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Tips in Writing Social Work Essays

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Social work essays are part of the coursework requirements for Social Work courses. Essay writing is an important way for tutors to gauge the extent of the student's knowledge of theories and practices of Social Work. Thus, it is important for students to submit well-written social work essays because these are part of the student's final mark for the term. Below are several tips for writing excellent social work essays:


  • State an argument that can be clearly followed from the start. Professors often observe that students go straight into discussing the essay topic without providing an introductory approach to the essay. Students should realise that it is important for the tutor to determine the student's approach to tackling an essay topic and to be guided in the way that the student plans to answer the question. Students find it easy to start an essay by quoting long definitions or historical information without providing its direct connection to the essay topic. It is also important to write a conclusion which can be related to the objectives mentioned in the introduction and shows progressive thinking achieved from writing social work essays.

  • Identify your sources clearly. The tutor should be able to identify a reference and locate it easily should it be necessary for him or her to cross-check. When including Internet sources, make sure to state the exact web page, not just the website. The marker will have difficulty finding the information you referred to in complicated web sites with multiple pathways. In the same manner, the page number should be included when including quotations in order for the marker to find the exact source. Universities place a lot of emphasis on citing references correctly because they are very strict about plagiarism. Many students also do not know that it is in the nature of academics to seek knowledge, thus if a tutor or professor finds an interesting source he or she will most likely check it to expand his or her knowledge of the subject.

  • Use formal language. Students often forget that the way they speak with their peers should not be the same language they will use in writing an academic essay. It is important to use formal instead of colloquial terms in order to produce a coherent and professional social work essays.

  • Show evidence of your understanding of social work principles. It is not just enough to list the principles of Social Work, as your marker already knows this very well. Rather, they will be looking for the ways in which you use these in your discussion.

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