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Cumbria TeachMeet

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What is it all about?


This is hopefully the first of many teachmeets in Cumbria. It is about sharing the fantastic practice that is happening in classrooms right across the County. All teachers are welcome to either present or just come along for the inspiring ideas and great crack!


This is CPD for the teachers by the teachers!


The Format for the Evening


17.30 Arrival and drinks in the bar

18.00 Presentations

19.30 Depart or further drinks and networking in the bar


(Please note drinks are not free at the bar)




You can use whatever presentation format you want. There will be no internet connection. You could just talk, powerpoint, show something from the web (pre-prepared), hold up a poster or you could sing a song! The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time. Please ensure presentations are saved on a memory stick to save time during presentation transitions. Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it on the night! That’s what makes Teachmeet exciting! 


There are 2 options for presentations: 7 minutes or 2 minutes


Please sign up below to either present or enthusiastically come for the crack!


To Sign Up:


Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be asked to login.

  1. Either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username: guest password: teemhcaet
  2. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  3. Make your edit
  4. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  5. That's it!




Tweet: #TMCumbria @kathelcymru or @Davenport_pa 


(no limits so add more cells by using the tab key)


7 Minute Presentations


Name  Presentation Brief  Twitter @?

Kevin Boles

Faculty of Education

University of Cumbria

A Leadership Framework for School-based Professional for School-based Professionals:  Does the new National College Framework for National Professioanl Qualifications provide the solution?  
Jim Connolly  Using SOLO taxonomy to support learning through projects at Key Stages 3 and 4 @mrjconnolly 
K Pigdon  Using IPADs & apps to engage and enhance learning in A level PE  @kathelcymru 


Judy Bloxham  Flash cards - not just for infants. On line flash cards offer so much more and provide means of personal study.  @gingerblox 
Alan O'Donohoe Scratchatonic, make some funky toons with the cat.


2 Minute Nano Presentations


Name  Presentation Brief  Twitter @? 
Dene Boucetla motivation  


Enthusiastically coming for the Crack 


Name  Twitter @? 
Matt Pearson mattpearson 
Mark Robinson  activeducator 



The Venue 


Westmorland Hotel, Tebay




The hotel is reached via the North bound Tebay motorway services near Tebay on the M6, 1 mile north of Jnc 38.

If you are travelling south, leave the motorway at Tebay services southbound between J39 and J38. Follow signs for the hotel which will direct you over the motorway to the hotel.



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jb@rsc-northwest.ac.uk said

at 3:05 pm on Sep 21, 2012

As you have postponed this it would have been nice to let those of us who've volunteered know I just found out by accident

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