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Page history last edited by Matt Esterman 8 years, 5 months ago



Purpose of the Tour:

  • Visit schools who are using innovative thinking and practice
  • Meet educators and groups who have tried TeachMeets and chat about the experience
  • Attend some TeachMeets! 


Matt's profile:

Matt Esterman

Sydney, Australia

History/English teacher

ICT Integrator

Heavily involved in TeachMeet Sydney & teachmeet.net (Australian Teachmeet website)

Coming to a UK town near YOU!






OK so I land in London UK on June 18th. What's next??


Would prefer to go South -> North & end up in Edinburgh where it all started (I'll even a jump over to Ireland if I can!) NOTHING IS SET IN STONE!


Date  Place  Events? TM Buddy contact 
17th London Arrive 9pm - sleep.  
18th June  London 

Visit Royal Masonic School London [CONFIRMED]


19th June  London  Visit the Hall School Hampstead London [CONFIRMED]
20th June 


Visit BrainPop UK HQ (AM) [CONFIRMED] @BrainPOP_UK 
21st June  Gloucestershire

TMCotswolds (PM) [CONFIRMED]


22nd June   Travelling
23rd June  Wellington College [CONFIRMED] Edfest 2012 http://www.festivalofeducation.org.uk/
24th June  Wellington College [CONFIRMED]  Edfest 2012 http://www.festivalofeducation.org.u  
25th June Travelling     
26th June Edinburgh  
27th June Edinburgh    @rjnicolson  
28th June  Edinburgh/YORK


Fulford School, Heslington Lane, York, YO10 4FY
(4.30-6.30pm) [CONFIRMED]

29th June  York/Edinburgh

A Jolly old TeachMeet

Jolly Judge Hotel, Edinburgh [CONFIRMED]

@JanieT56 @fellfromatree @nwinton 

@don_iain @kennypieper @fkelly

30th June  Edinburgh/Paris Fly to Paris (AM)   



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