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TeachMeet Maths

Page history last edited by Mohammed Ladak 7 years, 3 months ago



What is a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about teaching and who are keen to share ideas. Everyone is invited to share approaches they have trialled in their classrooms, examples of good practice, to ask questions or simply to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere.


The main point of a TeachMeet is to hear stories about learning from teachers and other education professionals. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucketload of networking to boot! To work, it needs lots of people to sign up to give short presentations; a presentation can last for 1, 3, or 5 minutes and can include demonstrations or visual aids as appropriate.  No sales pitches please!


If you have done something exciting with one of your classes recently or if you would like to come along and watch, sign up below and come along. Open to all with an interest in Maths (mainly aimed at Secondary teachers, but Primary teachers are welcome).



When is the TeachMeet?

Wednesday 20th March 2013

16:00 - 17.30


Where is the Teachmeet?

The Voyager Academy,

Mountsteven Avenue,


PE4 6HX 


You'll need to sign up for a free account here to edit this page, and can then add your name below:


1 min presentations:







3 min presentations:

1.  Liam (@thisisliamm) Using Google Forms for Data Collection (Pre-recorded).

2.  Kevin Millard (TVA) Learning grid

3.  Kristin Coldwell (FMSP) Quick Problem-Solving Resources

4.   Lynne Webb Our PNMT Cloud storage.

5.  Phil May - Spaghetti Sine Curves


5 min presentations:

1. Emily Hughes (@ilovemathsgames)  Voyager   Various, inc. SOLO taxonomy for Maths teachers.

2. Sheena Flowers Qwizdom

4. Mohammed Ladak (@mathedup) - Thomas Deacon Academy - "Show me boards 2.0"

5. Cameron Fehr (Swavesey Village College) - ShowMe App for iPad

6. Simon Blackman & Liz Brown (TVA) - EAL in Maths 


Enthusiastic lurkers:

1. Emma Ward

2. Michelle Robson

3. Tim Dolan (@timdolan)

4. Iain Simper (@PeterboroughLP)

5. Kerry Billimore

6. Paul Cradock

7. Liz Gould (OBA)

8. Rachel Coombe

9. Peter Kamon

10. Phil May - TDA

11. Nicky Roger - TDA

12. Stewart Russell - TDA

13. Nick Warrick - TDA

14. Peter Houghton-Wood SA

15. Hanan McKeand - SVC

16. David Bocking - TVA

17. Sylvester Peprah - TVA

18. Liam Oliver - TVA

19. Beatriz Schavier - TVA

20. Agnieszka Pytlewska  - TVA

21. Raja Akhtar - KS

22. Thalia Alexander - KS

23. Frances Griffin - KS

24. Matthew Adebusuyi - SJF

25. Najib Sboui - SJF

26. Maxine Harrison - SJF

27. Craig Young - JH

28. Richard Valler - TDA

29. Charles Bedford - Marshfields 

30. Helen Thatcher - Ernulf

31. Craig Petrie - The Fulbridge Academy 

32. Ben Erskine - The Fulbridge Academy 




Interested in a TeachEat afterwards?  (Finding a nearby pub, and continuing our conversations over food...)

1. Emily Hughes

2. Mohammed Ladak

3. Phil May

4. Nicky Roger

5. Nick Warrick

6. Stewart Russell



Look forward to seeing you! 


Raffle kindly sponsored so far by:

Rob Eastaway  book linkhttp://www.robeastaway.com/home                                 CGP Books                           Texas Instruments SuccessInMaths              Oxford University Press                

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