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What is TeachMeet?


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations. Would be good to see and hear both Primary and Secondary Teachers.


Where is it?


Devonshire Primary School

Caunce St 




seo services




What can you do?

You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk, a two minute nano presentation or lead a conversation.

As with all Teachmeets, we are dependant on our sponsors for a venue, refreshments, wifi, equipment and other costs.



Presentation Rules


What are the rules for this Teachmeet ?


You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song or do something different ?


The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time.


Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it on the night! That’s what makes TeachMeet exciting!


(what do others think?, please edit and add thoughts)


Seven Minute Micro Presentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below.  Classroom practice, cpd, course planning... pretty much anything you think can help others implement it! Just don't bother signing up if you are only showcasing a product!


  1. Creating a Perfect PowerPoint - @simonhaughton, Parkfield Primary School  
  2. Focused target sessions - that work! Jonathan Brookes & Jennifer Swift, Staining CE Primary School 
  3. Welcome to Devonshire (the building itself) - Andy Brannigan, Devonshire School, Blackpool  
  4. Creativity in KS1 - Emily White, Devonshire School, Blackpool  
  5. Boundary Pounds & PSHE - Jane Oddy, Boundary Primary School, Blackpool  
  6. Pearsons Resource Gateway  
  7. Palatine High School, Blackpool 
  8. Singing in Science - learn your vocabulary in a fun way. Tom Sale, Mereside Primary School, Blackpool
  9. Cybercoach - Zoe Evans, Devonshire Primary School, Blackpool  
  10. Wii Wednesdays - Claire Irvin, St. Kentigans Primary School, Blackpool 
  11. @bevevans22 : Using 2DIY with young children (or possibly something else...)
  12. 4D Books - Using QR Codes to show to whole story in exercise books:  David Mitchell (Heathfield Primary School)  
  13. Tools for collaborating - Jan Webb (virtually) @janwebb21 
  14. How to Google (Video Pres originally made for TMSheffield last week)  @ianaddison



Two Minute Nano Presentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below.  Don't bother if it is just about showcasing a product.


  1. 15 Ways to Present Internet Research in 2 Minutes - @simonhaughton, Parkfield Primary School  
  2. TBC - @primarypete_  Walton-le-Dale Primary School
  3. Commenting on blogs: A dying art? - David Mitchell (Heathfield Primary School
  4. Sharing ideas using Google docs - Tom Sale, Mereside Primary School, Blackpool
  5. The Red Fish (Video Pres) - @ianaddison
  6. Mashup RSS with Yahoo Pipes John Sutton 



Back to the Top^

Enthusiastic Lurkers



  1. Jim Maloney, Staining CE Primary School
  2. Jen Swift, Staining CE Primary School 
  3. Jonathan Brookes, Staining CE Primary School
  4. Pamela Hardman, Holy Family, Warton
  5. Michelle Holden, Holy Family, Warton 
  6. Austin Manfredi, Holy Family, Warton
  7. Alexis Satterthwaite, Holy Family, Warton 
  8. David Shepherd, Holy Family, Warton 
  9. Deb Lyons ( @debs_l ) Bolton LP Team
  10. Wendy Austin  Bolton LP Team 
  11. Tom Sale, Mereside, Blackpool
  12. Melanie Osborne, Mereside, Blackpool
  13. Lauren Hollis, Mereside, Blackpool
  14. Devonshire Primary School, Blackpool (20 members of staff) 
  15. Roseacre Primary School, Blackpool (25 member of staff)
  16. Boundary Primary School, Blackpool (28 members of staff) 
  17. Moor Park Primary School, Blackpool (20 members of staff)
  18. Holy Family Primary School, Blackpool (10 members of staff) 
  19. Michael Shepherd (@smichael920), Hawes Side, Blackpool
  20. Lee Glynn (@glynnlee), Hawes Side, Blackpool
  21. Jamie-Lee Johnstine (@johnstonej), Hawes Side, Blackpool 
  22. Louise Strachan, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool
  23. Jane Barnes, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool
  24. Rachel Linton, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool
  25. Rebecca Sly, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool
  26. Kirsty Randles, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool 
  27. Lyndsey Gilmore, Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool 
  28. David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell), Heathfield Primary School, Bolton
  29. Jonny Stewart, Heathfield Primary School, Bolton
  30. John Bidder, Bolton 
  31. Carl Sumner (@cjs76), Flakefleet Primary School, Fleetwood
  32. Jill Clayton, Flakefleet Primary School, Fleetwood
  33. Mike Barnes, Flakefleet Primary School, Fleetwood 



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