhibiting ode, a commercial SCORM content repository, stand N30. I’m also always up for talking about SEN and making learning materials Accessible.


  36. John Fenton & Elaine Barton - Barrow Primary School, Shropshire
  37. Karen McCrone - Charles Darwin High
  38. Margaret Wallace, EPICT Licence
  39. Andrea Dunn - Shropshire LA
  40. Terri Casablanca - with some car insurance ontario issues.
  41. John Sutton
  42. Ed Wong - ODE
  43. Jim Buchan - Learning and Teaching Scotland
  44. Caroline James
  45. Teressa Klave who is married to a painter
  46. Tricia Neal
  47. Gordon Joly
  48. Marie Hurding - Charles Darwin High
  49. Ian Sillett
  50. Tim Goodman- Coleham Primary School, Shropshire


  1. Richard Millwood


  1. Terry Freedman -- Editor of Coming of Age: an introduction to the new worldwide web
  2. Andy Beharrell
  3. Anthony Evans-  London Borough of Redbridge Primary ICT Consultant and blogger
  4. Nicholas Hughes - Redbridge AST
  5. Andy Davis - Clunbury School (Shropshire)
  6. Helen Spreadborough - Clunbury School (Shropshire)
  7. Martine Wynne - Clunbury School (Shropshire) 
  8. Kasper Engberg - eplaner.dk and Løgstrup School, Denmark
  9. Terri Kinnison Becta
  10. Elza Holzhauer who is moving in toronto
  11. Gary Stevens
  12. Christina Preston - Mirandanet
  13. Chris Binns Oracle
  14. Will - Answerblip Trivia



Want to join in virtually through FlashMeeting or SecondLife?


A FlashMeeting (web conference) is PLANNED from 5-9pm. There is space for 25 participants. You can participate by going to http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/fm/c3acc2-2530 Click on 'Go to meeting', then 'Sign in as guest'. You can join us via webcam or audio only. Technical info is at http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/help.html. - flashmeeting is up and running well!


If you would like to have an account to try out flashmeeting then contact John.warwick@stlukes.herts.sch.uk  The Flashmeeting vc tool developed by the Knowledge of New Media at the Open University is hosted on the East of England Broadband Network (E2bn) server which is part of the National Education Network (NEN)  AND ITS FREE FOR EDUCATIONAL USE.



We will also attempt to stream and meet in Second Life on the night. Using Veodia steaming and sponsored by Amazing Interactives ltd. Please do try to join us!



Learn 4 Life Live Streaming through Mogulus



Learn 4 Life will also attempt to stream out and archive the event from here.



Want to sign up for your dinner at Pizza Express?



This is at your own expense. Place your name here and Ewan McIntosh will make a reservation for that number of people. Final date for guaranteeing a reservation, January 8th. After this, your space cannot be confirmed.


Many thanks to our TeachMeet dinner sponsors, Ode, who are sponsoring part of the bill.


(Money saving tip - Sainbury's are selling two medium-sized Pizza Express pizzas for £5, but inside there's are 2 for 1 main course voucher for the resturants, not advertised on the box, valid for January).


  1. Ewan McIntosh
  2. Mark Mullis
  3. Doug Belshaw
  4. Merlin John
  5. Andy Black
  6. Mark Pentleton
  7. Sunita Gordon
  8. -John Sutton -will come along if I make it
  9. Andrew Roland
  10. Cliff Manning
  11. Mark Riches
  12. Anthony Jessop
  13. Leon Cych
  14. John Warwick (Not a mega byte of course !)
  15. Steve Bunce
  16. José Picardo
  17. Steve Sidaway
  18. Michelle Craig
  19. Derek Robertson
  20. Tess Watson
  21. Linda Hartley
  22. Andy Roberts
  23. Robert Anderson
  24. Terry Lamb - business name suggestions
  25. Ed Wong
  26. James Christie
  27. John Heffernan
  28. Drew Buddie
  29. Ian Grove-Stephensen
  30. Daniel Needlestone
  31. Karen McCrone
  32. Joe Dale


--- No more places guaranteed. Feel free to add your name below, and I'll try to update the restaurant on Friday morning.

34. Richard Millwood 07790558641

35. Terri Kinnison 07967460265

36. Paul McMahon 07768528478

37. Ian Usher

38. Poul Tang


What do we need?Nowt!



What have we got?

Thanks to Emap for supporting us in these areas:

  • The Venue
  • Free Wifi
  • Signage


Thanks to Learning and Teaching Scotland for supporting us:

  • Administration and development time


Thanks to RM for supporting us:

  • Free drinks for participants signed up on this wiki


Thanks to edutxt for supporting us:

  • Audio-Visual support
  • Text-to-stage messaging
  • Free trial accounts with free messages
  • http://www.edutxt.co.uk for more information


Thanks to Futurelab for supporting us:

  • Security


Thanks to Amazing Interactives ltd for sorting out the stream and meet in Second Life


Thanks to Martin Jack at Think Different Events for helping with the events management.


This event couldn't exist in the (really fun) way it does without the support of our sponsors:



Automotive forum


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Anonymous said

at 6:46 pm on Jan 10, 2008

Sorry folks, my manflu has got the better of me! I'll try to follow events from Second Life!

Anonymous said

at 4:24 pm on Jan 7, 2008

Damn!!! Missing out again.
I WILL get to talk at a TeachMeet sometime
Have a great time

sunita.gordon@... said

at 12:52 pm on Jan 2, 2008

Look forward to meeting you all at the dinner - S

Anonymous said

at 9:30 am on Dec 12, 2007

We just allow whatever's going to happen to happen. Names are chosen at random, with no guarantee that everyone can speak in the time. It's more equitable than first come first served, gives an opportunity for non-geeks to have a spiel, too. Cheers,

Anonymous said

at 10:01 pm on Nov 7, 2007

OK, as of 10pm on Wednesday 7 November, we're around 1 hour and 20 minutes of speakers - without questions. Given the time of day and the fact that I start flagging after half an hour, I say we cap the number of micropresentations or continue to allow free sign-up and smart mob the more interesting talks. What do others think?

Mr Stacey said

at 12:54 pm on Nov 3, 2007

Hi Ewan, I've corrected the date, it was sometime in Septemeber, but I'm not sure if the venue's ok! See you in London :0)

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