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TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology. These events are often organised to coincide with other educational events like the Scottish Learning Festival and the British Educational Technology and Training Show BETT.


Participants volunteer (via the TeachMeet website) to demonstrate good practice they've delivered over the past year or discuss a product that enhances classroom practice.


TeachMeet events are open to all and do not charge an entry fee.







RiskIt is a planned and structured period in school calendar, usually two weeks, when staff are encouraged to use ICT (hardware or software) they have not used before with students to deliver a lesson. 


RiskIT Week is designed to break the ice and throw teachers in the deep end but with safety net. It is a week or two where the whole school celebrates innovative ways of learning and teaching, also a period when schools can dust off all the equipment they purchased and hidden in cupboards. 

RiskIT Week is an opportunity to change the school culture in the use of ICT and get ALL Staff working as one unit for the benefit of the children they teach. 

RiskIT is not about getting the "Already savvy" teachers to use ICT as it is the case in most schools now, but it is about the whole school (all teaching staff, students and support staff). ICT is what pen and pencil have been all this time.


To learn more, Visit the RiskIT website via the link below:






Visitors can book time slots here to show either a two or seven minute presentation, to share their ideas and experiences.




Please log in (top right) to register or click on the "Print your Ticker here" button above


Name of speaker Subject of presentation  Name of speaker Subject of presentation 
1. Martin Burrett @ICTmagic (7 min) Topic TBC 1. Karen Knight 2min (tbc) 
2. Paul Greenwood @MrG_ICT (7 min) Topic TBC  2.                                                                                                 
3. Tom Whitehead (7 min) RISKiT without Realising iT  3.   
4. A Benjeddi (7min) RiskIT Week 4.   
5. Richard Millwood (7min) Snooker Angles  5.   



Andrea Jenkins  Nicola Morris                                                                       
Amanda Martin  Peter Phebey     
Dave Higgins  Stephen Puxty     
Penny Patterson  David Bedward     
Rachel Swinburne (2 tickets) Jo Clayton    
Nadine Whaymand       
Chris Barradell       
Cassy Lands       
Paul Smith       




Northfleet School for Girls              

Hall Road                                    







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Contact: NCS Technology Ltd
Endeavour House Forstal Road Aylesford Kent ME20 7AQ

NCS Technology (formerly Network and Cabling Solutions) is a Kent-based company which specialises in the supply of ICT equipment and services to UK schools and colleges, including electrical and data network design and installation





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Benjeddia@northfleetgirls.kent.sch.uk said

at 9:14 pm on Feb 15, 2013

Please log on and register, we would would like to have people some more presentations, so if you have something to share with us, we would love to hear from you.

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