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Page history last edited by Jamie Portman 7 years, 7 months ago

EV TeachMeet 12th March 2013 EV TeachMeet 12th March 2013




Seven Minute Presentations


1 - 'Oops' Helping children learn accidently in PE - Hywel Roberts @HYWEL_ROBERTS createlearninspire


2 - Pupil Passports in PE - Hannah Smith @pe_hannah Horizon CC, Barnsley


3 - BLP in PE, Kate Davies, @KatherineDavies Worsborough Common Primary School


4 - Using Google Docs to track progress in BtEC - Matt Pullen @Matt6453


5 - The @PEgeeks, Jon Tait, @TeamTait, W


6 - BESD in PE, Nichola Smith, @nicholasmith15, Springwell, Barnsley


7 - Fundamental Motor Skills in PE - Chris Horner, @chrishorner1980, Cramlington Learning Village


8 - 'Low energy, high impact T&L stuff' - Jamie Portman @JamiePortman, Campsmount Academy, Doncaster




Two Minute Presentations


1 - Learning Journeys in PE - Ben Dowle @Dowley8 Penistone Grammar School, Barnsley


2 - Blogging in PE - Tom Smith @TommyteachPE Holy Trinity, Barnsley


3 - Playing the memory game - quick tips to help students revise, Paul Taylor @ticktock80 , Penistone GS, Barnsley


4 - Shape - How a magazine can shape and support learning, Matthew McDonald @macca_mjm Balby Carr Sports and Science College,  Doncaster


5 - Literacy in PE,  Martin Emsley, Tameside, Manchester @emsley_pe


6 - Mr Smith's Dangerous Gymnastics. Tom Smith. @TommyTeachPE, Holy Trinity, Barnsley


7 - Evidencing Progress in PE, Jodie gregory, Penistone GS, Barnsley


8 - Use of Video in PE - Kate Bancroft @klbancroft88 Penistone GS, Barnsley


9 - Games Scenarios - Embeding Literacy & Numeracy into Practical lessons, Ben Horbury @Thebenhorbury, Dearne ALC, Barnsley


10 - QR codes in PE, Ben Leonard, Westfield School, Sheffield


11 - Digital leaders in BtEC Sport, Daniel Harvey / Dan Corrigan


12 - ePortfolios in BtEC PE, Jeremy Lonsdale, Longley Park, Sheffield


13 - Planning for progress, PGS Students


14 - Tracking at KS3, Cathy Collins, Wickersley, Sheffield 




Paul Taylor @TickTock80

Hannah Smith @PE_Hannah

Tom Smith @TommyTeachPE

Ben Horbury @TheBenHorbury

Peter Richardson - Dearne ALC, Barnsley

Hywel Roberts @HYWEL_ROBERTS createlearninspire

Ben Dowle @dowley8 Penistone GS, Barnsley

Kate Bancroft @klbancroft88 Penistone GS, Barnsley

Chris Tully @ChrisTully85 David Youngs Academy

Paul Brennan

Keith Hirst, Horizon CC, Barnsley

Pete Lorraine, Horizon CC, Barnsley

Graham Kenworthy, Holy Trinity, Barnsley

Liam Scorah @scordog87, Darton CC, Barnsley

Michael Wade @mikeywade85 Darton CC, Barnsley

Jordan Cairns  @jordan1cairns Darton CC, Barnsley

Alice Wilkinson Darton CC, Barnsley

Richard Billings Darton CC, Barnsley

Leila Cherry  Darton CC, Barnsley

Nicci Powell Darton CC, Barnsley

Clare Prescott Darton CC, Barnsley

Dave Bisley  @lethalbizzle78 Darton CC, Barnsley

Tarryn Marshall Darton CC, Barnsley

Kevin Jones @kevjones27

Jenny Harris @J_Harris25

Darren Grithiths, @dgretone

Gavin O'Loughlin, David Youngs Academy

Nichola Smith @nicholasmith15, Springwell, Barnsley

Sarah Naylor, @sarahnaylor8

Lisa callaghan

Matthew McDonald @macca_mjm Balby Carr Sports and Science College, Doncaster

Clair Knowland, @ClairKnowland, Campsmount Academy, Doncaster

Jamie Portman @JamiePortman, Campsmount Academy, Doncaster

James Pirie, @jpirie14, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley

Haley Taylor @haleytaylor1982

Paul Crook @PCrookPGSALC, Penistone GS, Barnsley

Sharon Abbott, @elaronndy, Horizon CC, Barnsley

Ewan Reed, EwanReed15, Eastwood school

Mark Pearson, St Margaret Ward Catholic College, Stoke-on-Trent, @u2pea

Chris Esberger, Aston School, Rotherham

Kate Davies, @KatherineDavies Worsborough Common Primary School

James Graham, Aston School, Rotherham 

Frazer Sidebottom, Shafton ALC, Barnsley

Danielle Tedford. Flixton Girls, Manchester

Meg Jones, Leeds Met Uni

Jane Hewitt, @Janeh271

Ben Winter, Wingfield Comp. Rotherham

James Hyland, @jhyland20, Loreto High School. Manchester

Dan Fuller, @dan_fuller7, Loreto High School, Manchester

Ian Richards, @teddyrich, Dronfield Henry Fenshawe School, Sheffield

Kristie Richards, Forge Valley Communty School, Sheffield

Ben Leonard, Westfield School, Sheffield

Adam Smith, Westfield School, Sheffield

Kelly Ball, @kellyball30, Dinnington School, Sheffield

Jessica Bain, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Ruth Wilsher, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Chelsea Branson, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Rachael Watson, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Leanne Hamblett, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Laura Geldart, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Martin Dye, Balby Carr, Doncaster

James Bower, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Ryan Lewis, Balby Carr, Doncaster

David Shepherd, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Shane McClune, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Ayden Duffy, Balby Carr, Doncaster

Alastair Whitelaw, @alastairrp, AW Training and Consultancy Ltd

Laura Swift x 5, Kirk Balk CC, Barnsley

M Keeble, Appleton Academy,

Kate Webb, Neatherwood, Barnsley
Linzi Howard, Neatherwood, Barnsley
Rachel Campion, Neatherwood, Barnsley
Steve Hawcroft, Neatherwood, Barnsley
Alexandra Michelle Lennox,@Alexandralenno1, Leeds Met

Georgina Langford, Leeds Met

Jodie gregory, Penistone GS, Barnsley

Andy Mimmack

Sarah Bowler, Unity College, Burnley

Francesca Bury, Prestwich Arts College, Bury

Emily Ferry, Leeds Met Uni

Emma Brown, @brownieemma, Leeds Met Uni

Laura Singleton, Leeds Met Uni
Abi Horsburgh, Leeds Met Uni

John Ashton @theashton1, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley
Lauren halliwell @lhalliwell21, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley
Rachel durdy @racheldurdy, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley
Amy tazzyman, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley
Scott bramall, Barnsley Academy, Barnsley

Davina Mellor

Julian Mellor

Dana Abdulkarim @DanaABDUL, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield
Katy Rogers @girliecatchbird, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield
Sue Matthews, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield
Dave Ellis, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield

Claire Johnson, Aston Academy, Sheffield

Gareth Newman

David McCallum, Winterhill, Rotherham

Sarah Cammidge, Winterhill, Rotherham

Ryan Copley, Horizon CC, Barnsley

Phil Storey, @millerphil, Horizon CC, Barnsley

vicky greensil, Winterhill, Rotherham

Chris Eccles, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield

Rupert Gardner, Dinnington Comp, Sheffield

Charlotte Banks, Maltby Academy

Harriet Fenoughty, Maltby Academy

Ruth Tolson, Maltby Academy

Joanne Wilkinson  Forge Valley Community School, Sheffield

Rachael Brodrick
Shaun Dean
Sarah Myers
Daniel Robson, Leeds Met Uni

Karey Smith, Hall Cross Academy, Doncaster, @Karey2pac
Steve Thompson, Forge Valley Community School, Sheffield

Alec Bowden, @MrBpeteacher

Richard Head,Parkside School, Bradford

Helen Mayho, Parkside School, Bradford

Ben Miller, Parkside School, Bradford

Emma Challinor, Parkside School, Bradford

Daniel Harvey,

Daniel Corrigan,

Alison Pickford, Maltby Academy, Rotherham

James Turnbull, Forge Valley School, Sheffield

Jeremy Lonsdale, Longley Park , Sheffield

Ross Wickens, Loughborough @MrWickensPE

Rachel Ford, Sheffield Hallam Uni

Dale Gordon, Sheffield Hallam Uni, Dale_Gordon93

Cathy Collins, Wickersley, Sheffield

Jason Hirst -@hirstjason - science teacher Barnsley Academy, Barnsley
Laura Espinoza - science teacher Barnsley Academy, Barnsley 
Ben Howe - student teacher (PE) - Barnsley Academy, Barnsley

Louise Fox, Oakwood High School, Rotherham

Sarah Alyanak, Oakwood High School, Rotherham

Chloe Sutton, Wickersley, Sheffield

Rob Rossides, Navigate Academies Trust

Christine Robinson, Dearne ALC, Barnsley 

Rachel Moody - Education Village @EV_Sport

Andy Scattergood, Chester University

Dean Buckley, Horizon CLC, Barnsley

Lee Clayton, Horizon CLC, Barnsley

Laura Gordon, Dearne ALC, Barnsley

Sam Rendi, Loughborough Uni

Hannah Norman - Carleton School, Pontefract

Lindsay Thackery, Wickersley, Sheffield

Katie Sinclair, St Wilfrids, Wakefield

Jody Hodgkiss, St Wilfrids, Wakefield

Kate Delaney, St Wilfrids, Wakefield

Liam Clark, Loughborough Uni (@LiamTechne)

Sarah Chedgzoy, Loughborough Uni

Martin Hall, Loughborough Uni (@M_Hall8719)

Andy Gibbins, Penistone GS, Barnsley, @PEandy1






Comments (2)

Martin Emsley said

at 10:51 pm on Dec 13, 2012

I would love to attend and offer a presentation on literacy in PE

Peter Richardson said

at 11:26 am on Dec 13, 2012

I will be attending, looks very good.

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