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TM Liverpool

Page history last edited by Philip Montague 5 years, 2 months ago

 TeachMeet Liverpool


Saturday 27th April 9:30am


St. Julie's Catholic High School

Speke Road, Woolton

Liverpool, L25 7TN





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When and where is it? 



Saturday 27th April 2013 


Time: 9:30 – 1pm


9:30 arrival and refreshments

10:00 welcome and keynote (tbc)

10:15 TM participant presentations (please sign up below)

12:25 closing remarks

12:30 networking and refreshments



Teachmeet Liverpool will be held at:


St. Julie’s Catholic High School



Windows PC

Large Screen Projector 

Live twitter feed update

Refreshments and drinks




Clare Sarson




Participating? Would you like to attend? - sign up below 


Thanks to...


The following organisations for their support:


MerseySTEM http://www.merseystem.co.uk

iPadAcademy www.ipadacademy.co.uk

MALIT www.malit.org.uk

David Fulton Books www.routledge.com/teachers

Ambitious Minds www.ambitiousminds.co.uk

Crown House Publishing http://www.crownhouse.co.uk 

7Puzzle http://www.7puzzle.com  


Sign Up!


You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a five minute talk on something you'd like to share.


Presentation Rules


  • You can use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster etc
  • The important thing is that you get your message across and you will only get one minute set up time.
  • Be prepared for technical difficulties and be ready to wing it! That’s what makes TeachMeet exciting!
  • If your examples are online please add links to your presentation or work to the title (this will speed things up on the night)


Presentations should ideally be 5 minutes in length & give you a chance to share something that has made a difference in your classroom.

1. Aisling - @CaldiesEnglish - Iceberg Paragraphs

2. Heidi - @HeidiMo - LotC

3. David  - @davidmcdermott2 - learning mats to support differentiation, intervention and reflection.

4.Julia - @theheadsoffice - improving writing through blogging using 100 word challenge

5. Mary - @Lit_Liverbird - Liverpool Literacy Box: practical classroom resources

6. Colin - @chilledteaching - TBC

7. Lucy - @CaldiesLiteracy - Boxing to Argue

 8. Jamie - @deadshelley - SOLO taxonomy

9. Daniel - @danpo_ - Post-Its and Sugar Paper Are Your Friends

10. Michelle- @ShelDunne - Kagan Structures

11. Sarah - @Sarah__Wright1 - No more hands up! Learner response units

12. Carmen Lopez - Jing software

13. Lauren Murphy - word association exercises - concept mapping and Tarsia maps.


If you don't want to present, but would like to come along and listen, network & be inspired then please sign up below. We have lots of space!


1. Marian - @MarianShaw4

2. Caroline Kewley @carolinekewley

3. Stephanie Kewley @StephanieK

4. Tom Dolly - @rocproject

5. Jo Ortega - @jortega

6. Carolyn - @clyn40 

7. Jane Ngenda - @wpsteachers

8. Helen Pinnington - @HMPinnington 

9. Joanna Beatty - @Beattywps

10. Laura Davies @lozza_davies

11. Jane Schuler

12. Khera Elliott, BTHCC Altrincham, M/C @callmevera

13. Karen Owens @mrsowensdht @mosspitscpd

15. Joshua Uitterdijk - Calderstones

16. Lee-Ann Gawley - St. Julie's

17. Danielle Beck- St Julie's

18.Sarah Knipe @s10_sarah

19. Kate McCourt - St. Julie's

20. Tanasha Robinson @tashrobinson82

21. Rachel Dean @rachelDean88

22. Chris Houseman - Weatherhead High School @mr_houseman

23. Jonathan Nichols  @jon_nichols1 St Silas CE Primary School 

24. Stephanie Laurence

25. Maricourt folk x 4 (tbc)

26. Laura Davies @lozza_davies

27. Heather Lloyd @HLloydMFL

28. Claire Cassidy @clairecass

29. Jemma Gregory @jem210

30. Angela Carroll

31. Ben Woolmer @Mr_B_W

32. Emma Hickmore @ RoseGreenthumb

33. Fran Davies @wpsfran

34. Elsa O'Connor @wpseoc

35. Tanasha Robinson's colleagues x2 (tbc)

36. Louise Crowe

37. Amy McCormack @amymccormack1

38. Jo Hopwood @Jo_Mrs_H

39. Matt Brooks @skoorbttam

40. Kirsty Sparrow @imagication

41. Louise Everitt @mosspitslane @lmeveritt

42. Suzanne Evans@scoouk

43. Anne Schofield

44. Colette Roche @238Colette 

45. Jim Fitzpatrick @fitzpatrickjim

46. Charlotte Bail - Neston High

47. Hannah Duffy - Calderstones

48. Kevin Orme - St. Julie's

49. Scott Davenport - St Julie's

50. Vicky Brooke - St. Julie's

51. Una Okane

52. Emma Weston @emmaemma53

53. Dave usher @daveusher1

54. Zoe Sutcliffe - St. Julie's

55. Pete Radburn - St. Julie's

56. Steve Slater @polomint22

57. Sadhbh

58. Laura Ann Morgan - St. Julie's

59. Aine Maxwell

60. Jon Sellick @JonathanSellick

61. Meols Cop

62. Tom H - St. Julie's

63. Philip Montague @get_sme









Please contact Clare at csarson@st-julies.liverpool.sch.uk if you wish to add any further delegates after this point.


Twitter & Tags


When you are mentioning TeachMeet Liverpool whilst using Twitter please just add #TMLpool somewhere in the tweet - that way it will be picked up by a Twitter search.









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