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TeachMeet Plymouth - 12th of May

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Learn something new... Be amazed, amused and enthused!



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What is a TeachMeet?


It is an informal and enjoyable gathering of those curious about using technology for teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialed in their classrooms, ask questions or simply turn up and soak up all the great ideas and enthusiasm.


The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, from teachers and other education professionals. This is a chance for education professionals to hear ideas from each other, a chance to hear real narratives of practice that makes a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot!  


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When is it?

Thursday 12th May 2011

7 until 9


Where is it?

The National Marine Aquarium 

Rope Walk





Free glass of wine and nibbles provided for all attendees... Plus open bar all evening!


What can you do?

You can come along just to chat, listen, or meet new people. Or if you want to present there are two formats, a 5 minute micropresentation, or a 1 minute nanopresentation. Just add your name to the list below and turn up ready to speak on the night.


Five minute micro presentations

Add your name and what you may talk about below


1. Gareth Excell @garethjxl - Myst III and Literacy

2. JC Sheffield @JCBarrington - My experience of school blogging

3. @alexgingell - Skype and Wallwisher in Year 3

4. @Jimmy_Edwards - Stupeflix

5. Alexander Meiklejohn and JC Sheffield @JCBarrington - Potential Applications of Minecraft in schools

6. Nat Lowson - Poetry and whole class animation.

7. @ethinking - ppl wot i no on twitta






1 minute, 1 tool which you think is cool! nanopresentations

Add your name and what you may talk about below. 


1. Pete Yeomans @ethinking - Fakebook

2. Becy Allen @trainieteacher - Zondle

3. Katie O'Reilly @kforeilly- GameGoo and my UFO ball

4. JC Sheffield @JCBarrington - Simple Wikipedia

5. Alexander Meiklejohn - To be confirmed

6. Chris Taylor - The Benefits of Forest Schools: Why They're Awesome







Enthusiastic Audience

You are more than welcome to come along and just watch. There is no pressure to give a talk. If you want to attend, but don't want to give a talk then please still add your name below, so we have an idea of numbers attending.


1. Becy Allen @trainieteacher

2. Pete Yeomans @ethinking

3. John Sheffield @JCBarrington

4. Dan Kennedy @djkennedy - Can no longer make it. Apologies to all. Best wishes.

5. Imogen Headley @ImmyHeadley

6. Leah Shapcott @primarytrainee

7. Katie O'Reilly @kforeilly

8. Kayti Selbie

9. Jonathan Smith

10. Alex Gingell @alexgingell

11. Shirley Bleazey

12. Hilary Davidson

13. Stephen Oliver

14. Kate Vincent @MsKELV

15. Lucy Davenport

16. Nat Lowson

17. Vicky Stratford

18. John McKenzie (may be a little late)

19. Katie Paton

20. Tizzi Logan

21. Adam Skill

22. Briony Matthews     

23. Daniel Bellan

24. Katie Franklin

25. Peter Winkley

26. Katie Evans

27. Ollie Lee

28.Nienke Kramer

29. Sonia Cooper

30. Esther Keen

31. Katie Boothman

32. Laura Wilkinson

33. Jimmy Edwards

34. Clare Fenwick

35. Vikki Rawlings

36.Hayley Cooper

37. Terri-Leigh Slatter  (@terr1_leigh)

38. Tasha Kent

39. Lesley Orciel

40. Alastair Chapman

41. Rachel Porter

42. Kate Nicholls

43. Robyn Dexter

44. Alex Tolfree

45. Owen Longhurst @TheVoord

46. Carly Watson @Carly2105

47. Rhian Price

48. Emma Lawrence

49. Grant Taylor

50. Tom Eggerton

51. James Carhart

52. Jayne Catt

53. Jamie Lewis 

54. Harriet Munden

55. Hannah Jones

56. Ceri Moore

57. Emily Shewring

58. Cat Eyles

59. Izzy Cordey

60. John Edwards

90 Andy Head

62. Nicole Kerkin

63. Kirsty Ross McCall



1. Vital

2. University of Plymouth

3. Plymouth Education Society

4. ClassroomMonitor

5. Espresso Education

6. Scholastic

7. Dartmoor Zoo

8. Brainpop




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Comments (7)

gencprens said

at 1:42 am on Jul 19, 2011

Katie O'Reilly said

at 11:36 am on May 11, 2011

Okay no problem Grant.

Grant Taylor said

at 1:14 pm on May 10, 2011

Can you add me in please as my editing isn't going too well! Grant Taylor....saltash.net

Becy Allen said

at 2:27 pm on May 8, 2011

There is no entrance fee and I will add your name for you! Jane there is no theme just being held at the aquarium... People presenting will be talking about a variety of things to do with teaching! You can see what people are talking about above!

victoria roberts said

at 12:18 pm on May 8, 2011

hey, is there an entrance fee? I will be attending, but dont seem to be able to edit this page and add myself in as an audience member :s

jane acton said

at 7:17 pm on Apr 21, 2011

No video so what is the actual topic? Is it simply all about water?!
Also anyone travelling up from Cornwall?
PS 7-9 Kayti

Kayti Selbie said

at 10:47 am on Apr 18, 2011

What time is the meeting?

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