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Teachmeet Takeover BETT 2011

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Important note: This is the TeachMeet Takeover page, which runs during the day over the Thurs-Saturday of the exhibition. For the Friday evening TeachMeet session please visit the TeachMeet @BETT2011 page 


Teachmeet Takeover BETT 2011

Teachers sharing more inspiration for free - in the middle of BETT...

BETT 2011 runs from the 12th to the 15th of January 2011 at Olympia in London. Would you like to volunteer to present about some free resources and ideas in time and space donated by BETT exhibitors? Are you an exhibitor who could host some #TMTakeover presentations? If so... sign up below!

If you're tweeting about this please use the #tmtakeover hashtag.

See what's being said now...

Images from Tom Barrett, Danny Nicholson, Ian Usher used under the appropriate Creative Commons licenses.

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  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be prompted to login.
  2. Note that the PBwiki system has changed, so either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest password teemhcaet
  3. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  4. Either
    1. Add a time slot in the daily tables below (if you're an exhibitor willing to host) or 
    2. Add your name to the appropriate time slot (if you're a teacher/adviser wanting to present) 
  5. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  6. That's it! 




Images from TM Takeover at BETT 2010

Video of Tom Barrett doing his Voicethread Takeover at BETT 2010 on the BrainPOP UK stand

Please sign up in one of the sections below - and then (if you're an exhibitor) add your slot to the timetable below. If you're a presenter, please add your name to any slots available that you'd like to fill, please don't fill your name in until a free slot is available!

Volunteers willing to present on stands

Please add your name and indicate which days you know you will be at BETT. Don't worry about a presentation title yet, just whether you're up for it. Get your thinking hat on about some free resources/tools you'd like to share, or free ideas derived from what you've tried in your classroom...


  1. Ian Usher @iusher Weds-Sat inclusive
  2. Lisa Stevens @lisibo Friday probably best - not sure what doing yet!
  3. @alexfinvle thurs or fri. will confirm :) 
  4. @hiimpactconsult - will confirm but prob Thur or Fri. Great Stuff!  
  5. Daniel Needlestone @nstone Thursday before lunch
  6. James Maloney @mister_jim Friday
  7. David Noble @parslad Friday pm and Saturday
  8. Leon Cych @eyebeams - The case for user centric hyperlocal learning?
  9. Alessio Bernardelli @asober - Thursday and/or Friday! Why is broadcasting your pupils' work a confidence booster?
  10. Steve Bunce @stevebunce Thursday afternoon (after 3pm)   
  11. Ian Addison @ianaddison Thurs-Sat inclusive 
  12. David Mitchell @deputymitchell Friday at some point 
  13. Natalie McNamara @whizz.com Wed-Sat inclusive
  14. Peter Hirst @every1speaks Wed-Sat inclusive too 
  15. Jan Webb @janwebb21 Friday Thursday pm - tools for collaboration and co-construction
  16. Danny Nicholson @dannynic  - Thursday - Essential (free) Sources of Digital Resources
  17. Bill Lord @joga5 Thursday (pm) and Friday - Amazing free tools to fire up literacy learners
  18. Bev Evans @bevevans22  Thurs(pm) -Sat inclusive. - Visual Literacy Post-its (and other cool ideas to get them thinking)
  19. Dan Roberts @chickensaltash there from Tues-Saturday but will have to avoid when presenting elsewhere. Cool free stuff to use anytime, anywhere. 
  20. Pooky Hesmondhalgh @CreativeEdu Friday.  Class blogging
  21. Drew Buddie 
  22. Phil Bagge @baggiepr Friday Only 10am onwards  Using Moodle Quiz Tool to boost mental maths in Y 3 & Y4
  23. Tim Handley- @tomhenzley- Friday Only
  24. Kevin McLaughlin @kvnmcl Friday from 11pm -1 pm  and anytime after 2.30pm -Using Google Apps for Education with a focus on Aviaryeducation edition
  25. Jennifer Blum @bluminmarvelous Thursday am and/or Friday pm 
  26. Stephen lockyer @mrlockyer Thursday or Saturday - whenever I can come (it will be one of those days)
  27. Richard Treves @trevesy: Fri mid morn till mid afternoon, Google Earth   
  28. Peter Yeomans @ethinking - eportfolios....a cost benefit approach 
  29. Dawn Hallybone @dawnhallybone - Martini learning (Friday - doing bits on other stalls but there all day 
  30. Donna Hay @dwsm Friday and Saturday - google sites and Edmodo 
  31. Saiqa Liaqat @gvibe Friday to Saturday inclusive 
  32. Chris Allan @infernaldepart Friday Only 
  33. Tom Rees @trees2066 Friday only.  I'm on the LP+ stand with children from school and some of the #NorthantsBLT crowd.
  34. Chris Harte @charte Friday  
  35. Dom Breadmore @predacomdom Saturday. Free tools for geolocation.
  36. Joe Dale @joedale Friday
  37. Helen Myers @helenmyers and Karelia Kondor @KareliaKondor - Add a dimension to your teaching and learning  with Second Life, a 3D Virtual World Friday afternoon approx 3.30 onwards (but all slots seem to be filled up, so perhaps next year ...unless Bev doesn't need full hour and I coudl do 4.30-5? - I filled this in, then re-read the instructions and realised I should not have doen this!  If anyone is overseeing this page and reading this, please advise on what to do next!  Thanks)
  38. Kevin Mulryne @kevinmulryne Thursday free tools, tips and tricks.
  39. Ashley Brown (@arctic_sunrise) Gaming in Education - using free computer gaming software to engage young learners. Please note this has been added after much co-oersion and support from #tmbett2011 and i have been advised i can have a slot that hasnt been filled.



Exhibitors willing to have TM Takeover presentations on their stands

To take part you will need to ensure your stand has, where necessary:

  1. a display (plasma / projector) able for anyone to connect their laptop / device to;
  2. appropriate PA equipment for your location - which might be noisy! This means a headset mic if you expect presenters not to hold one in their hand...
  3. reliable internet access, so that any presenter can arrive, connect (either via wifi or a cable) and get online; 
  4. enough space for a small crowd to gather and not irritate other exhibitors or block something important... toilets, overpriced sandwiches & coffee, fire exits, you get the idea...


Please add your company's name and a contact name and the most appropriate Twitter account for BETT. Don't worry about slots yet - we just need a roster of willing hosts!


  1. Editure Education Services, David Brett @dbprimarydave 
  2. iomart, Marion McCallum @netintelligence / @iomarthosting  - stand K59
  3. BrainPOP UK, Chris Bradford @brainpop_uk - stand B60, IWB + seating + Moby
  4. @risingstarsedu @andreacarr1   - B25 - Better AV than last year..
  5. CDSM, Andrew Evans @andrewswork - G70  (you can see the layout of the stand here)
  6. IRIS Connect @IRIS_Connect / Sarah Pinkerton Stand K15 
  7. Scholastic Ltd. Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat - G40 - same stand/set-up as last year. 
  8. smartassess, @smartassess  - L18 
  9. TES Connect. Nick Hill @TESConnect / @Brighton34. Stand J18.  
  10. Maths-Whizz. Natalie McNamara Stand R34
  11. Channel 4 Learning Clipbank (and Espresso) Stand C30 contact @clipbank or @helendaykin for days/times. 
  12. Classroom Monitor, Chris Scarth, Stand J9 @chrisscarth
  13. Babcock 4S, Dan Bowen, Stand K54 @dan_bowen
  14. Learning Possibilities (LP+) Stand J10 @trees2066 @tweetlpplus 
  15. Naace, Pippa Grayshon, Stand J42 @Naace - Good AV plasma and all the trimmings, can offer attendies a glass of bubbly as well. Very busy stand so best with a late slot 4pm onwards.
  16. UniServity, Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Stand E125 @FionaAS 


Outline Schedule

This is a two stage process - exhibitors with spaces please start putting your available slots in here... once a slot is up, a speaker/speakers can fill in their name (and a proposed title) - feel free to present with a friend or colleague! If you're not sure of a title but know roughly what you'll be covering, then please fill that in - as exhibitors will need to prepare schedules in plenty of time for the show.

There's also a need for a co-ordinator or two for each day - please sign up in the table headers if you could act as a co-ordinator for a particular day - this would be ideally suited to exhibitors as (a) people will know where you'll be and (b) it isn't likely to be your only day at BETT.

If the tables fill up then use the Table > Row > Insert Row commands to add a row for your slot. Please try and keep the slots in time order so we can work out what's going on!

Once you've signed up to either host or present, then please ensure you follow your host / presenter on twitter so you can message each other (assuming you're both on twitter...). You and your host are responsible for ensuring that your presentation goes ahead - if it's not going to happen, please strike the presentation's details through so everyone knows it's not happening!

Some guidelines for your presentation:


  • You should be a teacher or a practitioner to present;
  • Your presentation should be about free ideas using free tools that anyone watching can take away or access and have a go at without needing to subscribe to anything - please don't assume people have the latest (or any!) version of MS Office. A connection to the internet might be the only thing you should assume.
  • You might showcase a free tool, but it'll be even better if you can demonstrate some work you've done with it
  • If we start to run out of slots, then you might be asked to reduce your number of presentations (if you've signed up to present more than once) so that everyone can get in, but we'll try and get more slots as well...



Thursday 13th January 2011 


Time of slot: Company Hosting / Contact Name: Stand / Hall: Name of teacher presenter(s): What free stuff / ideas you'll be covering in your presentation:


 Rising Stars (Andrea Carr @risingstarsedu @andreacarr1   B25 

Leon Cych

 Free 3D Models and resources - talking about resources available out there
11:30am-12pm CDSM (Andrew Evans @andrewswork G70 
12pm-12:30pm  Nelson Thornes ( Nuala Beardsall  - NBeardsall[at]nelsonthornes.com )  B56  Dan Roberts (Chickensaltash)
classroom innovation for free
12:30-1pm UniServity, Fiona Aubrey-Smith E125 Jan Webb @janwebb21 Collaboration tools
12:30pm - 1pm  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Bev Evans   Creating and Inspiring: fun with art (on a big scale)

Babcock4S @dan_bowen - bring a sarnie - we'll sort the coffee
 Kevin Mulryne
1 trick, 1 tool and 1 tip - all free! 
130-2pm Babcock4S @dan_bowen - bring a sarnie - we'll sort the coffee K54

Saiqa Liaqat @gvibe - could start at 13:30 if OK?

Daniel Needlestone @nstone (probably won't be there until 13:30 so if 1 or 3 other people want to share the slot please do!

Zooburst & maybe 4 other free tech tools if time permits (15minutes)

5 ways to use Google Apps in school

2pm-2:30pm BrainPOP UK (Chris Bradford @brainpop_uk)
B60/Grand Hall
TAG TEAM EVENT -Alessio Bernardelli & Dan Roberts (my presentation will be 7 mins long) Using Livestream to create and broadcast pupils work as a TV Show could be a confidence booster... & Chicken Pecha Kucha 20x20 free tech tools
2:30pm - 3pm TES Connect (Nick Hill @TESConnect) J18 Peter Hirst  Helping students to be heard... 
3pm - 3:30pm
IRIS Connect (sarah Pinkerton @IRIS_Connect)
Danny Nicholson (@dannynic)
Finding (free) Digital Resources for your Interactive Whiteboard
3:30pm - 4pm  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Kevin Mulryne 1 trick, 1 tool and 1 tip - all free!  
4pm - 5pm  Editure Education/David Brett @dbprimarydave D110  Steve Bunce Storytelling - what's a transmedia story and how can I make one? 




Friday 14th January 2011

co-ordinator: Lisa Stevens

Time of slot: Company Hosting / Contact Name: Stand / Hall: Name of teacher presenter(s): What free stuff / ideas you'll be covering in your presentation:
10.30am-11.00am  Rising Stars (Andrea Carr @risingstarsedu @andreacarr1  ) B25   Phil Bagge @baggiepr  Using Moodle Quiz tool to boost mental maths in Y3 &4
11:30am-12pm  CDSM (Andrew Evans @andrewswork)   G70     Tim Handley @tomhenzley 
Using the Web to engage parents and children
12pm - 12:30pm smartassess L18 Chris Harte  @charte

Using the SOLO Taxonomy to really assess learning -

generic tool but examples from MFL.

12:30pm - 1pm  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  TAG TEAM EVENT - Alessio Bernardelli & Dan Roberts (My presentation will be 7 mins long) Why can't my kids mind map? I will show how ICT tools can be used to enhance the way learners draw mind maps (examples will be shown from PPT to iMindmap and Prezi will be provided). The focus will be on what makes a good mind map rather than on the ICT tools, which will be used to support the learning through mind mapping! & Then followed by Chicken Pecha Kucha 20x20 Free Tech Tools.
 Babcock4S @dan_bowen - bring a sarnie - we'll sort the coffee  
K54 Lisa Stevens  Free doesn't mean it's pants! Ideas to keep pupils engaged and involved. 
130-2pm Babcock4S @dan_bowen - bring a sarnie - we'll sort the coffee   K54 Joe Dale  No brainer blogging for beginners!
BrainPOP UK (Chris Bradford @brainpop_uk)
B60/Grand Hall Bill Lord @Joga5  Amazing free tools to fire up literacy learners in the Primary classroom
2:30pm - 3pm  TES Connect (Nick Hill @TESConnect J18  Jim Maloney @Mister_Jim  The power of letting them 'play'. Using the kids to inform how we approach web2.0 tools in school.
3pm - 3:30pm  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Ian Addison  4months of blogging in 30minutes (Warning: Contains lots of free tools and resources)
 3.30pm - 4.00pm
 Learning Possibilities @tweetlpplus

Tom Rees @trees2066


 Using free tools to bring purpose to learning - demonstrated by real life children from Little Harrowden!
4pm - 5pm  Editure Education/David Brett @dbprimarydave  D110  Bev Evans  Visual Literacy  - using cool free stuff to get them thinking and creating

Channel 4 Learning/Heidi Delaloye

@helendaykin @clipbank

C30  Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl)  Using Music in the classroom - online tools such as UJAM and AviaryEducation platform with Myna 




Saturday 15th January 2011

co-ordinator: Drew Buddie

Time of slot: Company Hosting / Contact Name: Stand / Hall: Name of teacher presenter(s): What free stuff / ideas you'll be covering in your presentation:
10:30am - 11am  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat G40  Donna Hay  Google sites and edmodo - a VLE for free 
CDSM (Andrew Evans @andrewswork)    G70
Leon Cych  
Ashley Brown (@arctic_sunrise)
Look at user-centric hyperlocal learning - handing teaching and learning over to your students. Apps that help you do this.
12.30pm - 1pm TES Connect (Nick Hill @TESConnect) J18 Dom Breadmore (@predacomdom)
Tools for Geolocation and GPS in education. 
1:30pm - 2pm  Scholastic (Chris Ratcliffe @chrisrat  G40  Drew Buddie Following in the footsteps of Hans Rosling - using GapMinder etc to  show how beautiful data can be
2pm-2:30pm  BrainPOP UK (Chris Bradford @brainpop_uk
B60/Grand Hall  Ian Guest (@IaninSheffield)

Poll Dancing - Using online tools for formative assessment. eliciting opinion & stimulating discussion


Channel 4 Learning/ Heidi Delaloye

@clipbank @helendaykin

C30   Drew Buddie (in the absence of anyone else)
 Using your VLE for adminstering Controlled Assessment
3:30pm - 4pm
IRIS Connect (Sarah Pinkerton @IRIS_Connect)





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