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Only learning and teaching allowed!


In our final Teachmeet of the academic year, we would like as many teachers from the West Midlands to come and share at least one great classroom approach that has made a real difference in their classrooms this year.


Just think of how may great new ideas we can come away with if we bring THAT approach to share with colleagues.


DR PETER KENT from Lawrence Sheriff school - http://www.lawrencesheriffschool.net - is our keynote speaker. 

Please come, join in the sharing and enjoy the BBQ!!!


It can be tech based, paper based, brain based, practical based - just a great learning and teaching idea you want other teachers to know about and use.


Just the facts!!

Wednesday 26th June 2013 


Time - 5.20PM Supper and network.

           6.00PM Keynote from Dr Peter Kent  approx 20 mins with some time for Q and A      

           6.30PM Teacher presentations - Stick to the time limit 

           7.00 -7.30 PM Break - refreshments

           7.30 to 8.30PM more presentations 


Teachmeet Brum will be held at John Henry Newman Catholic College B37 5GA





Windows PC

Large Screen Projector 


Live twitter feed update

Supper and drinks



Daniel Harvey




Please order your tickets at this webpage http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/6796617867


Please sign up to present below


6 Minute presentations - name and twitter name please and theme of presentation


1. Andrew Hartshorn - ideas for engaging students Sec but probably Pri as well

2. Simone HAUGHEY - Getting languages into the Home Pri

3. Lee Donaghey - Park View written language intervention Sec

4. Video from Woodrow primary school with Richard Kieran as narrator 

5. JHNCC digital leaders - What happens next

6. JHNCC DL and Student parliament leader - Dylan Lewis, Students as interviewers


7. Laura Dodd - Students Leading Learning in Geography SEC

8. Video pres from Lynne Moore Primary HT

9. Alison Harvey - VCOT in MFL Sec 

10. Sarah Lewsey - Oblique learning Sec 

11. Martin Burrett - more ICT web resources for Primary and KS3 Videocast

12. Joe Wright -Creating CognitiveConflict  College

13. Garry MIlls- Using Zondle, web2.0 tool/app in the classroom SEC

14. Alastair ARNOTT - Positive Failure 

15. Kit Andrew - Staff learning challenge in a primary School 

16 Video pres from pedagoo founder Ferghal Kelly For all 




Please order your tickets at this webpage http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/6796617867  

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