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What is TeachMeet?


A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of teachers and those connected with education, who come together to share ideas and show off some of the things they have been trying in their classrooms. While traditionally the focus of Teachmeets has been on how technology has been used to enhance teaching, at the Swansea edition we're happy to hear about anything you've tried that made a difference and you think should be shared with a wider audience.


Teachmeets are free to attend, with all costs being covered by Sponsorship. You are welcome to come and 'lurk' in the audience or get up and present for either 2 or 7 minutes. The order of presentations is drawn at random and the whole thing is streamed online for people who can't make it! The only limit to presentations is that they must be based on experience - anyone trying to deliver a sales pitch will be stopped (traditionally by having a camel thrown at them!)


Here are Tim and Moby from BrainPop to explain a little more clearly...



If you would like to attend, either to present to in the audience you need to sign up below. To do that follow the instructions on 'editing the page' below. If you have any questions or have problems signing up, you can email tmswansea at gmail.com


TeachMeet Swansea


The Teachmeet will run from 5.30 until 7.30, with refreshments available, and will be followed by a 'TeachEat' for those who would like to move on for some food (scroll down for details)


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If you wish to share your ideas with everyone, please sign up below, giving your name and a brief description of your subject.  You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song!


The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time.


Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it on the day! That’s what makes Teachmeet exciting! 


If you can't sign up below, you can email your details to tmswansea@gmail.com or sign up on the Facebook Event page.


Facilitator -


Dave Stacey (@davestacey)


Two minute micropresentations


1.Ceri Williams- zondle 

2. Bev Evans @bevevans22 - Quick Multimodal PowerPoints 

3.  Dave Stacey @davestacey - Sharing a failure

5. Alessio Bernardelli @asober - It's free... so why not using it? 

8. Alessio Bernardelli (@asober) - Thinking tools on the NGfL Cymru site.

9. Karen Newby Jones @cardiffscience  Quick and easy gardening tool!



Seven minute presentations 



  1. Ceri Williams @cerirwilliams- pupil blogging
  2. Bev Evans @bevevans22 - Collaborative Learning
  3. Dave Stacey @davestacey - Delicious and Twitter and Blogs oh my! (Or 'What's a PLN, Why would I want one and where do I get one?)
  4. Alessio Bernardelli @asober - Digital resources... Are they for me? 
  5. Nick Francis (@nicfranc) and Andrew Rosser- Creating revision ebooks for students
  6. Amy Dynamix - Esteem in the classroom - Top Methods
  7. Aimee Dignam / Stuart Toomnie - Technocamps 
  8. Ian Addison (Video presentation) - 7 ideas in 7 minutes 



Enthusiastic Lurkers


Please add your name and details to the table below if you wish to attend, but would rather not give a presentation. Alternatively email tmswansea@gmail.com to be added to the list


1. Mike Cavendish @cav - veteran enthusiastic lurker

2. Emma Cownie (Olchfa School) 

3. Emma Lewis (Olchfa School)

4.  Matthew Knott (@matt_knott)

5. Steve Jones

6. Rob Sanger

7. Anna Liddell

8. Lucy Anthony (Dyffryn Taf School) (@LucyAnthony_PE)

9. Rosie Davies  (Dyffryn Taf School) (@rosieadavies)
10. Ffion.Kidwell (Olchfa / EMLAS)
11. Lauren Huxtable
12. Ayshea Chaudhry
13. Gary Morgan
14. Dave Thomas
15. Deborah Stevens





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(map courtesy of Google Maps)


For Sat-Nav and online mapping directions, use the postcode 'SA2 7AB'





For those who can't make it in person, TeachMeet Swansea will be broadcast online by NGfL Cymru. You will be able to watch the TeachMeet live and on demand after the event on the NGfL Cymru Live channel http://www.livestream.com/ngflcymrugcad


Watch live streaming video from ngflcymrugcad at livestream.com






Let's keep it all together and use the following tag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations to do with TeachMeet Swansea: #tmswan





Weds 15th June

Olchfa School, Swansea



followed by a TeachEat!



TMSwansea on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter - @TMSwansea


Download the poster to display


TeachMeet Swansea is kindly sponsored by...





NGfL Cymru





Buzan's iMindMap






Primary Pad


If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Dave (@davestacey) or via TMSwansea at gmail dot com








Typically, after a TeachMeet a number of participants go out for dinner.  As very few people signed up, instead those that want to can adjourn to the pub next door!



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