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TeachMeet West 2010

Page history last edited by Vic Jenkins 10 years, 8 months ago


We're currently working on a Teachmeet for the Bristol area to be held in March 201


Feel free to add ideas and volunteer to join in - helping out, presenting or coming along to watch... just add you name to the list below and sign up for convenient dates!








  • Bristol? Central - to make it easier to get to by public transport.  Might get more interest if central rather than having to commute out the the 'burbs in the evening?  Better for socialising after? 
  • Where?  Shall we start contacting places to get a idea of costs/services?
  • What? What do we need them to be able to provide? Data projector, wireless, seating for how many? Food/drinks (licence?)?


I'm thinking why not start by aiming high?  So...

@Bristol Events 0117 9158000 Has Annexe room (seats up to 70 theatre style) for £225 + VAT for 4 hours (6pm - 10pm to give time to set up and pack away).  Can provide screen, would need to bring own projection (someone must have one!) or hire. Available March: 1 3 4 10 12 16 19 22 26

Watershed Events 0117 9272082 - I have more info on prices for here now... £250 - £450 depending on size of room 30, 40, 100.  They have data points, projector for hire - though we could bring own, reasonable wireless through cafe/bar.  Could bring own drinks (corkage £3-5 quid!) have to get food thru them, house wine £12, can bring in drinks from bar.  Bit pricier but fantastic location and vibe...

City Museum?

Uni of Bristol?

UWE - not central enough?

CLCs - too much like a busman's holiday?

Someone suggested trying youth hostel on waterfront..

Tobacco factory Green Room? - would need wired data 'cause their wireless is flakey!



After work one evening? Time?  Need to give ourselves time to set up...

How about we use this sign up for initial interest so that we can get an idea about dates that will work best... just fill in your availability http://doodle.com/sk592su3xrfanak8


What else might we need?

  • Screens
  • Projectors
  • Live videofeed
  • Hashtag convention
  • Food/drinks


Who's in? What can you help with?

1. Donna Hay

2.  Vic Jenkins

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