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TeachMeet09BETTFriday 16th January 2009 Apex Room at BETT 6.00 till 9.00 pm

Please be reassured - this event is happening and will operate in a very similar way to previous Teachmeets


Stephen Heppell's office are working very hard to ensure all the housekeeping elements are in place and that everything runs smoothly



If you wish to speak or sponsor then please scroll down and read the rules below - let's make this a Teachmeet to remember!


This is a free event - The BETT Show site mistakenly asked customers reserving their place for TeachMeet09 to pay a charge. This should be refunded in December to all those who had paid the charge. Read here for more details.

The only "registration" you need to do (other than registering for free to come to the BETT show itself) is to add your name below. If you have already paid then try and get a refund or switch for another seminar. TeachMeets are free and should WILL remain so. 

It is really important your name is added to the list below. If your name is not down you may not be allowed in!


Note that the PBWiki system has changed the way it allows editing, so you'll either need to:

  • create an account which, when activated, should give you editing access to this page and allow you to receive email updates when the page changes; or   
  • login and use the limited guest account - username guest password teemhcaet  to add your details below.  You won't be able to be notified about anything by doing this.    This account can only be used by one person at a time.  

Thank you to our sponsors who between them have paid for all aspects of the evening's event:









Where and When

Location of the Apex Room within Olympia

Click on the image to open it (in a new window)


Friday 16th January 2009 Apex Room at BETT

5.00pm onwards - Setup and Arrival

Assuming we can get in the Apex Room, as many as possible of the organisers/helpers would need to be there.

It's been arranged with EMAP to have the room layout to be round tables. There will be an AV technician available and security!


6.00pm - 9.00pm - TeachMeet09@BETT

Innovation, snacks, drinks, innovation from and by your peers. Please bring some money with you in case (a) the funding for drinks and snacks runs out and (b) in case the vouchers and funding for the meal afterwards isn't quite enough!


9.00pm onwards - TeachEat?

(b) in case the vouchers and funding for the meal afterwards isn't quite enough!


(b) in case the vouchers and funding for the meal afterwards isn't quite enough!


We could reserve tables at Pizza Express. Please read the information and sign up in the TeachEat section below.


Sponsorship offers very welcome - there is a list at the bottom of the page that you can sign up to.


Please add your name and what you can do to the list below, can you make sure you are in the correct category: helper / contributor / lurker - if you want to help, you can still contribute or just lurk!


How to Get Involved

Take photos, write blogs... but tag them!

Follow @teachmeet09bett on twitter to find out what's going on

  • you can also reply to that user during the event itself - use the hashtag of #tmbett09

Join the TeachMeet09BETT event on Facebook

  • the Facebook event doesn't replace this wiki (which is still the essential way of signing up) but it will allow other ways of sharing resources before the event, without cluttering up the signup list on this page.



Add your name to the lists of participants:


For TeachMeet08 @ BETT you must register for the BETT Show first, and aim to get to the venue before 6pm.

  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be prompted to login.
  2. Note that the PBwiki system has changed, so either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest password teemhcaet
  3. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  4. Add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list (with a link to your Twitter page or blog so others can follow you, maybe a few words about what you do during the day...)
  5. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  6. That's it!


If you want to get email notifications of when this page changes and what the changes are then when you create a pbwiki account, you can monitor this page. That way you won't have to log in or keep checking back here. 




  1. Steve Beard (twitter) - as in the past, will help out in any way that is required
  2. Ian Usher - (twitter) E-Learning Co-ordinator, BucksCC, am at BETT for all four days (with Adobe), can help with talking, plugging things in, lurk, help, I've just hosted a TeachMeet-like conference in our LA, so will happily do whatever's needed. Arriving after 5pm as presenting 4.30-5...
  3. Drew Buddie - (twitter) - Helping out from 5pm - setting up - hopefully Ian's right hand man :-)
  4. Anthony Evans - Rebridge Primary ICT - organiser of Teachmeet North East London  I am happy to do anything basically
  5. Merlin John - lurker/helper
  6. Nic Hughes - AST and Rebridge Primary ICT - helped out at Teachmeet North East London  I am happy help out - I'm fairly techie.
  7. Lisa Stevens (Twitter) -Primary MFL teacher, eTwinning ambassador, blogger, trainee techie and generally enthusiastic gal who loves her MacBook - collecting permission data from presenters for videos to be used
  8. John Davitt - happy to help out with back-channel summary typing etc and offer Learning Event Generator for table challenges
  9. Dale Jones (twitter)- 'Directing traffic' team leader.
  10. Andrew Rhodes - ICT Consultant from Central Enfield CLC, Apple ADE, - Directing People
  11. Danny Nicholson - Directing People
  12. Daniel Needlestone (twitter)- help with videoing presenters
  13. Dai Barnes - help with filming the event.
  14. Mike Sizemore - Vox Pops
  15. Joanne Jacobs - Vox Pops (скачать фотошоп)
  16. Lys Johnson - Heppell.net, http://www.heppell.net/contacts/
  17. Terry Freedman - happy to meet and greet people, set stuff
  18. José Picardo (Twitter) - Can help out with setting up. Reckon I can make it to the venue between 4 and 5pm
  19. Theo Kuechel - around from c. 4:00pm to do the necessary
  20. Stephen Heppell (but Lys is doing all our work really!!)
  21. Doug Belshaw (Twitter) Will probably be there for about 5pm and can help however people wish to direct me! :-)
  22. Jonathan Furness - help with all things technical and anything else as required. 
  23. Leon Cych (Twitter) - Filming - encoding - streaming - running around 
  24. Steve Bullock - ready to help with tech or fetching and carrying, from 4ish





TeachMeets are about sharing practice, so if you've something interesting or exciting to share, please add your name to one of these lists - either for 7 minutes' or 2 minutes' duration. The rules (such as they are):

  • You can't sell or simply plug anything - this has to be classroom-based practice that's happening right now, not "this is what someone could do in their classroom using product or tool X"
  • No PowerPoint / KeyNote / other presentation software - unless you're doing 20 slides for 20 seconds each (pecha kucha style - pecha kucha article);
  • You can't sell anything - reeling off a long list of features with no context is counted as selling.
  • You will be asked to stop when your time is up - time is short and there will be plenty of people happy to ask you about what you've spoken about when you've finished!
  • Your time includes setup - so if you bring a laptop and need to plug it in to a projector, find the audio I/O connection, etc., that all eats in to the time that you can use to share. A way around this is to make sure what you're showing is online, then use the machine at the front to access it.
  • If you want to use your own machine, it's worth using the Scrapbook extension for Firefox to save offline copies of pages you want to use - just like in the classroom, it's always good to have something to fall back on if your connection to the internet just disappears...
  • It's TeachMeet not SalesMeet - if you sell and don't feature any classroom practice, you'll be asked to stop. Harsh but fair...
  • As it's likely that there will be more people wanting to contribute than there are slots for them, presentations will be selected at random - that's the way TeachMeets work, so please don't be offended if your name doesn't come up. It always turns out like that for a few potential contributors.


Micropresentations - 7 minutes maximum:

Unsure of what to do? You could watch the recording of the FlashMeeting broadcast of last year's TeachMeet at BETT to get an idea of what a micropresentation is like. Alternatively you could watch a micropresentation from last year's TeachMeet section of "the best of BETT".


Important notes for presenters:

  1. as is the way of TeachMeets past and future, there are more presentations listed than there is time to present - so it's quite possible that, even if your name is here, you might not get to present if your name doesn't get (randomly) chosen.
  2. if you have material you'd like to use, please place it online... YouTube, Flickr, your VLE, it's up to you. This will save you the time of having to plug in your own material - plus in some cases it will allow other people - both those in the room and those beyond - to access / view / download / evaluate what you've done.
  3. finally, for the umpteenth time of saying, your presentation has to be about practice going on now- not a project for the coming year, not a product which could be used in someone's class. If you want to remove your name from the presentations list to the lurkers list, that's fine, or even if you want to decline the opportunity to present if your name is chosen, then that's just as fine. It's much better than being asked to stop because you're not talking about learning that's taking place now...


You have been warned - Beware of the camel -


  1. Tom Barrett (Twitter) Happy to talk about something that has been going on in my classroom. Maybe an update on Multi-Touch desks.
  2. Neil Winton (Twitter)- The Adventures of Johnny Bunko - What is Lesson 7 anyway? OR Wikis, Literacy and How to Die By Chocolate! 
  3. Miles Berry (twitter) - happy to help. Willing to present, probably something open source.
  4. Greg Hodgson (Twitter) - I will be there for a couple of days with Adobe but willing to show and tell about our latest exploits using virtual spaces and parental engagement.
  5. Dai Barnes (twitter) Present some as yet undetermined classroom practice
  6. Leon Cych (twitter) - Present about some of the filming Theo and I have been doing around Teachers using Web 2.0.
  7. John d'Abbro - Something on Digital Creativity with children experiencing Behavioural Emotional and/or Social Difficulties (BESD) 
  8. Stuart Ball Microsoft Innovative Teachers Programme Manager(Twitter), happy to help with ideas around professional development and using OneNote in schools.
  9. JRowing (twitter) - Physics teacher & Geek - happy to talk about any of the bits I've been up to - videoconferencing, moodle, blogging, podcasting homeworks etc!
  10. Theo Kuechel (Twitter) As John (above) is covering seven countries, I will take us to seven places with valuable (free) content.
  11. Daniel Needlestone (twitter) - My twitter network are helping to decide my topic on this poll...
  12. Drew Buddie - (twitter) - Scatterlings No More - building a Personal Learning Network across the world and how it can impinge in the classroom
  13. Terry Freedman -- Not sure what about yet, but probably a visual word processor and a web 2.0 booklet and a seminar Miles and I are giving
  14. John Cuthell - (twitter) Project Learning, 21st Century Skills, and embedded ICT.
  15. Christina Preston (Twitter) Just social networking? or creating new knowledge and influencing change trajectories.
  16. Josie Fraser (twitter) DCSF's new cyberbullying advice for teachers who are victims of cyberbullying behaviour & online identity management
  17. Ian Grove-Stephensen (twitter) some of the amazing resources teachers have created on Yacapaca in the last year.

    Sorry, now cannot make it due to a small emergency. If you would like to find out more, please email me ian_gs[at]chalkface.com.

  18. Ollie Bray - (twitter) Depute Head Teacher of a large secondary school in Scotland. Mobile Phones in Education or Google Earth or Graphic Novels in the Classroom or Computer Games Based Learning in Secondary Schools. I’ll probably decide on the day!
  19. Dave McCollom (twitter) Students teaching students using tablet PC's and screencasts (Eric Marcos and his 6th grade math students from Santa Monica, CA

    If you want to contact Eric Marcos, follow @mathtrain on twitter and say hello.  You can view the student videos at www.mathtrain.com and www.mathtrain.tv.  Stop by booth G84 @ BETT if you want more info.  We’ll also give away two free copies of Camtasia Studio.  Just send me an email (d.mccollom@techsmith.com) saying you were at Teachmeet and you want to win.  I’ll only contact you if you win or ask me a question.  I will draw names and notify winners on Monday morning, Jan 19.

  20. Ian Stuart - (twitter) - via Weblink from Islay if possible. Education2020 : What will learning look like in 2020? A preview of Islay's 'Unconference'. Andy Black (twitter) has offered to cover in the room on Ians behalf  if weblink s shakey !!
  21. Lisa Stevens (Twitter) - One year on - rising to the challenge!
  22. Stephen Heppell - in 7 (phew!) can show the new debate tool (5 "positions", set your own topic) that came out of our Horizon Scanning events and a quick summary of where Be Very Afraid is - video resources, futures, etc as it goes global (gulp).
  23. Dughall McCormick (twitter) - E-Learning Consultant - 'Henri' - How to exploit VLE tools in a cross curricular way with Primary children.
  24. Gavin Cooney - Petcha kutcha presenation on the use of mobile phones for language learning in Ireland and Australia.


Nanopresentations - 2 minutes maximum:

These presentations will be presented (and included in the Random Name Picker) in groups of three, therefore roughly equating to the micropresentations above. You can get an idea of the nanopresentations from last year's TeachMeet @BETT by watching the recording and skipping forward to 2h 41m 44secs.

Please also read the Important notes for presenters above.


  1. David Noble - Chartered Teacher. Leavers' Online Learning project - enhancing the opportunities of some children who are 'looked after'
  2. Richard Millwood - ready for anything, will also do 2 minutes on learners at the centre
  3. John Davitt and Tom Smith on the Random Activity Generator (RAG)

  4. Tom Rank and Chris Warren on the NATE/Becta project Making hard topics easier to teach with ICT: key lessons from 18 case studies on ICT in secondary English
  5. Paul McMahon to give an overview of and invitation to present at the 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong Conference.

  6. Ian Usher - 2 minutes on using one of the best/most useful tools (free, obviously) I've ever used to support training / teaching...
  7. David Ashworth - an overview of the new social networking site Teaching Music and strategies for engaging the workforce 
  8. Dave Smith, Anthony Evans and Nicholas Hughes - Cross-Collaboration and Sharing, the way forward - TeachMeet NE London 2 - Havering @ CEME - 31st March 2009 - building on the success of last year - raising awareness, gathering support...

  9. David Newman - first pointers to a new youth participation project, Hub Websites for Youth Participation (HuWY), starting in February.
  10. Doug Belshaw (Twitter) - an update on EdTechRoundup, one year on after launching it here last year!
  11. John Heffernan (Twitter)- intro to NCTE Advice Sheets for Irish schools which may be useful to others


Enthusiastic Lurkers

Please add your name to the foot of this list if you plan on being there but don't want to present! There's no need to add a number - just add a new line after the name currently at the foot of the list and the number should update automatically.

  1. Richard TaylorMediataylor and co-founder of Tutpup.com
  2. Eileen Brennan Freeman on being at the chalkface! (unable to present- so status is now 'lurker!
  3. Chris Richmond, Project Director QCA Enterprises and owner of Best Juicer site.
  4. Alex Rees - ICT Adviser - Redbridge - enthusiastically lurking for the moment.
  5. John Fenton - Shropshire Learning Gateway Development Officer - enthusiastic lurker and creator of silver prices research.
  6. Allison Miller (Twitter ) enthusiastic lurker from Australia but in London on Friday 16 Jan - so hope to attend
  7. June Jelly Glow D.O. and also E.S.O. for ICT in Dundee secondary schools (ex chemistry teacher) Very excited about taking part in BETT and lurking at Teachmeet.
  8. Katie Barrowman (Twitter) - Development Officer for Glow and English Teacher - lurker, but happy to help with anything.
  9. John Heffernan (Twitter) From Ireland's NCTE this is my 3rd teachmeet in the flesh, flashmeeting two others probable lurker
  10. Andrea Dunn - RAISE Adviser for ICT (Shropshire)
  11. Kim Pericles - lurker from Australia - can't wait to actually attend a Teachmeet!
  12. Poul Tang - Denmark - look forward to learn tricks
  13. Tricia Neal (Twitter ) enthusiastic lurker
  14. Bryn Jones - I'll be there every day. I work with Atomic Learning in Australia so will spend some time on their stand and also have a good look around. I'd like to see how a Teachmeet works.
  15. Mags Amond - I am coming over from Ireland for BETT. Having enjoyed the first TeachMeet I attended at the Scottish Learning Festival a couplteof weeks ago I'm really looking forward to another (and not having to rush away early to catch a plane). I am still a 'lurker' but like Bryn would like to see how a TeachMeet works - we might have a TeachMeet at CESI in Dublin next February - if I can figure it all out. Willing to help with whatever...
  16. Gail Dyer - also from Australia
  17. Stacey Myers - another lurker from Australia
  18. Dawn Hallybone - ICt subject leader, Redbridge interested in gaming, Nintendos and learning! Enthusiastic lurker
  19. John Sutton (Twitter)Attending and learning.
  20. Gerardo Lazaro (twitter) Science and ICT Coordinator.
  21. Darren Murphy (Twitter) International Educator (GCT)
  22. Steve Kirkpatick (Twitter) Primary school teacher in inner city Salford, blogger and general fiddler. Looking forward to meeting others who want to push change for our kids.
  23. Edward Beechinor-Collins- lurker
  24. Andrew Brown (Twitter) - Development Manager for Glow, the Scottish Schools Digital Network. Looking forward to attending my first Teachmeet in England :-)
  25. Steve Sidaway - Happy to provide sponsorship in the form of the txttools conferencetxt application for the event and otherwise lurker and helper
  26. Matthew Gale (Twitter) Head of Mathematics, Junior School. I'll be there.
  27. Doug Dickinson (Twitter) - ICT education consultant
  28. Cornelius Young, Development Officer with the Second Level School Support Service in Ireland, www.slss.ie, attended and greatly enjoyed the Teachmeet at the Scottish Learning Festival
  29. Tony Sheppard (Twitter) - Technical Manager, ICTIS, Northamptonshire CC and Educational Technologist / Site Admin, EduGeek.net ( running The BETT Technical Help Point, G89) - Happy to help out where needed.
  30. Kate Sim (twitter)- part-time teacher of ICT, computing and robotics - mainly playing with lego at BETT this year
  31. Fons van den Berg (twitter) Freelance edtech guy and ADE coordinator. Tickets are booked. I'll definitely be there, gearing up for the TeachMeetNL two weeks after.
  32. Dave McCollom (twitter) Education Evangelist at TechSmith (Camtasia Studio, SnagIt, Jing, Camtasia Relay).
  33. Ian Pittman- ICT specialist at an international school in Malaysia & Apple Distinguished Educator. Will be at BETT every day & would love to attend and catch up.
  34. Jo Rhys-Jones (Twitter) - Primary Languages enthusiast, ning addict & wiki beginner - just want to come along and learn, so more than happy to help set up/whatever but keep it simple for me please.
  35. Tony Parkin (twitter) will be there representing the aged.... try to avoid clashing with the good BETT parties!!
  36. Sandra O'Neill - hope to be there but depends on day and time!
  37. Alan Parkinson - (twitter) part of the Geographical Association contingent down at BETT
  38. José Picardo - (twitter) MFL teacher, blogger, occasional speaker and generally enthusiastic Spaniard. Looking forward to learning loads!
  39. Danny Nicholson. (Twitter) Freelance Science/ICT/IWB trainer and general geek.
  40. Andy Black (twitter) Happy to help crowdsource beg borrow (maybe not steal kit) .
  41. Maggie Wallace - Will be there for the long-haul (4 days). Happy to help organise, setup and heckle ;-)
  42. Ollie Bray - (twitter) Depute Head Teacher of a large secondary school in Scotland, happy to steal any kit that Andy can't beg or borrow!
  43. Ivan Growinco will head out there once I figure out things with my auto insurance.
  44. Andrew Roland
  45. Bruce Wilson - Senior Educational Specialist (RM) & Learning Outcomes Co-ordinator with Herts. Learning Platform - happy to join in the debate on any of the issues above.
  46. Mark Pentleton  - (twitter) MFL teacher, developer of Radio Lingua language-learning materials by podcast; ADE
  47. John Bradford - (twitter) going to be at BETTr and TeachMeet09 - enthusiastic learner & business developer, social media user, soft skills gaming
  48. Rachel Jones, Head of Education, Steljes. - may yet come up with a micro / nano on small & BIG - tension btwn innovation / standardisation. Otherwise general enthusiast
  49. Michael Thorn, achuka - Learning Platform networking
  50. Guy Shearer (twitter) -SSAT curriculum design & enterprise ed - Happy to pitch in as needed
  51. Rowena Blair (twitter) involved in Design & Technology ITE
  52. Peter Hudson - ICT techie and instructor
  53. Roger Davies - IT teacher, Queen Elizabeth School, Cumbria
  54. Dewi Lloyd - Education consultant at Steljes.
  55. Steph Beard - ICT for Learning Consultant (Telford and Wrekin)
  56. Michelle Walters - Deputy Head, Chesham High School
  57. Anne Matthews - Education Consultant
  58. Gold Bigwood - should be able to attend with my friend who runs one of Toronto roofing companies.
  59. John Hammond - Camden School Governor
  60. Peter Robinson - Editor of ICT Skills Briefing
  61. Jack Wills - There for the duration too...keeping an eye on Maggie Wallace/Andy Black and happy to help as necessary
  62. car transport - David Williams
  63. Martin Owen - who is likely to be on the train back to north Wales at the time.
  64. Andy Davis  - Headteacher of Clunbury School in Shropshire. Excellence Award Winner (Whole School)
  65. Steve Bunce - ICT Consultant, Northumberland - Nintendo DSes, Second Life and all things exciting
  66. Michell Evans - Teacher at Clunbury School
  67. James Boddey - Teacher at Clunbury School
  68. Helen Spreadborough - Teacher at Clunbury School
  69. Bethanie Save who owned a moving company in Toronto before becoming a teacher. 
  70. Douglas Chappelle (twitter) - Senior Education Specialist RM
  71. Courier Services
  72. Lucy Spicer - Drama teacher and Year Head at The Grange School, Bucks
  73. Nicki Harman - Education Specialist Group Leader, RM and oil prices investments.
  74. Steve Compton - Harnessing Technology Consultant, Shropshire and website owner of silver prices
  75. Bill How (twitter) - ICT Development at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust - happy to help out where needed
  76. Ross Wallis - Head of Creative Arts Faculty, Sidcot School - presenting a seminar at Bett, Innovative Practice area - Digital Art in the classroom.
  77. Dave Smith - ICT Consultant and Curriculum Advisor, London Borough of Havering Inspection and Advisory Service and Chair of The Visualiser Forum
  78. Helen Myers - ALL  (Association for Language Learning)  London Branch &  Past President, The Ashcombe School Assistant Head &  mflresources forum moderator &  webmistress.  Presenting session at BETT on Thursday, so will not occupy space in the presentations on the night like I  have on these four lines!!!
  79. Eylan Ezekiel - some of you might know me from www.ezekiels.co.uk - but now at www.brainpop.co.uk. Games and Education, CPD, and 'change' - that's what I am into.
  80. Jason Dilling - Leading Teacher for ICT (Tonbridge) (Twitter)
  81. Pam Thompson - Learning Technologies Coordinator (R-7) from Adelaide, South Australia. Lurking this time!
  82. Dan China - Adviser Bucks LA (until last year art and creativity, currently Area Manager: but an enthusiastic advocate for work done in Bucks)
  83. Giannina Rossini - Second Life Education Community/Sloodle Project (Twitter)
  84. Maureen McTaggart journalist
  85. Bruce Caulkins who used to offer for a epoxy flooring contractor.
  86. Kate Jensen (twitter) New ICT Co-ordinator. Becontree Primary School in Dagenham.
  87. Neil Adam - Independent consultant (including part-time editor of Becta's TechNews)
  88. Michael Wilkinson - Director, i-education ltd. (I am learning)
  89. Helen Milner (twitter) - runs the UK online centre network, interested in digital inclusion and helping adults to use technology to improve their lives, interested in learning best practice from schools to apply to adult learning
  90. Mark Purves - independent consultant working with Primary MFL - looking forward to meeting some familiar names from virtual meets on blogsites
  91. Andrew Rhodes (twitter) - ICT Consultant at Central Enfield City Learning Centre, Apple ADE and enthusiastic about most things but especially creativity in the curriculum, gaming in education and music technology. Happy to help out in any way that I can and looking forward to it.
  92. Richard Anderson (twitter) - eLearning Coordinator, Wolverhampton City Learning Centre
  93. Chris Turnbull - ICT Co-ordinator, Richmond School, North Yorkshire
  94. Stephen Fletcher (twitter)- eLearning Officer, Richmond School, North Yorkshire
  95. Susan Bowes ICT Co-ordinator, Greenfields Primary, Shrewsbury
  96. Val McClure ICT TA, Greenfields Primary, Shrewsbury and oil prices news.
  97. Toby Maddocks, Educational Specialist, RM Education. Primary trained Teacher and Governor with special interest in Primary Learning Platforms.
  98. Keith Havercroft, School Improvement Adviser (Music and eLearning), Shropshire LA
  99. Katie Hart - Senior Consultant at 2Simple
  100. Nigel Canin - Director, 2Simple, silver prices
  101. Steven Smith, Primary ICT Consultant, Islington. New to all this (twitter) and blog malarky, but trying my best.
  102. David Hellier - AHT Secondary School
  103. Ed Whyman - www.whymandesign.com Interested in helping creatively enhance education using new/old techniques/technology
  104. Meredith Melragon -- Learner, ADE from the US
  105. Michelle Craig- Enthusiastic lurker with Steve Sidaway, improving communication in education.
  106. Michael Smith (twitter)  - Created Moshi Monsters which is a virtual world where children adopt a pet Monster and solve daily puzzle games.  Very interested in how games can be used to make learning more effective and fun
  107. Mags Patterson Scottish Qualifications Authority along to meet you all
  108. Dan Roberts, Saltash.net Community School. See our school and check out the egg and pigcam @ www.saltash.net
  109. Matthew Pearson, education consultant at Steljes
  110. Katy Potts, Islington
  111. Kelle Alapai, just coming from part time work with Toronto painters.
  112. John Pallister - (Twitter)  Wolsingham School and Community College (ePortfolio and PLts(eMe)
  113. Euan Semple - (Twitter) Interested parent.
  114. John Rowe, Headteacher, St. Mary's CE Primary, Albrighton, Shropshire
  115. June Mader, Harnessing Technology Consultant, Shropshire County Council
  116. John Hackett, Learning Landscape for Schools and E2BNProtex web filtering solution
  117. Tess Watson - Teacher of Biology and Glow Mentor
  118. Brian Smith - Ex Cambs ICT Advisory Teacher, now semi-retired. I shall be at BETT on Thursday AND Friday but I'll be on my way to my train at the time of TeachMeet09Bett. Hoping to see ALL the presentations - Ustream best hoped for so I can actually see them, but not live (I don't think my iPhone is up to that yet!!) Aristotle Smit in Second Life - find me there.
  119. Michelle "Ein" Hoyle (Twitter) -- Open University associate lecturer in Maths, Computing & Technology and the Institute of Educational Technology; course chair for web application development courses; Ph.D. in EdTech at IDEAs (Uni. Sussex).
  120. Cathy Atkinson - Publishing Director, Boardworks Ltd Flower Delivery
  121. Dan Sutch (twitter) - speaking enough at BETT!  Prefer to come and listen :-)
  122. Mark Chambers  (twitter) (diigo) - Education Bradford ICT Team leader, tired of BSF and looking for an outlet :-)
  123. Jonathan Wells (blog) - Functional Skills enthusiast and the MD of Guroo Ltd, developers of on-line learning content.
  124. Laura Walker (twitter) - MFL Faculty Leader at Westfield Community College in Watford. Looking forward to meeting people I have been following for a while now!
  125. Rain Ashford, Technologist, BBC Backstage - will prolly take some photos and maybe blog.
  126. Per Falk(Twitter) ICT Adviser and teacher (Writing mostly to my collegues in swedish)
  127. carl smith (Twitter) developer and researcher in mobile learning www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk/developers/smith
  128. Sharon Harrison,Barnet
  129. Chris Padden - Managing Director, Incerts (the online teacher assessment system)
  130. Ian Billups - Technical Director, Incerts
  131. John Sosna - Assistant Head, Children's Hospital School
  132. James Davis - engagement rings
  133. Jonathan Furness - Deputy Head Teacher, Kings Road Primary School
  134. Clare Berry - St Catherine's School
  135. Dai Thomas  (Twitter) Warden Park School Mirandanet Senior Fellow
  136. Peter Schneider - Atomic Learning
  137. Jon Blissenbach - Atomic Learning
  138. Kathy Schreoder - Atomic Learning
  139. Julie Rayhorn - Atomic Learning
  140. Dan Meyer - Atomic Learning
  141. John Connell Have to head home in the afternoon, so won't make it, unfortunately - why don't you all come to Islay in June? :-)   http://snipr.com/a4qdx
  142. Mark Robinson (twitter)- Group Head of Education Product Strategy at Promethean, Ex primary school teacher, break all the rules home educator, & company blogger/tinkerer
  143. Joanne Jacobs - @joannejacobs, Amplified09
  144. Chris Sharples (twitter) - Head of ICT, Lady Lumley's School - speaking about Success with CiDA and my gr8 KS4 students, 2.15 Thursday in the Club Room.
  145. Elspeth Scott ICT and eLearning Staff Tutor Dundee (on secondment from my job as a school librarian). Enthusiastic lurker attending my first TeachMeet.
  146. Mick Hays - E Learning Manager in Croydon and consultant
  147. Karen McCrone - Charles Darwin High
  148. Max Wainewright 
  149. Satish Shewhorak - (twitter) Business Development Manager at Codeworks, the trade association for the digital media industry in the North East of England
  150. C Bhaskar
  151. Dan Warner -School Improvement Officer, Haringey LA
  152. Sandra Wissting - e-developer. Nacka, Sweden 
  153. Inger Lison - e-developer. Nacka, Sweden 
  154. Crispin Weston, Alpha Learning and SALTIS
  155. Kevin Creighton - ICT coordinator, primary
  156. Ian Allgar - Education Consultant Encyclopaedia Britannica (and School Governor) Roofing contractors
  157. Julian  -Georgia Wonder
  158. Steph - Georgia Wonder
  159. John Sutton
  160. Donna Burton-Wilcock - Immersive Education
  161. Nick Billowes - Core Education NZ
  162. Jane Dewar - Teacher NZ
  163. Dave Baker - Oxford University Computing Services
  164. Bruce Dixon - Ideas Lab
  165. Andrew Flowerdew - Innovicity
  166. Yue Yue - Friendly Frog
  167. Andrew Watt  - Independent Consultant (can only stay for the first bit)
  168. Billy Abbott (twitter)- software engineer, occasional trainer and generally interested person.
  169. Bob Regan (twitter) - Adobe
  170. Angela Poplar (twitter) -  Manager of Central Enfield City Learning Centre.
  171. Jo Sutcliffe (twitter) - elearning co-ordinator, Parkfield High School.
  172. Dan Bowen
  173. Steve Gayler - Wildknowledge - Location Based Learning
  174. Neil Bailey - WIldKnowledge - Location Based Learning
  175. Carole Chapman, The Inclusion Trust
  176. James Robinson, The Ashcombe School, Studyhub.co.uk
  177. Carol Dixon - Shine
  178. Camilla Carlberg - Teacher
  179. Kathryn Macaulay - Teacher and ICT/Data manager
  180. Harvey Greener - ICT Coordinator, Sundorne School and Sports College
  181. Marieke van de Ree - ICT & multimedia consultant for schools in Holland and abroad
  182. Mandy Honbeyman - ICT coordinator Linton Village College
  183. Geoff Stead - (twitter) - Tribal
  184. Tanya Leung - Steiner teacher 
  185. Maureen McTaggart
  186. Jonathan Boyle
  187. Alex Isaachsen - Cheltenham College
  188. Gavin Ng - WebSwami Lead Developer
  189. Nick Case - WebSwami Founder/Director
  190. Anne Matthews - Open Source Schools
  191. Mary Farmer (aka ebd35) Teacher at a primary special school for children with emotional and behaviour problems. Interested n using technology especially to get boys who don't want to write to write. Also interested in Fronter MLEs
  192. Mike Bostock
  193. Fiona McLean
  194. Jenny Wijesinghe (twitter) Governor, Furze Platt Junior, Maidenhead


Anyone below about 180 on this list (if it gets that far) is welcome to sign up but might not get in, since the Apex Room has a capacity of 250 - we have to add the Presenters and Helpers to the Lurker numbers... however, other people may drop out, so please do add your name.


Virtual Participation options:

Flashmeeting attendees:

A flashmeeting has been organised to allow people unable to attend in person to follow the teachmeet. The flashmeeting room is limited to 25 participants, one of whom must be at the meeting to relay the video/audio feed. The flashmeeting is booked from 17.30-21.30. You can join in on the night by clicking here. The flashmeeting is set to the default recording of the event. Let me (Sinclair) know if recording function needs to be switched off and I will amend the booking.

  1. Sinclair Mackenzie (twitter)
  2. Peggy George (twitter) I am also an enthusiastic lurker but since I'm in Phoenix AZ I'll be joining you via the Flashmeeting. Have been to several TeachMeets via Flashmeeting and loved them!
  3. Kim Flintoff (twitter) - another Aussie educator wanting to see how this all works.  Drama teacher, teacher educator, instructional designer.
  4. Dave Stacey (twitter) - Not going to be able to make it to BETT this year, but looking forward to taking part remotely. I'll make sure some beers are on hand!
  5. Isabelle Jones (twitter)- Head of Languages currently teaching French and Spanish with experience of teaching EAL and German, blogger, qualified translator/ interpreter and tech enthusiast. Not able to attend but keen to learn lots from everybody! 
  6. Joe Wilson twitter  Head of New Ventures Scottish Qualifications Authority - dependent on when my flight gets back to Glasgow. I am    in London  Sunday to Friday and at BETT but can't stretch to Friday night -  my colleague Mags Patterson will be with you.
  7. Malte von Sehested - Boardmember of the danish ICT-teachers Association. Unfortunately I have to leave London before the TeachMeet.
  8. Geoff Lambrechts - ICT Consultant in Bucks. Another enthusiastic lurker. Heard a lot about last year TeachMeet from Ian Usher, wish I could attend.
  9. Andrew Williamson (twitter) Music teacher, Generalist classroom teacher, ICT co-ordinator in Australia, keen lurker all things Education.
  10. Margaret Vass Chartered Teacher in Falkirk. Seconded as ICT Curriculum Support Officer.
  11. Mike Atherton - Writer / Social Media Something or Other
  12. Jocelyn Chappell (twitter) -- ICT Co-ordinator, Pebble Brook School for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, Aylesbury, Bucks.
  13. Lynne Lewis - Primary School Teacher in East Lothian hoping to lurk watch and learn something new.
  14. Andy McSwan (twitter)- Computing teacher in the highlands, hoping to see what teachmeet is all about.
  15. Louise Jones (twitter) - Health Promoting Schools Manager/Subject Supporter for Highland Council. Hoping to join flashmeet from Highland, Scotland.
  16. Iain Hallahan (twitter) Teacher at a special school in west central Scotland, really looking forward to some e-lurking if my dodgy broadband is up to the task!
  17. Chris Haynes - School uniform advocate, embroidered hats, polos, etc


If you want something related to BETT to peruse, why not have a look at the EduBETT wiki (hosted on wetpaint). It's a fringe style activity but isn't the same as TeachMeet (as far as anyone can tell). [It's NOT related to Teachmeet - it's an event being organised under the 'BETTr' title - and includes an unConference on the Wednesday of the BETT show) which has been set up by some people from Further/Higher Education]. Please contact us if you can help.


Ustream Channel



Signup here for reference


  1. Angela Cooke (twitter) Australian, interested in online learning and the use of virtual worlds in education


TeachEat - a meal afterwards


Please sign up if you'd like to go out for a meal post-TeachMeet at Pizza Express at Olympia, directly underneath the Apex Room. We have a provisional booking for about 70 places (which will be updated during the week of BETT) for a 9.15 or 9.30 start. Pizza Express have indicated that they will need to know final(ish) numbers by Thursday 15th, so please sign up before then.


Getting sponsorship for this element will be hard, mainly because it's difficult for potential sponsors to (a) get invoiced by Pizza Express (b) put it on expenses or (c) bring cash. However, if we can, we will...


Pizza Express Offer web siteSo in the meantime, how about we ask Pizza Express to cover half the cost? Here's how to do it...


  1. Go to www.pizzaexpressoffers.co.uk
  2. Enter your details to get a "two meals for the price of one" voucher.
  3. Print off your voucher and bring it along to the TeachMeet!
  4. Make a friend by cutting the cost of both your meals in half - the small print for the voucher says that the most expensive meal is free!
  5. Please remember to print out and bring your voucher - you'll be helping everyone at TeachMeet make the sponsorship go further!


If you decide that you can't come to the meal, please remember to remove your name from this list! Please sign up for this by Thursday evening as we need to let the restaurant know what numbers we are expecting. 





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