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Teachmeet uksnow

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Brrrrrr! The inaugural TeachmeetUKsnow will take place at 2pm on Thursday 2nd December - online.


Click on the link below to enter - choose the Guest login option and enter your full name...




the tag for anything is #tmuksnow


If you're planning on presenting, please sign up below...


Hoping to have the following presenters today

  1. Colin Maxwell - @camaxwell
  2. Nick Hood - @cullaloe 
  3. Ian Usher - @iusher
  4. John Johnston - @johnjohnston
  5. Tom Barrett - @tombarrett
  6. David Noble - @parslad
  7. Ian Stuart - @islayian 
  8. Neil Adam - @neiladam 


Thanks to everyone who made the effort, dragged themselves away from daytime TV or shovelling snow, and attended Teachmeet UK Snow. 84 attendees and 7 presenters pulled together at little over 24 hours notice!


A recording of the event is here - http://colinmaxwell.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/the-afterword-teachmeet-uk-snow/


- Colin Maxwell

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