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Teachmeet Cardiff

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Learn something new about blade helicopters , be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialed in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations. Would be good to see, and hear from, both Primary and Secondary Teachers.

Why is this one a 'Start with the Learning and let the Technology follow'?

Well ....because we want to share our excitement with as many people as possible and we really don't want potential attendees to be put off thinking that the whole place will be full of experts! We want to provide information, association and inspiration (without intimidation). In fact, let's collaborate!

Where is it?
10th Feb. Thursday 5:30pm - 8:30pm


Whitchurch High School – Upper School

Penline Rd
CF14 2XJ

Map to Whitchurch High Upper School

What can you do? 

You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk, a two minute nano presentation or lead a conversation. As with all Teachmeets, we are dependent on our sponsors for a venue, refreshments, wifi, equipment and other costs.


Presentation Rules

 What are the rules for this Teachmeet ?

 You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song or do something different ?

 The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time.

 Be prepared for technical difficulties (please check that what you're using works on the Cardiff network) and be ready to wing it on the night! That’s what makes TeachMeet exciting!


Seven Minute Micro Presentations

 Add your name and what you may talk about below.  Classroom practice, cpd, course planning... pretty much anything you think can help others implement it! Please don't sign up if you are only showcasing a product!


  1. Bev Evans - Something literacy based... @bevevans22
  2. Alessio Bernardelli - Why is broadcasting your pupils' work a confidence booster? @asober
  3. Ceri Williams- something accessibility-based @cerirwilliams
  4. Paul Thomas - Reflections of using Twitter and Blogger in the Classroom @ageofthebrain
  5. Stuart Ball - What? Microsoft has cool free stuff for Education? @innovativeteach 
  6. Dave Stacey (@davestacey) - Handing over the curriculum (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the chaos)
  7. Karen Newby Jones - 8 out of 10 cats....! Perfect for your PLC  @cardiffscience  
  8. Linsey & Kate -  Bishop of Llandaff- New ways of learning in Art & DT  
  9. Meryl Evans - St Fagan's - internet tv
  10. Aled Williams & Aled Williams - Central South Apple RTC - @censoRTC Digital Leaders in Primary  
  11. Simon Johns - Llandaff City - How yr 4 found Shakespeare
  12.  Linsey Lewis - Tracking & Assessing with iPads in FP - (2Simple) - Barry Island Primary
  13. Vicki Scale Constantinou -  Roath Park Primary - Crossing the bridge - the Severn bridge! 
  14. Helen Gubby & PESS team - Using ICT in PE 






Two Minute Nano Presentations

Add your name and what you may talk about below. .


  1. Glen Gilchrist  - Student Led Research inspiring Science, Newport High School, @mrgpg
  2. Bev Evans - Post it challenge @bevevans22
  3. Ceri Williams- Xtranormal Spelling Challenge @cerirwilliams
  4. Dave Stacey (@davestacey) - My flip chart paper vs your IWB! 
  5. Karen Newby Jones - 'sticks of fate' (or the IT equivalent) @cardiffscience
  6. Rhian Carbis - Easiscope
  7. Gareth Ritter - Virtual Coaches; How do learners leave a legacy for younger pupils? - @ritzertech    
  8. Adrian Jones - St Paul's - 'Chess - the magic wand of calm' 





Tags and Twitter - Follows

If you use twitter you'll know that the key to sharing (and finding) is good. The default tag for this will be #tmcardiff . When you are mentioning TeachMeet Cardiff 2011 whilst using Twitter please just add #tmcardiff somewhere in the tweet - that way it will be picked up by a Twitter search.

NGfL Cymru will be streaming the TeachMeet Live. Follow at http://www.livestream.com/ngflcymrugcad. You will also be able to view the recording after the event on the same site.




If you wish to attend please sign up - we've had a lot of interest so it maybe that, if you're not on the list .....


Join the conversation before the event  - see How to add yourself or edit a TeachMeet page for how to sign up or contact knewbyjones@cardiff.gov.uk


  1. Stuart Ball - Microsoft Partners in Learning - @innovativeteach 
  2. Karen Newby Jones - science ed and good pedagogy promoter (with  love of all most things tech!) - @cardiffscience
  3. Alessio Bernardelli - NGfL Cymru (Field Development Officer) - @asober (Alessio's Blog
  4. Gary Morgan (Advisory Teacher Cardiff) - coordinating with WHS Network Manager
  5. Bethan Frost
  6. Rhian Carbis
  7. Sadie James
  8. Karen Friend
  9. Andy Jones - Rumney HS 
  10. Luisa Munro-Morris 
  11. Helen Gubby 
  12. Angela Jardine
  13. Carrie Fisher @carrief7
  14. Petra Westerland  
  15. Vicki Scale-Constantinou - Roath Park Primary
  16. Paul Thomas - @ageofthebrain
  17. Cerian Angharad - IoP, ASE 
  18. Dave Stacey (@davestacey
  19. Heather Carter
  20. Sian James 
  21. Nina Jackson Ogmore School @musicmind
  22. Jenny Davies Glyn Derw
  23. Ruth Coakley UWIC
  24. Meryl Evans St Fagan's
  25. Kate Gregory BOL
  26. Linsey Lamont BOL
  27. Stephanie Leighfield BOL 
  28. Simon Johns Llandaff City 
  29. Kate Bates Llandaff City 
  30. Ceri Parry Ysgol G Casnewydd
  31. Becky Kelly 
  32. Sian Lloyd (NGfL Cymru Field Development Officer) 
  33. Ian Morgan (NGfL Cymru Deputy Director) 
  34. Beccie Davies - St Paul's
  35. Carys Meredith - Llanedeyrn 
  36. Phil Williams - Cathays 
  37. Sam Bean - St Bernadettes
  38. Piers Jackaman - Tonyrefail School 
  39. Carina Galozzi 
  40. Adrian Jones - St Paul's
  41. Becca Swales - BOL 
  42. Sarah Davies - Fitzalan 
  43. Jen Gaskell - Cathays
  44. Karen Durrant - Cathays
  45. Jan Rogers - Cathays
  46. Tom Morey - Cathays
  47. Steve Norman - Croesyceiliog School 
  48. Jane Homer - ACCE
  49. Caryl Williams - ACCE
  50. Rhian Cheyne UWIC 
  51. Johnathan Phillips Llanedeyrn HS 
  52. Vicky Critchley - Llangynidr Primary 
  53. Hannah Stokes 
  54. Jo Knell
  55. Dai Michael 
  56. Gareth Ritter (Willows High School) - @ritzertech
  57. Nicola Webber ( Barry Comp)
  58. Trixie Grant (Barry Comp)
  59. Nadine Tunstall
  60. Hayley Fullick 
  61. Wendy Thomas
  62. Glenda Dudley 
  63. Liz Berry - Bryn Deri 
  64. Cara Marvelley (Pontypridd High School) 
  65. Ty Golding - Barry Island
  66. Janet Hayward - Cadoxton Primary  






What do we need to make the event happen?



Venue kindly provided by Whitchurch High School

Thanks also to the following sponsors: 



http://blog.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/ http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/
















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