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NasenLive is a dedicated SEN Show - We would LOVE some presentations to be around SEN, please indicate if yours is SEN orientated so we can see how the evening is shaping up.


Your hosts for the evening are David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell) Dughall McCormick (@Dughall) and Cherise Duxbury (@Cherise_Duxbury)

Welcome to Teachmeet Bolton - NasenLive 

Venue: Reebok Stadium - Bolton
Room: TBA

 Wednesday 22nd May 2013

4:30pm arrival 5:15pm start 




Nibbles and 2 drinks per person will be provided by NASEN and Rising Stars


See below for TMCurry details


Map of Reebok Stadium


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TeachMeets are FREE, informal "unconferences", all about creating opportunities for those interested in education to take the lead, share practice, discover new ideas, network and be inspired all during the course of one CPD fuelled evening! Anyone can get involved, share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations. All are welcome.



Want to get involved?


You can talk about anything that has inspired you, has worked well in class, a tool, a strategy, a topic... The list is endless. The one rule here is NO SELLING! Let's also agree not to cause any PowerPoint induced comas and remember technology may not always be your friend. Set up time is 2 minutes for each presentation. REMEMBER: You do not have to present anything, you can always be an Enthusiastic Lurker!


To Sign Up:



  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be asked to login.
  2. Either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest password teemhcaet
  3. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  4. Make your edit
  5. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  6. That's it!




Tweet: #TMBolton

Email: deputymitchell@me.com

Text/Call: 07738176499



Seven Minute Micropresentations

1. 5 Sentence Challenge as an SEN intervention - Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice

2. Tom Sale (Mereside Primary School, Blackpool) @tomsale - TBA

3. Lee Parkinson (@ICT_MrP) (Davyhulme Primary School) - Engaging reluctant writers with popular iPad games.

4. Carol Allen - 7 minutes to inclusion!  (@caroljallen)

5. Danny Gibson (Bolton St. Catherine's Academy) - Using Digital Media sources to enhance questioning and feedback

6. Mary Farmer (@ebd35)  What can happen when you mix EBD with iPads! Apps that have worked really well to engage, motivate and impact positively with SEBD children. 

7. Bev Evans (@TES_SEN, @bevevans22) - TBA

9. The banned list - Andy Colley @MrAColley (St Mary's CHS, Astley) - Shifted from 2 mins, no way I'm that concise!

10. Alayne Levy - A Personal iPad Adventure! My daughter Hannah who has Down's Syndrome, loves her iPad! (@typingadvice)








Two Minute NanoPresentations

1. Pupils as QR Code READERS for peers - David Mitchell @DeputyMitchell


3. Tom Doust (@intelispace) - Research Project: Can teacher-led learning networks support innovation in schools? 

4. Cherise Duxbury (@cherise_duxbury) - Blogging and guided reading 

5. Action Jackson @Action Jackson YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (link will be provided via email)

6. Gary London (Mytham Primary School, Bolton) @londongary - Pink to make... you think!

7. Peter Rafferty (Green Park Primary School, Maghull @raff31 Images in Google Forms








Enthusiastic Lurkers

 Farah Hassan
 Education -Supply Teacher
 Deb Lyons
 Bolton SICT Unit
Amanda Bennett
Sefton Supply Teacher
Lynn Williams (@stpetesfarn) St Peters Farnworth 
Diane Buckley (@dianebuckley30)  St Peter's Farnworth 
Jenny Riley  St Peter's Farnworth 
@andreacarr1  Rising Stars 
Jenny Broadhurst  Mab's Cross Primary (@fishcake40) 
Sarah Bedwell (@MissCranky) Rhyddings B&E School 
John Broadbent   The Ferns Primary Academy 
Deborah Lawton  The Ferns Primary Academy 
Kate Brookes (@KateBrookes2) Davyhulme Primary School 
AnnMarie Delaney  Ladybridge High School 
Sarah Edmondson  Cheetham Academy 
Farzana Iqbal @MsIqbal
Clarksfield Primary School
Anna Howard  Bellfield Primary School 
Hannah Way  (@HannahMWay23) Cheetham Academy 
Jo hughes-Hutchins  Caton Primary 
Katrina Harkin  Caton Primary 
John Sutton  Creative Blogs 
Lesley Burgess  Rising Stars 
 Rob Smith   The Literacy Shed
Annette Power  St Hildas Primary
Nic Wiggans  Heathfield Primary 
Komal Hirani  Heathfield Primary 
Mas Hussain  Heathfield Primary 
John Sutton  @HGJohn 

Victoria Savage 

Charlotte Bouchier  Twig  
Sarah Profit @SarahPFrog  Frog 
Sarah Birchall  Brownlow Fold Primary Bolton 
Nicole Thompson  Brownlow Fold Primary Bolton 
Ian Mills  Bolton SICT Unit 
Larisa Clarke  Harwood Meadows 
Wendy Austin  Harwood Meadows 
Bob Green Rumworth School




.... More spaces in the audience/ presentations may added if the above table becomes full. Numbers will be limited at 100 (ish).



Evening Schedule


Details of the evening are to follow. Approximated running time is a 4:40pm for nibbles and chat for a 5:15pm start.




TeachEat Curry


Typically, after a Bolton TeachMeet a number of participants go out for a curry. Everyone is welcome!


Venue is: Spice Valley - THE HORWICH ONE (There are two of them!)


View Larger Map



Who'd be interested in joining?


1. David Mitchell

2. Julia & Nick Skinner

3. Andrea Carr

4. Karen Griffith

5.Jenny Broadhurst

6. Mary Farmer @ebd35

7. Cherise Duxbury

8.AnnMarie Delaney

9. Rob Smith

10. Jo Hughes-Hutchins

11. Katrina Harkin

12. Alayne Levy

13. @Dughall McCormick









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