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TMStockport 2013

Page history last edited by Dominic Walsh 7 years, 4 months ago

Come along and join us for Stockport's second TeachMeet. Share your great ICT ideas with others or learn something new to use in your classroom.Entrance from 4pm. Refreshments available.

Tweet me @sezzyann72 or email me sarah.zaman@st-johns.stockport.sch.uk for further details.


Sign up here.

Name/ twitter name/email                                                                                               

Micro presentation(7 Minutes)/

Nano Presentation(3 minutes)/

Enthusiasic Lurker                                                                      

Simon Sloan @hiimpactsimon Enthusiastic Lurker   
Alan Thompson @hiimpactconsult Micro Presentation  Photos and Things
Dughall McCormick @dughall
Nano presentation
Pocket-based learning  Really sorry. Have become totally swamped this week :-(
Richard Farrow  Micro presentation Planning and hosting a collaborative scratch day 
Alex Findlay @theictadvisor
Micro Presentation
Something Ipad
Sarah Zaman @sezzyann72  Micro presentation  MaKey MaKey
Lee Parkinson @ICT_MrP Micro Presentation  ipads in the classroom
Rachel @HilaryWhite3 
Enthusiastic Lurker   
Atyia Ejaz @eduICT_leader  Micro presentation  Use of iPads in school 
Ali Mahmood @ALI_YNWA   Enthusiastic Lurker    
Stephen Powell  Enthusiastic Lurker     
Ben Smith @manchesterbudo and Ant Carter @fantasticant   Micro presentation Minecraft edu (educational version of the fabulous game) 
Andrew Clerc, Hannah Garrett, Jenni Howard, Jade Malone  Enthusiastic lurkers   
Sam Foord and colleague  Enthusiastic lurkers   
@matteacherellis  Micro presentation  Hackety Hack 
@ali_bowman23  Enthusiastic lurker   
John Bidder @justblippit   Nano presentation Using Blippit a pop up mobile app maker in class
Kate Brookes (@KateBrookes2 Enthusiastic Lurker   
Tanasha Robinson @tashrobinson82  Enthusiastic lurker   
Joe Haig Micro Presentation Running a CodeClub in a primary school including Raspberry Pi's
Sarah Edmondson @1981lotus Enthusiastic lurker   
Anita Gebarowicz (@anitagebarowicz)  Enthusiastic lurker   
Jessica Quiligotti and colleague Enthusiastic lurkers  
Dee Vyas @deem131 Micro presentation Use of iPad apps in the primary classroom
Liz Powell @numeracyliz Enthusiastic lurker  
Sally Jordan Enthusiastic lurker  
Heather Truelove Enthusiastic lurker  
Sarah Smith @Smithie_S Enthusiastic lurker   
Jay Ellis Enthusiastic lurker  
David May @mm_2312  Micro presentation  Use of online survey tools across the curriculum 
Hannah Newton Enthusiastic lurker  
Staff from St Marks Primary Enthusiastic lurkers  
Keith Parry Micro presentation OCR qualification including on entry level for Primary level.



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