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Twitter: @TeepSSAT #teepEx13 

Organisers: SSAT

E-mail: teep@ssatuk.co.uk


Friday 14th June 7:30 – 9:30



Scarman House,

University of Warwick



Visit website


TEEP Trainer Learning Exchange Timings

18:00 – 19:30 - Arrive. Food, drink and networking

19:30 – 21:30 - 2 and 7 minute presentations

 21:30 -             final discussions and networking 


You can talk about anything that has inspired you, has worked well in class or training, a tool, a strategy, a topic, something one of your trainees has produced... The list is endless. Remember technology may not always be your friend. Set up time is 2 minutes for each presentation. REMEMBER: You do not have to present anything, you can always be an Enthusiastic Lurker!


How to Add Yourself

1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be asked to login.

2. You can create an account or 

login using the limited guest account- username guest password teemhcaet

3.Return to this page and click the EDIT tab

4. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...


7 Minute Micro Presentations - presentations that last a maximum of 7 minutes

Please add more if you need to! 

Presenter Name Twitter Name  Presentation Title and brief synopsis 
Colin Goffin  @colingoffin  Punk Learning 
Mel Melville and Louisa Gooch  @louisagooch  Student learning diaries
Sandra Towers @brilliantkidsuk  QR Codes 
Amy Leigh Dickinson    SOLE Taxonomy 
Sharon Simpson & Hayley Carter   TEEP prompt pack and Teaching and learning strategies
Andy Williams  @faber_2013  Google Apps for education - Don't be Evil
Fergus Hegarty  @fhegarty  Hillbilly lemonade helps Y7, requested by Fie 
Jayne Bevan    reading relay which encompasses the principles of TEEP  


2 Minute Nano Presentations - presentations that last a maximum of 2 minutes


Presenter Name Twitter Name  Presentation Title and brief synopsis 
Maggie Sutherland    Organising Groups 
Dr Tom McGrath    Kinaesthetic energiser/starter 
Vicky Standing    Professional learning triads - getting staff buy in for CPD
Bernice Taylor    study skills (analysis and evaluation).  
Ruth Crichton    using an alphabet analyser as a bellwork and review activity 
Ruth Crichton    Y12 Geography bellwork activity using photos - can be used as a key learning resource throughout the lesson 
Andy Williams  @faber_2013  Mirror Mirror on the wall...   A look at Apple TV interactivity in the classroom
Karen Fisher    entry activities that promote HOT skills 
Andy Gibson   

TEEPing in the Toilet (a Melksham Oak CPD strategy and way of maintaining the "TEEP buzz"! 

Andy Gibson   

Formative Marking research at Melksham Oak 

Gill lamb    Who is asking the questions? 
Andy Reeve    Effective Use of ICT through the medium of wood
Cath wise    TEEP from All Hallows.. 
John Shropshire    Sharing practice - PedEx
Sarah Marshall    TEEP from All Hallows.. with a Maths twist
Ann-Marie Connor   TEEP from All Hallows.. as it continues
Colin Goffin  @colingoffin  BBHS Teachers Toolkit - A level 2 project 


Enthusiastic Lurkers - so we have an idea for total numbers


1. Jo Pickering @Pixiejojo

2. Jenny Berge























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