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Catch up on all the latest from tmSLFringe12 over on Pedagoo.org

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What is TeachMeet Scottish Learning Fringe?


The Scottish Learning Festival is great. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out about what’s going on, have your thinking stretched and network with colleagues from across the country, and beyond. However, it’s midweek. Many classroom teachers struggle to make it to SLF as they’re too busy teaching classes! And anyway, in Scotland a festival is not really festival unless it has a fringe festival. Enter, TeachMeet Scottish Learning Fringe.

Where will it be?


TeachMeet SLFringe 2012 will be in Society M within Citizen M.


Hotel Address: 60 Renfrew Street (corner of Hope Street), Glasgow, Scotland, G2 3BW

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What will it look like?


We're holding TeachMeet Scottish Learning Fringe in Society M, Glasgow, from 10am to 3pm on Saturday 22nd September. Attendance is free, however you will have to pay for your own lunch and refreshments (details below).


  • There'll be round table workshops led by teachers where they share something they’ve been doing in their classroom and then lead a discussion around this.
  • Participants sign up to attend three of these workshops.
  • We have lunch…paid for by participants themselves.
  • We then have a further session after lunch where we work in groups to cross-pollinate and share key learning outcomes.
  • We’ll then have some sort of #BeerMeet/#TeachEat to round the day off.




     09.30      Arrival

     10.00      Welcome & Scene Setting - The Real David Cameron

     10.20      Workshops 1

     11.00      Changeover

     11.10      Workshops 2

     11.50      Break

     12.20      Workshops 3

     13.00      Lunch - Participants will need to pay £10 in advance to ELT for lunch, teas & coffees (details below).

     14.00      Reflection Groups

     14.40      Synthesis - The Real David Cameron

     15.00      Close 

Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?


TeachMeet SLFringe 2012 has a few additional spaces available. If you would like to be added to the list please email fearghal [at] pedagoo [dot] org


Here's the 15 fantastic workshops....




A short professional description


Workshop Title 


Workshop Description  Twitter 


Please use the following format:

fearghal at pedagoo dot org

1 Neil Winton  English Teacher, blogger, speaker, writer and education optimist!  How to get the learners to use the E&Os rather than just tick them off!  I'm hoping to share some successful lessons I've delivered which encouraged the learners to push themselves rather than being pushed by me. The intention is to encourage a discussion and sharing of ideas which have worked and that can be replicated by others. I'm also after some new ideas from you! ;o) @nwinton  scottishteacher at gmail dot com 
2 Kenny Pieper
English teacher, Blogger, Tweeter
Blogging across the curriculum
Having dipped my toe in Blogging waters in my English class, I'm interested in finding and sharing ways to enhance literacy across the curriculum through Blogging, e-portfolios, GLOW (or whatever it may become).
kennethpieper at btinternet dot com
3 Martyn Call  Maths teacher, twitterer, wanna be merby player  Learner directed assessment I've recently been exploring getting my S2 class to build up their own assessments/homeworks/tracking.  I'd like to share what my pupils have done and develop the idea further through discussion and collaboration with others.  @martyn_call  mcall at scotborders dot gov dot uk
4 Joe Wilson  Head of New Ventures Scottish Qualifications Authority   Living and Learning in an Open World   Learning Resources are about to really change you need to access these with confidence and be open in your own authoring  of learning materials  @joecar   joe dot wilson at SQA dot Org dot UK  

Rachel Hull &

Katie D'Arcy-Burt 

We're both Teachers of Maths at Preston Lodge High School, East Lothian Engaging Learners through an Accelerated Learning Cycle  Can planning lessons using an accelerated learning cycle lead to more engaged pupils? We'll share what we've learnt from our collaborative professional enquiry into changing our practice and then provide an opportunity to discuss the potential of both collaborative enquiry and the learning cycle in different contexts.



rhull at prestonlodge dot elcschool dot org dotuk 


kdarcyburt at prestonlodge dot elcschool dot org dot uk

6 Jenni Ewan  Teacher of Maths at Preston Lodge High School, East Lothian  Changing Mindsets  What do you do if your pupils think they can't learn? In this workshop I'll share what I've been doing to change the mindsets of the pupils in one of my classes from "fixed" to "growth" using the ideas from Carol Dweck. We'll then discuss how these approaches could and should be used to help pupils see themselves and their learning differently. @JenniEwan  jewan at prestonlodge dot elcschool dot org dot uk 
7 David Gilmour
Ex physicist, info systems strategist, maths/science teacher; now helping East Lothian teachers use ICT   Engaging Teachers with Technology

Technology is becoming pervasive in life. It provides huge opportunities to improve learning, engage students and involve parents- yet we still have staff who "don't do technology". That can be a barrier affecting wider use of ICT in their schools. How can you change that? I plan to explore some of the underlying reasons for it, and share some strategies which have helped normalise use of ICT, in particular new on-line and web technologies, amongst around 1000 staff of varying ages and experience in over 40 schools

@dgilmour  dgilmour at eastlothian dot gov dot uk 
8 Lisa Jane Ashes  A Lead Teacher in English and an Advanced Skills Teacher at Joseph Swan Academy, Gateshead and comic genius.  An Introduction to SOLO Taxonomy  What methods do you use to ensure progression takes place in your classroom? Do you set your lesson outcomes using Blooms Taxonomy, skills or even topics? SOLO is a great tool for learning, progression and differentiation. If you've never heard of it before don't panic! It's very straightforward and easy to integrate into your practice. I would like to show you how using SOLO has enhanced my practice, how it is easier to follow than Blooms and how it can create a common learning language between teachers and pupils that allows learning to become visible. @lisajaneashes  dd5lmc at aol dot co dot uk 
9 Ann D'Arcy  Class teacher  Elmvale Primary Glasgow Reading Workshops in Primary School  I have started using Reading Workshops in Primary 4 and have noticed a positive impact. Parents have also commented on this. I will explain how it works and show resources I use.   @misiesd  adarcy at elmvale dash pri dot glasgow dot sch dot uk 
10 Jamie Wilson  Classroom teacher in Yetholm Primary School in the Borders.   Games Based Learning and the opportunities in a primary setting.  Across the last two years I have used games based learning to help develop a number of skills in my pupils. I hope to talk about the process of implementing this, the opportunities that came throughout and the impact it had on learners (staff and pupils!)  @morebattle21  jwilson at yetholm dot scotborders dot sch dot uk 
11 Pamela Currie  Class Teacher in East Lothian Science Inquiry, an approach to learning in the primary school Science Inquiry revolutionised my teaching and my pupils learning.  While undertaking CPD with Strathclyde Uni in the area of science inquiry I trialled and adapted teaching approaches.  I'm not here to sell a scheme or programme of work but to honestly share the difference this approach made to my classroom and enabled creative, independent pupils. @plcurrie  pcurrie at saltoun dot elcschool dot org dot uk 
12 Gareth Surgey  Class Teacher in Fife  Deep Understanding: Practical approach to using Blooms Taxonomy

Deep learning and understanding is a central principle of CfE. It involves knowledge and understanding and the skills to apply knowledge in useful ways. The hierarchy that Bloom suggests is a useful structure for pupils to pose the types of questions of themselves and others that will promote deep reflective thinking and success in enquiry or problem solving activities. Here’s a practical approach that has worked with my Highers. 



gsurgey21 at gmail dot com
13  Olivia Wexelstein  Class Teacher in Fife  Using Big Writing to help pupils develop strategies to improve their writing This term I have been investigating ways I could help my pupils develop strategies to improve their writing.I'd heard that some LA's were using Big Writing and seeing several people mention it on twitter, decided to find out more.  In this workshop I will share some of the resources I have found, explain the principles of Big Writing and highlight the impact it's had on my pupils writing. @owexelstein  olivia at wexelstein dot com 
14  Uphall Primary School  Class teacher  Blogging to develop reading, writing,self-esteem and aspiration. 

This year at school we are developing our school blog and focussing in some classes on children writing for the blog and interacting with their own and others blogs.

We have this term (T4) undertaken a quadblogging project which is having a huge impact on our P4 chldren. 





fiona dot macphail at wled dot org dot uk


robertdrummond at gmail dot com 


This workshop has had to be cancelled. If you've chosen this workshop you will be allocated one of your reserve choices.


For more information on PACE planning please visit: http://p-a-c-e.co.uk/








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