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TeachMeet SLF10

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Sponsored by:







Walter Patterson Consultancy








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What is TeachMeet?


TeachMeet returns to the Scottish Learning Festival!


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching largest architecture firms in the world and technology.    Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations.


TeachMeet SLF 2010


Scottish Learning Festival Edition  


Wednesday, 22nd September.  5.45 until 8.30pm.  Forth Suite in the Clyde Auditorium.



What is Franchise

Inventure India is a management consulting firm has an unparalleled depth of knowledge and resources combined with functional and industry expertise for geographical reach. We help leaders make distinctive, lasting and substantial enhancement to the performance of their organizations.


Gangaur Realtech is a professionally managed organisation specializing in real estate services where integrated services are provided by professionals to its clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying or investing in real estate.


Emaar is one of the world's leading real estate companies, having developed approximately 89 million square feet of real estate across residential, commercial and other business segments and with operations in 14 countries.



5.45 - 6.10pm   Nibbles and refreshments, then TeachMeet video and introduction

6.10 - 6.45pm   Three 7-minute presentations and two 2-minute presentations
logo design competition
6.45 - 7.10pm   Round table workshops


7.10 - 7.30pm   Refreshments

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7.30 - 8.10pm   Four 7-minute presentations and two 2-minute presentations

8.10 - 8.30pm   World Cafe

8.30 - 8.35pm   Close


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Name of colleague/s (if applicable) 
Joe Dale, Independent consultant                         
David Noble, Chartered Teacher
Fearghal Kelly, CfE Development Officer
Iain Hallahan, Teacher  
Robert Drummond Teacher
Laura Kinnear Teacher 
Dorothy Coe, Chartered Teacher
Linda Murray Teacher
Jen Deyenberg, Teacher
Cassie Law, Teacher  
John Johnston ICT development officer
Chris Ratcliffe Scholastic
Cory Hughes, Scholastic
Hilery Williams   
David Muir, Teacher Educator
Susan McAuley Principal Teacher (ASN)
Peter Mulvey Principal Teacher HE and Tech Ed
Sharon Tonner, Lecturer in Primary Education (Technologies)
Doug Belshaw, Researcher/Analyst (JISC infoNet)
Chris Bradford - COO, BrainPOP UK  
Margaret Alcorn National CPD Team
Drew Burrett - Hermitage Academy
Ian Stuart - Islay High School (Will arrive late as I am presenting at a Twilight session  
Walter Patterson - consultant @waltatek  
Andrea Reid South Lanarkshire @andreareid  
 Alan Stewart - Highland Council

Julie Arrol Teacher


Colin Maxwell - Carnegie College Fiona Priestley 
Ann Carter - BrainPOP UK  
Jennifer Harvey - student teacher  
Ryan Delaney - student teacher Lisa Craig 
Kate Farrell - Glow DO, Edinburgh Council  
Alan Tullock - PT Technologies
Gareth Campbell

  Jenni Robertson   Johnny Baxter   Janet Wallace
  Krysia Smyth, teacher
  Gordon Brown, SQA   Annette Iafrate, Teacher   Jim McDougall, Depute Rector, Hutchesons' Akiko Tomitka, teacher   
Mhairi Healy, Teacher, Calderglen High School   Lindsay Purdon, Teacher, Calderglen High School   Moira Shemilt, freelance educational consultant   Helen Gorman, Curriculum Leader, McLaren High School   Sheila Morrison, Teacher   Doug Dickinson, Independent elearning consultant  

Anke Beate Stahl, Chartered Teacher

  Shirley Campbell-Morgan, Teacher   Claire O'Gallagher, Learning Officer, BBC Learning Scotland   Alistair Mooney, Producer, BBC Learning Scotland
  Karen Griffith - Rising Stars   Kenneth McLaughlin - University of Glasgow - @ICT_Echo   Stuart Meldrum, Teacher, Scottish Borders Council   Caroline Breyley, Burravoe Primary School   @carolinebreyley   Tess Watson   Caroline Stuart, Port Charlotte Primary School   Olivia Wexelstein, Teacher Wellwood Primary School  not able to attend
  Sandra O'Neill, CALL Scotland   Anne-Marie Weston, Supply teacher Edinburgh   Douglas Chappelle
  Lindsay Odie, Gilmerton Primary School lawyers burnaby
  June Jelly, ESO for ICT, Dundee   Caroline Gibson, Castlefield Primary School not able to attend
  Laura McMahon, Student teacher
  Andrew Roland, Marketing Manager Luidia UK (eBeam) Robin Savikas, EMEA Sales Channel Manager Luidia Inc.  David Miller, Teacher  , Margaret Vass, Chartered Teacher Carronshore Primary @mvass   Charlene Brannan, Nursery Teacher at Hummingbird House @MissBrannan  
John Daly; Teacher   Jane Hollin Sadly can't attend as ill.
  Ken Kinnear   Hamish Budge  
Alan Yeoman 2Simple Software   Katie Hart   Philip Armstrong   Catriona Oates, National CPD team  

Sarah Proctor, Ayr Academy


  Liz Layhe, Chartered Teacher, Dunbar Grammar School  

Eylan Ezekiel, Head of BrainPOP UK @eylanezekiel

  Richard Davis (probably spam)
  Aaron Roberts (probably spam)
  John Heffernan St Patrick's College Dublin
Nick Hood, Kirkcaldy High School   Kim Conway, SS4E   Anne Forrest, Steljes   Catherine Howard, Steljes   Rachel Frew, student teacher Joanne Bruce, student teacher  Tony Harkins, Computing teacher Graeme Smith  BR (signed-up via SurveyMonkey)   Mark Pentleton, Radio Lingua Schools
Lynsey Niblock, student teacher
Sean Farrell (@digitalsean) Louis Farrell (@digitallouis

Heather Hopes (Dundee)

Moira Foster (Dundee)

Louise Henderson (Dundee) 

David Mackay (East Dunbartonshire)

Emma Penman (Edinburgh University Student D&T Teacher)

Lucy Lownie (Edinburgh University Student D&T Teacher)

Ann McCabe North Lanarkshire Council ICT Development Officer

David Gilmour (East Lothian)

Kenji Lamb (JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland N&E)

Frank Crawford HMIE (@frankcrawford)

Dave Walker

... and the final 15 places, below:


111 John Griffiths  Immersive Education   johng@imed.co.uk

112 Mhairi Henderson, NQT, Gleniffer High School (via e-mail)

113 Kelly Forbes

114 Alex Duff, LTScotland, @alex_duff

115 SW [signed-up via SurveyMonkey]

116 Liz Marroni

117 Alistair Campbell (Wise Group)

118 Carol Walker (JISC RSC Scotland North & East)

119 Christine MacGregor (Chartered teacher, East Ren)

120 Merlin John, journalist

121Mickie Milne

122Juliette Daly





TeachMeet is now ...


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The Main Event




  •   Presentations:  Fearghal Kelly
  •   Round Table workshops:  David Muir
  •   World Cafe:  David Noble


Back to the Top^


Two minute micropresentations



Kate Farrell - Animating with DoInk 



Annette Iafrate - S1 Postcrossing Project



Liz Layhe - The Learning Wall 



Sean Farrell -  Logging into Glow: making it accessible to 5 year olds 




Seven minute presentations 



Joe Dale, independent consultant - Keeping up with the Twitter Times @joedale


Jen Deyenberg, Teacher - Using GPS and Geocaching in the Classroom @jdeyenberg 


David Muir - QR Codes @DavidDMuir


Sharon Tonner - iLearning:  Using iPhones, iPads, iPod Nanos to learn 


Ian Stuart - Google Sketchup International Connections


Colin Maxwell - Charity events for teamworking and citizenship


Margaret Vass - Glow Blogs and ePortfolios @mvass  


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Round Table workshops 


Table 1:  Colin Maxwell - Classroom gaming and the NPA Computer Games Development - more info at http://colinmaxwell.wordpress.com/games-development/


Table 2:  Susan McAuley & Iain Hallahan - ICT for Additional Support Needs


Table 3:  Stuart Meldrum - Using a webcam/camcorder and projector for teaching ... anything!


Table 4:  Doug Belshaw - Google Apps for Education (relevant links at dajbconf.posterous.com)


Table 5:  Jennifer Harvey - Setting up a QR treasure hunt

dissertation topics

Table 6:  Julie Arrol - Using Glow to support absent pupils


Table 7:  Mark Pentleton - Podcasting with and for students: Informal sharing of ideas and strategies


Table 8:  Joe Dale - Starting your 'personal learning Original Essay network' with Twitter


Table 9:  [slot free]


Table 10:  [slot free]


One person from each table will capture the workshop in the form of text, images, video or audio.  These will later be shared via the TeachMeet Posterous website.


Back to the Top^





World Cafe: discussing the questions that matter



World Cafe is an approach to group discussion which encourages collaborative dialogue, active engagement and constructive possibilities for action.We will have eight tables for TeachMeet participants to choose from, and are looking for eight facilitators with eight topics.


World Cafe discussions typically:  have a purpose, are hospitable, show a progression of discovery, encourage participation, and connect different perspectives.  At the end of the discussion, the group may:  understand the issue from different perspectives, be aware of underlying assumptions, and have formed possible solutions.


Each group will create something to make their collective knowledge visible to others via the TeachMeet Posterous website.  This could be in the form of text, image, audio or video.


Table 1:    Fearghal Kelly - How do we genuinely involve pupils in their learning and assessment?


Table 2:    Krysia Smyth - Creativity. What? Why? How?


Table 3:    Peter Mulvey - How and why do we use statistical information to influence learning?


Table 4:    Nick Hood - Personal Learning Networks: effective ways to amplify CPD?


Table 5:    John Johnston - How can we help TeachMeet evolve?


Table 6:    Dorothy Coe - How is Glow impacting on teaching and learning?


Table 7:    Eylan Ezekiel  - The cost of free: Why should anyone pay for content?


Table 8:    Frank Crawford - What's holding us back?


Table 9:    Gordon Brown - How can assessment use technology to adapt to CfE?


Back to the Top^



For those who can't make it in person, we have booked a Flashmeeting.  To join us, point your browser at http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/fm/38356c-10524 from 5.20pm onwards .  You will even be able to take part in a World Cafe discussion and a Round Table workshop!




1. Andy Wallis (will hopefully be able to drop in for an hour or two)

2. Dawn Hallybone

3. Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl)

4. Bob Hill (@robthill)

5. Jaye Richards-Hill

6. Ewan McIntosh (timezones allowing, I'm hoping I can make it!)

7. Andy McSwan (@andymcswan)



On the night we want to capture the outcomes of discussion using . Send your contributions to post@tmslf2010.posterous.com Just put the title in the subject line and the content in the message.  Include pictures, an mp3, or anything else you want to share.



Let's keep it all together and use the following tag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations to do with TeachMeet SLF 2010: tmslf2010


Back to the Top^



Typically, after a TeachMeet a number of participants go out for dinner.  Everyone is welcome, and for many it is as important a part of the evening as the Teachmeet.  This year it is expected that each person will pay for their own meal and drinks as it is unlikely that sponsorship will cover this cost. 


TeachEat this year will take place at which is very close to the SECC at 181 Finnieston Street, Glasgow, G3 8HE.


India Quay is £12.95pp for 3 courses. Table is booked for 8.45pm.


Who's eating?


Please add you name below if you intend to TeachEat:


  1. David Noble 
  2. Iain Hallahan 
  3. Jen Deyenberg
  4. Cassie Law
  5. David Muir
  6. John Johnston
  7. Drew Burrett
  8. Kate Farrell 
  9. Peter Mulvey 
  10. Karen Griffith  
  11. Annette Iafrate
  12. Stuart Meldrum
  13. Julie Arrol
  14. Tess Watson
  15. Ian Stuart
  16. Caroline Stuart
  17. Charlene Brannan  
  18. Andrew Roland
  19. Robin Savikas 
  20. John Daly 
  21. Jane Hollin
  22. Eylan Ezekiel
  23. John Heffernan
  24. Caroline Breyley 
  25. Jenny Harvey
  26. Anke Beate Stahl 
  27. Doug Belshaw   
  28. Anne-Marie Weston 
  29. Colin Maxwell 
  30. Fiona Priestley  
  31. Alan Stewart 
  32. Nick Hood
  33. @frankcrawford 
  34. Ann Carter
  35. Chris Bradford
  36. Mhairi Healy 
  37. Lindsay Purdon 
  38. Dave Walker 
  39. Joe Dale 
  40. Sharon Tonner 
  41. June Jelly
  42. Heather Hopes  
  43. Mickie Milne 
  44. Juliette Daly 
  47. [please keep adding names below]


 Back to the Top^

Who has helped to make the event happen?









@nail fungus natural remedy



Andrew Roland

Christ @ Scholastic


Fruit Machine



Click here for larger version




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