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Presentation from Nigel Ecclesfield and Fred Garnett (Learner Generated Contexts Group - London Knowledge Lab)

nigele1@gmail.com, fred.garnett@gmail.com


Presentation has been uploaded - see link below. We will be uploading a background paper on our approach very soon 




Nigel and Fred


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This TeachMeet will be held after the Channel 4 Education Summer Conference entitled What Comes Next?

The Summer Conference brings together 300 of the country's most inspiring and innovative teachers and educators to explore the new ideas and innovations which will shape education in the next decade.



It will be held at Channel 4, Horseferry Rd, London, SW1P 4 


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 from 6-8 pm


Want to get involved?


You can Present about your area of practice or interest, lead a Learning Conversation about something that fires you up, or simply "lurk" and listen & discuss - either at the event or via the FlashMeeting.



We are looking for a wide range of people to contribute their thoughts in the style of short presentations (7 minute or 2 minute) or to lead a short "learning conversation" about a topic from the day or something close to your heart.
  • If you're a teacher or currently work in schools, this should be about something that you're doing now in the classroom or have done recently.
  • If you're not currently working in schools, but have an interest in education, then please make your presentation about something you are working with - a project, a way of working with technology, a new set of resources - which could be used in education. It's really important that this isn't a sales pitch - if you simply do a slightly amended version of a sales pitch then you will be asked to stop!

Please sign up and take part - a TeachMeet only really happens when those attending take an active role!


The ground rules of doing a presentation (whether it's for 7 or 2 minutes) are:

  • you don't have to use technology - other than a microphone - talk about what you're doing, explain it with gestures, communicate your enthusiam in other ways - it might all be a lot smoother!
  • you cannot show a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation - unless you're doing it Pecha Kucha style or can pull it off as well as Larry Lessig. Try showing some pictures, or a YouTube clip, or something which isn't slide-based!
  • you can't simply sell a product or service
  • any materials you use should be accessible on the web - so your audience can explore what you're talking about - use YouTubeVimeoFlickrSlideShare, your own web site or some other reliable service...
  • you'll be using a common machine at the front - so make sure that if what you're showing isn't on the web that you bring it on a USB to simply copy it across, rather than lugging along your laptop or netbook
  • you will be asked to stop when your time is up - time is short and there will be plenty of people happy to ask you about what you've spoken about when you've finished!


Learning Conversations

A learning conversation is a focused discussion - possibly something that's developed from the theme(s) of the day, an area of personal interest or even a blog post. 
  • Depending on the number of presentations they may take place simultaneously in smaller break out sessions or with the whole TeachMeet group.
  • If you sign up you will be invited to kick the discussion off with your question, statement or general prod in the right direction.
  • The success of these depends on the participation of everyone on the night.
  • Normally last between 8-10 minutes.
These are some examples to give you a flavour of Learning Conversation topics from previous TeachMeets this year in the North East and in the Midlands. 


  • Are we preaching to the converted at TeachMeet?  If so, how do we get the message to the masses? (I guess most of us are ICT 'savvy,' but what tools, techniques, tricks and tips do we use to raise awareness of the potential that ICT offers, with colleagues who don't share our enthusiasm (. . . yet!)?)
  • Why technology? Spurred on by Ben Grey's recent post, people in the edublogosphere have been thinking (again!) about how to persuade people that money should be spent on transformative technology for schools. How do we go about making these arguments? Should we even be advocating it?
  • If your school had £1,500,000 to spend on ICT through Building Schools for the Future, what would you do with it?
  • What is the point of School? (Great book by Guy Claxton if you fancy reading it before hand!)




  • Tom Barrett
  • Ian Usher



Seven minute micropresentations


  1. Dai Barnes | twitter | blog |  Social networking in (or rather anywhere but) the classroom http://parallellines.ning.com
  2. Drew Buddie twitter  ¦ Feeling like an Outsider - using Google Streetview to go 'on the run'
  3. Daniel Needlestone twitter | blog | Doing a teachmeet style Inset at your school (probably)

  4. Ian Usher | twitter | blog | Working with professionals from outside your school, inside your school

  5. Stephen Lockyer  | twitter Using Twitter as a channel for parents and children.

  6. Fred Garnett and Nigel Ecclesfield | The Architecture of Participation and the arguments for open and collaborative education providers - accepting the rules on this and providing access to a blog.

  7. Laura Dewis | twitter | UGC - University Generated Content and Open Learning

  8. John Heffernan  | twitter  | An Irish Film In School (FIS) project


Two minute nanopresentations

  1. Julian Barrell Proving the value of learning experiences. An a la cart alternative to league tables.


Learning Conversation

  •   Re-Walkmanising Education - is there a place for obsolete technologies in the classroom?
  •   What role can schools play in saving Bletchley Park?
  •   Teachmeet Mentoring Network - a future model for disseminating good practice?


Enthusiastic Lurkers 

  1. Matthew Gale 
  2. Victoria Knox
  3. David Phillips | Twitter
  4. Eylan Ezekiel from BrainPOP UK | Twitter | Blog
  5. Joanne Jacobs: joannejacobs.net | @joannejacobs


Attend the Flashmeeting (link coming soon)

  1. Mary Cooch
  2. Tony Sheppard | Twitter



#TMC4 - please use this when Tweeting about the event, blogging or tagging pictures.


Lojas de presentes e vinhos crescem no mercado online. Oferecendo lista de casamento a seus clientes.

Hoje noivas e noivos de todo mundo tentam facilitar a sua vida criando uma lista de casamento online. Isso não demanda muito tempo e é muito prático tanto para os noivos como para os convidados. Quando fazemos nossa lista de casamento e pensamos nos objetos, sejam eles; Faqueiros, panelas, prataria ou outros utensílios domésticos. Pensamos na facilidade que nossos convidados terão ao procurar nossa lista e fazer a compra dos itens. O mercado de noivos está chamando por novas tecnologias e podemos acompanhar um grande crescimento a cada ano. Como formas de coleta de itens cada vez mais rápidas e práticas.


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Fred Garnett and I (Nigel Ecclesfield) would like to present on the Architecture of Participation and the arguments for open and collaborative education providers - accepting the rules on this and providing access to a blog.

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