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TeachMeet Cambridge - May 2013

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What is a TeachMeet?

It is an informal and enjoyable gathering of those curious about teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, a teaching resource they love, a great website, a classroom activity - whatever you like! You can ask questions or simply turn up to soak up all the great ideas and enthusiasm.


The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, from teachers and other education professionals. This is a chance for education professionals to hear ideas from each other, a chance to hear real narratives of practice that makes a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot!


The theme of this TeachMeet is Science Education


When is the TeachMeet?  

Wednesday 15th May, 5.00pm for tea, coffee and cakes, presentations starting at 5.30pm. Depending on the number of presentations, we anticipate finishing at about 6.30pm. 


Where is the TeachMeet?

The Classroom, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Bateman St, Cambridge, CB2 1JE

Phone: 01223 748 455 : Harriet Truscott, Science and Plants for Schools


What can you do?

You can come along to chat, listen, or meet new people. Or if you want to present you can sign up to do a 5 minute micro-presentation in a format of your choice. You do not have to present but please sign up or email and let us know if you are a willing talker or a lurker.


Getting here

Link to directions and parking instructions  


The Classroom entrance is via the Garden’s bicycle park on Bateman Street 65m East of the main gate. The classroom entrance is the second door on your right as you enter the bicycle park. Please ring the doorbell when you arrive.


How to sign up

If you're looking to sign up to attend or present, then add yourself to the list below (instructions for how to do this can be found at the bottom of this page) or send an email to Harriet Truscott, Science and Plants for Schools, saps@hermes.cam.ac.uk, who will add your name and topic.


Please sign up either to present, or simply be inspired, so that we know approximate numbers for refreshments. Don't be limited by the number of spaces in each section, just add another line! Tea, coffee and cake will be provided. 


Five minute micro-presentation:


Session  Title  Presenter  Email  Twitter 
1. Cloning caulis in the classroom!
Dan Jenkins
2. Evolutionary relationships and phylogenetic trees
Chris Graham, Long Road Sixth Form College
3. Teaching science with Darwin Sally Stafford, Darwin Correspondence Project
4.  Improving science in your primary school
 Jane Turner. PSQM
5.  Teaching about muscle contractions
 Jacqui Gaiser-Porter, Netherhall School





Those coming to be inspired:


Attendee # Name, School/Establishment  Email Twitter 
1. Harriet Truscott, Science and Plants for Schools
saps@hermes.cam.ac.uk @saps_news
2. Ginny Page, Science and Plants for Schools
3.  Steve Evans, Science Team, Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
4.  Sue Thaw, St Bede's Inter-church School.
sthaw@stbedes.cambs.sch.uk   @aegilopoides
Jo Bradley, St Bedes Inter-church School
6.  Paul Matthews, St Bede's Inter-Church School
7. Richard Tateson, Ipswich School
8. Leighton Dann
9. Emma Benton    @optotoxical 
10. Katia Smith-Litiere, Cambridge Science Centre  katia@cambridgesciencecentre.org  @camsciencecntr 
11. Celia Beadle , Stephen Perse Foundation
12. Gordon West, Stephen Perse Foundation Junior School  rgw@stephenperse.com  @rgordonwest 
13. Gail Webdell, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
14. Ceri Law, Stephen Perse Foundation  cxl@stephenperse.com   


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