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Isle of Wight Teachmeet

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Teachmeet Isle of Wight


5.30pm till 8.30pm

Brading Roman Villa, Brading, Isle of Wight, PO36 0EN 


Teachmeet Social after in Wetherspoons, Ryde


What is Teachmeet? 


A TeachMeet is a free, informal conference for teachers, by teachers.  It consists of  a programme of micro-presentations, each one being no longer than 7 minutes.


It is about hearing stories about learning, from teachers. This is not an event to present about a product or theory - this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other. Real narratives of practice that make a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and a whole bucket load of networking to boot!  Whether you just want to attend, or are keen to share your ideas by doing a presentation, everyone is welcome.


Teachmeet presentations are short, which is what I like about them! Attendees can simply come along & watch or ideally offer to give a 7 minute micro presentation or 2 minute nano presentation, showcasing something they’ve found useful in their classroom practice.


So, have something that you’re willing to share? If so please add your name to the appropriate list below and we look forward to hearing from you on the day.


For more information please contact

Rebecca Higgs - @MissRHiggs rhiggs@rydeacademy.org

Martin Reah - @iowgeoger mreah@rydeacademy.org


**** If you would like to jump in our minibus to get a lift to and from the Brading Roman Villa please add your name to the list at the very bottom *****


How to add yourself to this page.

If you want to sign up/register that you are coming by editing this page directly- follow the steps below!


  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be prompted to login.
  2. Note that the PBwiki system has changed, so either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest passwordteemhcaet
  3. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  4. Add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list (with a link to your Twitter or blog so others can follow you)
  5. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  6. That's it!







Thanks to our sponsors jtrs, a free prize draw will take place for all those in a attendance on the night, with an iPad as the main prize. 

Thanks to our additional sponsors GCSE Pod, IRIS and AET other prizes will include £40 amazon voucher and hamper!




7 minute micro presentation (please include school, email address and topic - and twitter address, if available)

 1. Becky Higgs "Edmodo - Educational facebook for students" @MissRHiggs

2. David Doherty "SOLO Questioning" - ddoherty@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk @dockers_hoops

3. Rob Ellis "30+ ways to show your learning in under 7 minutes" @icttalk

4. Lorna Churms 'Ways to show progress' @lornachurms LChurms@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

5. Claire Doherty "Poundland Pedagogy" - @wclou  CDoherty@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

6. Craig Rulton "Start with why" craig.rulton@jtrs.co.uk @CraigDRulton

7. Jemma Harding "Spitfire Starters" @jchbear JHarding@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

8. George Ross "The benefits of adventure residential school trips from a personal perspective" george.ross@in2action.co.uk

9. Pat Suttmann "The International Dimension" @suttmap psuttmann@rydeacademy.org

10. Tom Harding "Learning Loops" tomhardingcowes@gmail.com

12. Gill Key (@gcsepod) -  the mobile learning roadmap - a tool to help you prepare to teach using mobile technology

13.Joy Cleightonhills "using hertiage sites for all activities" Brading Roman Villa (in fancy dress!)

14.Christine Lillywhite ''So what is TEEP?'' a short introduction to the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme from SSAT

15. Ian Taylor "TBC"

16. Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) "Create, Inovate, Explore" Richard Taunton Sixth Form College

17. Phil Wright "Guns the media and you" @fubar2U_2000



2 minute nano presentation (please include school, email address and topic - and twitter address, if available) 

1. Simon Leslie "Gamification of Education and how to make it work in your classroom" @MrLeslie_ICT

2. Jay-Anne Tisdale, JTisdale, Sorry unable to make it now (apologies)

3. David Sweet "Dominoes of Doom" dsweet@rydeacademy.org  @thedjsweet1

3. Rachel Sutherland "Pecha Kucha" rsutherland@rydeacademy.org @RydeEnglish 

4. Karen Dean-Pollard KDean-Pollard@rydeacademy.org "TBC"

5. Bonolo Woracker 'Causing controversy in the classroom' - bworacker@rydeacademy.org @Mrworacker

6. Michele Wiggins 'Using Twitter as a revision tool' @MrsMWiggins  mwiggins@rydeacademy.org

7. Martyn Reah " A little Cornell" mreah@rydeacademy.org

8. Bonolo Woracker 'power to the pupils' - bworacker@rydeacademy.org @Mrworacker

9.Lorna Churms 'Twitter student support' @lornachurms LChurms@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk






Enthusiastic lurkers (please include school, email address and TWITTER address):


2. Polly Palmer   @9b1SpanishRyde   ppalmer@rydeacademy.org

3. Andy Teague @MrTeagueSci ateague@rydeacademy.org

4. Sarah Perkin sperkin@rydeacademy.org

5. Jo Gibson jgibson@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk @JoHGibbo

6. Stephanie Parker SParker@sandownbayacademy.org  @sparker_iow

7. Paul Pavlou ppavlou@sandownbayacademy.org @UKMathsTeacher 

8. Rachel Sutherland rsutherland@rydeacademy.org @RydeEnglish 

9. Lisa Pitman LPitman@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk @Caulkhead_Lisa

10. Jay-Anne Tisdale, JTisdale, @jayanna777@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

11.Mark McGinness, mmcginness@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

12. Inga Moreno, imoreno@sandownbayacademy.org

13. Gilly Harland, gharland@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

14. Lynsey Greenfield lgreenfield@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

15. Valter Pasut      VPasut@rydeacademy.org

16.Clare Murray cmurray@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  @claremurray2

17.Bonolo Woracker bworacker@rydeacademy.org @Mrworacker

18. Sarah Watling swatling@sandownbayacademy.org

19. Dawn Snook dsnook@sandowbayacademy.org

20. Debbie Phillips dphillips@sandownbayacademy.org

21. Tony Hirst, The Open University, tony.hirst@open.ac.uk @psychemedia

22. Hollie Cave, hcave@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk

23. Christine Lillywhite clillywhite@rydecademy.org and @learnlillywhite

24. Donna Steele dsteele@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk @steeleye

26. Val Hoad  vhoad@rydeacademy.org.uk

27. Caroline Hoy choy@rydeacademy.org.uk @misshoy1 

28. Michelle Remnant mremnant@sandownbayacademy.org

29. David Moorse dfmoorse@yahoo.co.uk

30. Carly Lauder clauder@rydeacademy.org Ryde Academy

31. Tracey Jackson tjackson@rydeacademy.org Ryde Academy


33. Christina Vince cbv@rydeschool.net

34. Emily Jones ej@rydeschool.net

35. Phillip Griffiths PKG@rydeschool.net

36.Derek Dunford ddunford@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

37. Karen Dollery kdollery@rydeacademy.org 

38. Nicola Harrop nharrop@rydeacademy.org

39. Louise Southwell lsouthwell@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

41. Deborah Hand dhand@rydeacademy.org

44. Scott Morey smorey@rydeacademy.org

45. Orla Crean oec@rydeschool.net 

46. Patrica Campbell pcampbell@sandownbayacademy.org

47. Rob Brindley IW Council Adult Community Learning @adultlearningIW robert.brindley@iow.gov.uk

48. Charlie Tiley Ryde Academy ctiley@rydeacademy.org

49. Jana Pridalova Ryde Academy JPridalova@rydeacademy.org

50. Emiliano Cori Christ the King College emiliano.cori@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

51. Tim Andrews tandrews@rydeacademy.org

52. Beth Foreman bethany.foreman@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

53. Jakki Ansell jansell@rydeacademy.org

54. Nic Gurney Ryde Academy,, NGurney@rydeacademy.org

55. Stuart Gurney Christ the King stuart.gurney@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

56. Heidi Kurek Ryde Academy hkurek@rydeacademy.org

57.Tanya Seaward, Ryde Academy TSeaward@rydeacademy.org

58.Darren Baxter, Ryde Academy DBaxter@rydeacademy.org

59. Helen Snow Ryde Academy HSnow@rydeacademy.org

60. Helen King, CHSB, soon to be Miltoncross hking30@chsb.org.uk @MissKingScience

61. Laura Chisholm Priory lchisholm@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk @NUTsouthseakid

62. Ben Stolborg - Christ the King ben.stolborg@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

63. Liam Ross - Ryde Academy lross@rydeacademy.org @woozlerealm

64. Mandy Wheeler Carisbrooke Primary carisbrookecep@lineone.net 

65. Leah Pecile Carisbrooke Primary carisbrookecep@lineone.net 

66. Charlotte Wright, soon to be Ryde Academy, charlottegreen0@gmail.com

67. Kerie Augustus - Ryde Academy kaugustus@rydeacademy.org 

68. Charlie Dunford - Carisbrooke College Charles.Dunford@carisbrooke.iow.sch.uk

69. Tracey-Ann.Mitchell - Carisbrooke College tracey-ann.mitchell@carisbrooke.iow.sch.uk

70. Kevin Dean - Christ the King College kevin.dean@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

71. Rachel Jones - Richard Taunton Sixth Form College - rachel.jones@richardtaunton.ac.uk @rlj1981

72. Clare White - Richard Taunton Sixth Form College - clare.white95@gmail.com @clarewhite95

73. Bruce Gray-  bgray@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk

74. Hannah Gray - hgray@sandownbayacademy.org

75. Maxine Gray - maxines_email@yahoo.co.uk

76. Amy Kennett amykennett@rocketmail.com @amykennettt

77. Laura Betts- laura.betts@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

78. Kate Calloway- kate.calloway@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk

79. Sarah Teague - stfamlearn@aol.com

80. Roger Hardy Great Oaks School

81. Angela Hardy Great Oaks School





Lift to the Brading Roman Villa 5pm pick up from the hover port


1. Helen King

2. Laura Chisholm

3. Gill Key (catching 4.30 p.m. Hovercraft)

4. Rachel Jones

5. Clare White







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