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Teachmeet Music

Page history last edited by Kirsten Muirhead 9 years, 8 months ago



Introducing Teachmeet Music, a Teachmeet focusing on everything to do with technology and music in education, from the use of technology in music teaching to the use of music in teaching and learning across the curriculum.


When and Where?


When: TeachMeet Music will be taking place on Thursday 3rd February 2011. Arrive at 4.15 for a 4.30 start.


Venue: Cornerstone House, 14 Willis Road, off Union Road, Croydon, CR0 2XX.


Transport links: From West Croydon train/tram, take a bus (450, 157, 75 from the far side of the bus station to the small Tesco at the five way crossing (couple of bus stops). Bus stop name is 'Gloucester Road'. 


Alternatively: From Selhurst or Norwood Junction (London Bridge and Overground) train stations, take a bus (450, 157, 75 from the main road towards Croydon to the stop just after the small Tesco at the five way crossing (about 3 bus stops). Bus stop name is 'Gloucester Road'.


Telephone contact on the day: Catherine Pestano 07981 298 541


Organisers:  Catherine Pestano, Sound Sense Community Music

                  Kirsten Muirhead, Vital (@kirstenmuirhead, or kirsten.muirhead@vital.ac.uk)



What is Teachmeet?


Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused.  This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology, with a music focus. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations.  Everyone is welcome to join in: teachers from all types of schools, teaching all subjects and age groups.  The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning from teachers.  It is a chance for teachers to hear ideas from each other and be inspired by colleagues, along with a whole bucket load of networking to boot! 



What can you do?


You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk, a two minute nano presentation or listen and be inspired.


As with all Teachmeets, we are dependant on our sponsors for a venue, refreshments, wifi, equipment and other costs. If you can support this teachmeet in any way, please contact kirsten.muirhead@vital.ac.uk.





If tweeting, blogging or posting videos/images to do with the event, please use the hashtag #TMMusic



Presentation Rules


What are the rules for this Teachmeet? 


You can either do a 7 minute or 2 minute presentation. You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song!


The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time.


Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it on the day! That’s what makes Teachmeet exciting! 




Seven minute micropresentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below. YOUR TALK MUST BE ABOUT EXPERIENCES OF WORK IN CLASSROOMS. Don't bother if it is just about showcasing a product. 


1.Paul Midgely and Jason Knight - "Collision course"

2. Robin Fencott - "Collaborative Computer Music"   

3. Paul Andrews - "There's no sound, Miss!" - How to fix music computers.

4.  Graham Dowdall - "Inclusive uses of midi - using drum pads, switches and other simple technology for inclusive creativity".   

5. Richard Llwellyn - "Rock and Pop music Software - what are you using?"  







Two minute nano presentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below. YOUR TALK MUST BE ABOUT EXPERIENCES OF WORK IN CLASSROOMS. 


1. Catherine Pestano - "<3 my drum machine - first steps towards music tech fun"












Presentations from further afield


You don't have to be able to make it to Croydon to take part - if you have a computer, a broadband connection, a webcam and a microphone, you can give a presentation online! (Don't worry, no special expertise in video broadcasting is required - we will support you through the process)


1.  Don DeVito, Music Director at Sidney Lanier Center, Gainsville, Florida - "Music around the world using Skype"(16.45)
2. Si Waite - "New musical instruments: tactile interfaces for creative music making" (17:15) 

3. Julie Tiernan, University of Limerick - "The Irish World Academy Blended Learning Certificate in Music and Dance"

4. Steven Dillon, Queensland University of Technology - "A Recipe for Jam"

5. Benjamin Schogler - "Skoog story- to accessibility and beyond!" (17:40)


Those coming to be inspired

1. Muton Stephenson - TA, The Coningsby Centre, Croydon

2. Richie Littler

3. Paul Andrews









Live Streaming

Many thanks to Drum Runners Trading for providing equpiment and practical support to enable us to stream this event.


UPDATE: Unfortunately we were unable to stream 3rd March's Teachmeet Music due to problems with the network.  Many apologies to anyone who had hoped to join us virtually, however we did film the evening and will post videos very soon.




Many thanks to the sponsors who have agreed to support us so far. As with all Teachmeets, we are dependant on our sponsors for a venue, refreshments, wifi, equipment and other costs. If you can support this teachmeet in any way, please contact kirsten.muirhead@vital.ac.uk.





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