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The 12th edition of TeachMeet was on Friday the 20th of February, 2009 at the Langlee Centre in Galashiels from 6pm untill 9pm, with a meal afterwards.

If you tok part in anyway then please tag anything you post with tmxi so we can pool it all together on this page by John Johnston car insurance quotes


Tag blog posts, Tweets, phots etc. with 'tmxi'. This way we can track and collate all things teachmeetborders.


Set to run a year after the TeachMeet Northern Edition this was a similar event - smaller and more intimate than the recent SLF and Bett versions but with all the same passion.


What is TeachMeet?!!


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about technologies. Anyone can share cool ideas they have or great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms.


'What can you do?'


 PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I: wait... wait...  Rank: wait...  Traffic: wait...  Price: wait...  C: wait...  

     You can come along to linger, loiter, contribute, chat, meet new people, or 'give a seven minute talk' or a 'two minute nano presentation'.


Rules for the talk:

  • It's only seven minutes long
  • Your setup is part of the seven minutes
  • it must be about something that has happened, or is happening now in classrooms - no blue-sky thinking!
  • no sales pitches


To get involved in any of the TeachMeets on this wiki you will need to create an account with PBwiki, after that anyone can edit the pages, which means you can sign up for anything here!


Seven minute micropresentations or roundtables

Add your name


  1. Stuart Meldrum - What to do when they burst.
  2. Dorothy Coe - Maybe how I use wikis with kids?
  3. David Gilmour - edubuzz.org + Glow = ? ..or maybe One Netbook Per Child project?
  4. Ollie Bray - Graphic Novels and Technology in Education
  5. Neil Winton - Why Web2.0 has changed everything… (Probably will change nearer the time!)
  6. David Noble - Considering a class iPhone
  7. Maggie Wallace - CPD sample portolios - ideas and inspirations...
  8. Jaye Richards - Creatively subverting GLOW...        and could somebody please show me how to make my name blue like all the others linking to my blog - I'm not much good with the tech stuff ! (Happy to help Jaye - Ollie Bray)  Thankyou so much ! now I'm the same as everybody else...
  9. Andrew Brown (twitter)- 'Plotting a revolution - convincing people to share' - or something like that - gutted not to make it to Perth last time, so must make it to borders! (Will be good to meet you there Andrew - Dorothy) lawyers
  10. Theo Kuechel Theo Kuechel - Getting the most from Flickr Commons 
  11. Neil Hamilton - me and  my Richmond Lawyers
  12. Dougal Hawkshaw - something fantastic about wikis, or videos, or school news vodcasts...
  13. Lorna Fraser and Nikki MacArthur - Hawick High School's Girls of Ambition project
  14. Ian King (Kelso High) - using Scratch with S1 ICT  and S3 Computing classes
  15. David Muir - iRiddles: A brilliantly simple idea (not mine!) about how to create short riddle movies using tools such as iMovie.
  16. Jim Black - open source software.  Notes (pdf).  Software used (pdf).


To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.


How to Pick Up Women


Ever wondered how to pick up women? I've put together the most elaborate and concise method for attracting women to date. Uncover the secrets and the key principles the "gurus" are not telling you.


Two minute nano presentations


Add your name


  1. Louise Jones -  Highland Mobile Dance project using a Ning, kinda virtual dance off! Just a little bit about the process of developing the project, incorporating internet safety /acceptable use and benefits of online school communities.
  2. Andy McSwan - The Cool Wall
  3. Iain Hallahan - 5 reasons you should be using Smart Notebook


To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.


Two minute lucky-dip presentations


Add your name and a general topic such as 'best lesson this year'. We'll pick a random name and a random topic and you have 2 minutes for talk about whatever topic you end up with.


Good idea - I'm up for this (Ollie Bray) - fab idea! (AB)


Add your name


  1. Ollie Bray
  2. Andrew Brown
  3. Stuart Meldrum - if I'm not too busy compering

  4. David Muir

  5. Krysia

  6. Louise Jones

  7. invite users for boxing competition where the fighter use Boxing Gloves
  8. Dexter Larson of http://www.javateakoutdoorfurniture.com/products/occasional-tables/


Add a topic


  1. My best achievement
  2. My most embarrassing classroom moment
  3. My best lesson
  4. Describe your favourite teacher at school
  5. Your 'eureka' moment
  6. The current educational initiative I understand the least
  7. Why you're a teacher


To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.


Enthusiastic Lurkers


add your name


  1. John Daly - might promote myself to a speaker if I get a job between now and then ^_^
  2. Andy McSwan (twitter) Now doing a nano presentation
  3. Krysia Now also doing a 2 minute slot
  4. Kirstin Carson
  5. Alistair Murdoch
  6. Tess Watson
  7. Mike Coulter (Social Media Consultant to LTS.)

  8. J Arrol

  9. John Connell

  10. John Johnston 


To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.




For those who can't make it in person, we are hosting a flashmeeting. Sinclair MacKenzie has graciously booked it for us, it is currently booked for 5.30 - 9.30 but the times can be changed. It is set to be recorded too if you can't make it at the time.  Join the flashmeeting here.


  1. Alan Parkinson - Geographical Association, Curriculum Development Leader (the NING person)
  2. Nick Hood - sorry, can't make the 20th February. Will probably be lurking in the flashmeeting :D
  3. Katie Barrowman - will now be in Shetland on content writer work untill late afternoon so can't attend in person, but will aim to join in the Flashmeeting!
  4. Sinclair Mackenzie 
  5. Margaret Vass - getting used to these flashmeetings now! Looking forward to this one :-)
  6. James Langley - Education Bradford
  7. Andrew miller... a local roofing contractor in the area.
  8. Lynne Lewis - no child care :-( will lurk.
  9. Paul Scott


(Shhh! Keep it quiet but if you are very good then I will send you a piece of lovely tablet if you attend the flashmeeting. Just send me your postal address through a DM on twitter and I'll get it to you - stuartmeldrum)


To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.


Health and Fitness

It's important for teachers to stay in shape and fit. In order to work there best it's good to be at a healthy weight. This could mean losing body fat which is going to required an improved nutrition and workout plan.



Table booked at indian restaurant for just after 9pm. Currently booked for 10 people but I'll confirm the numbers with them on the night.

Shish, 51 Market Street, Galashiels, TD1 3AF


  1. Stuart Meldrum
  2. Neil Hamilton - having to give this a miss, feeling rough rough rough [Get well soon Neil!]
  3. Dougal Hawkshaw
  4. David Noble
  5. David Noble guest#1
  6. David Noble guest#2
  7. David Noble guest#3
  8. David Muir {Probably. When do you need a definite?) [Stuart just rough numbers now, best to say yes if you are swithering, I'll confirm numbers with restaurant on the night]
  9. Iain Hallahan (depending on transport)
  10. Andy McSwan (twitter)
  11. Cain Hormozdez (for website click here
  12. Kirstin Carson
  13. Alistair Murdoch
  14. Theo Kuechel
  15. John Daly
  16. John Johnston
  17. Louise Jones 
  18. J Arrol
  19. Krysia Smyth
  20. Andrew Brown (twitter) {probably, depending upon what time David Muir - aka The Stig - has to leave?}

To add your name you will need to create an account with PBWiki and then click the 'edit this page' link.



A huge thanks to Scotish Borders Council for providing the venue. If anyone (in these tight financial times!) wants to donate a little something to help us make this the best little teachmeet ever then leave your name below, or send me a message on twitter stuartmeldrum




Without people to help out a teachmeet cannot happen, if you can provide something like a projector, a laptop, some beers, money, or simply be willing to help move tables and chairs around then please let us know.


John Daly - Happy to roadie/carry/lift etc. wherever possible/necessary.

Iain Hallahan - I'm sure I could get my dirty wee hands on a case of beer at a reasonable rate....

Stuart Meldrum - I'm going to bring along some tablet and maybe even some fruit loaf to keep us going. I'll also buy antique chair and cabinet , will just leave an honesty box, what's left I'll find a home for.


There are a few things we need, please add your name if you can bring any of these:

  1. Someone who can lend their laptop to sit in the flashmeeting all night, needs wifi, a mic, and a webcam.
  2. Projectors one for presentations, and one for the back channel. - Langlee has two projectors so we should be okay - maybe an extra one so we can project nearer the stage? {I can bring another projector - David Muir}
  3. "Spare" laptops for emergency backup, flashmeeting and back channel duties. {If you agree this is worth having, I can bring a few Apple RTC MacBooks - David Muir}[sounds like a great idea David, please do. Stuart]
  4. Any other things I might have forgotten?
  5. I can bring a spare projector and laptop (windows pc I'm afraid) Louise J


Car Pooling

David Noble - Driving from Dalgety Bay, around the Edinburgh By-pass.  Happy to pick up anyone one the way, though I'll be staying for TeachEat.



John Daly - Driving down from Glasgow and back up after the event; 3 seats available. Please leave your name if you are interested or DM on Twitter.



Mike Coulter. Social media Consultant at LTS writes:

Hello all. I'm a lurker here, and will hopefully be able to keep up-to-speed via the wonders flashmeeting on Friday night.


But I was also wondering if the Twitter users amongst the sign-ups to this page would add their usernames below?


I follow some of you but not all, and I'd would like to monitor twitter activity as Friday night unfolds.


#teachmeetXI would be a nice tag for those who remember, but the most important thing would be as fuller list as possible of usernames.

--- we seem to have settled on the ta #tmxi as it is shorter, crucial when you only have 140 chars!


(Please feel free to add teachmeeters Twitter usernames in addition to your own. Save them the trouble?) Cheers,









@Design Company




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Had the same troube editing, can I be added to the flash meeting list please

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Still cannot access edit function after several tries (and clearing FF data/cookies); so for info presentation now about Getting the most from Flickr Commons - after this I will be hungry so slap me down on the Teacheat list - ;_)

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I had problems with the co-comment add-in. Disabled the add-in, re-started Firefox and I was able to edit again.

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at 6:33 pm on Feb 14, 2009

I found I could edit if I break pbwiki out of frames buy ymmv

James Langley said

at 1:18 pm on Feb 14, 2009

Cheers Stuart. Tried clearing private data in Firefox - still no joy! Weird!!!

Stuart Meldrum said

at 12:59 pm on Feb 14, 2009

Hi James,

I've had this problem a few times since they changed pbwiki. The only solution I've found to is to clear all private data like some passwords, cookies, and history. In Firefox it's Tools > Clear Private Data

I've added your name now.


James Langley said

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Hi All - for some unfathomed reason I cannot edit the page at all. I'm logged in as a writer and each time I click on edit it presents me with a totally blank page. I've tried different browsers but to no avail! Is it just me being thick. I would like to attend the flashmeeting for teachmeet xi on Friday. Please can someone add my name. Regards - James Langley, james.langley@educationbradford.com

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