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Oxford Fishbowl

Page history last edited by James Bird 10 years, 4 months ago

TeachMeet Fishbowl

Thursday, 25th February - Oxford - invite only as piloting technique


Kindly supported by BrainPopUK




Here's what we're doing


Intro and overview of evening - 5 mins



Playback of Tom Barrett's planning video diary and discussion - 20 mins



Fishbowl 1 - (closed at first and then open when appropriate) 4 techy teachers in bowl -plan a unit of work -from conception to outcomes - 30 mins



Identify key elements of Fishbowl 1 - link to practice 10 min



Fishbowl 2 - (open throughout) - include volunteers in bowl - use a topic idea brought along by group - 30 mins



Identify key elements of Fishbowl 2 - link to practice 10 min


Food and Drinks



Small group discussion of planning brought along by teachers - link techies with teachers - 30 mins



Summary - honest evaluation - 15 mins







Eylan Ezekiel (BrainPop UK)

James Bird

Nick Speller

Carol Rainbow

Becca Morgan (Larkrise Primary)


Joan Brennan (Blake Primary)

Row Martin (Blake Primary)

Helen Bartlett (John Henry Newman Primary)

Victoria Wood (John Henry Newman Primary)

Lizzie Griffiths (North Hinksey Primary)

Matt Lovegrove (Sonning Common Primary)

Joe Burbank (Stockham Primary)

Carolyne Harrison (from Stockham Primary)

Cheryl Maclennan (St Joseph's Primary, Carterton)

Mike Hale (Henry Box School)


Any enquiries e-mail james.bird@oxfordshire.gov.uk




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