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EV TeachMeet 12th March 2013

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Education Village Academy Trust


Haughton Academy TeachMeet 2013 


A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of like-minded teachers coming together to present to, and learn from one anothers classroom practice including practical innovations and personal insights in teaching. Participants volunteer to demonstrate good practice they've delivered over the past year, or discuss a product that enhances classroom practice. TeachMeet events are open to all and do not charge an entry fee. For further information on TeachMeets watch this video


Event Information



Tuesday 12th March 2013



Education Village

Salters Lane South







5.30pm - Arrive - Refreshments

6.00pm - Start

8.00pm - End



Windows Laptop

Ipad Connectivity for Presenting

Large Screen Projector


Buffet and drinks 


Organiser and Updates

Rachel Moody @EV_TM



Useful Links

School Site - www.educationvillage.org.uk

TeachMeet Live Video Stream - http://ustre.am/SHbw  



Link to school location


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Event Sign Up!


Please enter your details below. Please supply Name, School/Organisation, and if applicable your twitter name.


7 Minute Presentations

1. - Mike Bartaby (Aurasma, whole school interaction)

2. - Beth Gascoigne-Owens (Go-Givers)

3. - John Sayers (@JOHNSAYERS (Bricking it - Using Stack-Em to solo)

4. - Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) - Using technology to transform learning

5. - Steven Clough @DVPLearning- SOLO A Whole School Approach

6. - Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice - 100WC 

7. Pravin Jethwa - Learning in 3D


2 Minutes Micro Presentations

1. Rachel Moody - Easy Apps (collating evidence) @EV_Sport

2. Amy Houghton @EV_Geography - Creating independent learners through SOLO

3. Rachel Orr @RachelOrr (top ten+ blogs to follow)

4. Mike Parrott @DrP_Conyers Encouraging curiosity - teaching students to ask questions

5. Deborah Barakat -Blankety Blank

6. Vickie Gorton - @EV_Artdept - 'Dropbox Dream'

7. Lisa Forkin - ‘Personalised Reflection for CPD in Outcomes for Students and Staff’

8. Caron Downes - QR codes in the classroom

9. Steven Clough @DVPLearning - Working with Student Start Points

10. John Sayers - (templates to allow effective planning and have questioning as the core) 

11. Peter Lipthorpe - @geekpeter - Teachers : A Students Perspective



Enthusiastic Audience Members 

1. - Andrew Hinnigan @EV_ICT

2. - Steven Clough @DVPLearning

3. - Amy Houghton @EV_Geography

4. - Matt Clark - St Bede's Catholic School and Sixth Form College

5. - Vickie Gorton - @EV_Artdept

6. - Carl Gaze - Beaumont Hill Academy

7. - Adele Norris - Haughton Academy

8. - Kris Bolam - Haughton Academy

9. - Kaye Gill -  Beaumont Hill - Stephenson Centre

10.- Louise Snowdon @EV_History1

11. Sue Crane -Acklam Grange @ftt70

12. Laura Chambers - @misschambersICT

13. Talib Hussain - Art Trainee Teacher | Durham SCITT

14. Zheng Jindan @School of Education Durham University

15. Xiufeng Feng @School of Education Durham University

16.Xiaomin Gan@School of Education Durham University



19. James Walsh - University of Sunderland (@dunnylad)

20. Liam Clark- Sunderland, ICT/ Programming 

21. Christina O'Hare - University of Sunderland Primary Education trainee

23. Grace McPoland - University of Sunderland Primary Education Trainee @GracieMcP



26.Debbie Berry - Business Studies Trainee - University of Sunderland @bedebbie

27.Hai Liu @ school of Education Durham University

28.Naomi Henry - University of Sunderland Primary Education Trainee

29.Jade Carr - University of Sunderland Primary Education Trainee

30. Victoria Snowball - Durham SCITT Art Trainee Teacher

31. Vanessa Lawrence - University of Sunderland Business Education Trainee @Vanessa_L_89

32. Debbie Brown - Longfield Academy @missdbrown@longfield.uk.com

.... add more!

33. Nicholas Piercy  @njpiercy Laurence Jackson

34. Deborah Barakat x4 Excelsior Academy

35. Alison Gerrard - Laurence Jackson

36. Claire Collinson- Durham SCITT Art Trainee Teacher 

37. Keeley Brownless 

38. Lana Caley- Durham SCITT Art Trainee Teacher 

39. Julie Skipp Education Consultant School House Recruitment

40. Vicki Lester Assistant Manager School House Recruitment

41. Dave Athey - Durham SCITT

42.Katrina Milley (St Aidans)

43. Dave Holmes, Science Dept Haughton Academy

44. Rob Graham - Durham SCITT

45. Jamie Martin - Durham SCITT

46.Victoria Humphries - Red House Academy

47.Lyndsey Camsell - Durham SCITT Artist 

48. Rachel Collins - Bydales School

49. Nicky Tapper - Haughton Academy

50.Natalie Coyne - Durham SCITT Artist 

51.Kim Dobson - Durham SCITT

52. Lisa Capeling - student teacher (Primary Education, Sunderland University)

53. Sarah-Jane Avery - The Hermitage Academy - Volunteer/trainee

54. Rochelle Laine - Durham SCITT Artist

55. Mengzi Han - Durham University

56. Josie Geatches - Woodham Academy

57. Gemma Itherralde - Eston Park

58. Xider Hammond - Eston Park Academy

59. Linzi Andrews - Eston Park Academy

60. Janet Harland @janscience Hetton School

61. Anita Bell - Haughton Academy

62. Dave Hasket - Haughton Academy

63. Chris THompson - Haughton Academy

64. Andrew Redhead - Whitworth Park School

65. Xiangxin Meng  @School of Education Durham University

66. Karen Watson - Haughton Academy








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