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Logistical details: 

Best to park at Gunwharf Quays. Train Station Portsmouth Harbour.  Walk to the Historic Dockyard.  You'll be able to follow the signs to 'Action Stations.'  When you arrive, say hello and head on up to the top floor.  Any problems contact David on 07834720534.


Teachmeet Pompey is back!


Talking and Lasers and Food.


Refreshments from 5:30, presentations start at 6pm. Laser Quest around 8pm and TeachEat at 9pm.


What is Teachmeet? 

 A TeachMeet is a free, informal conference for teachers, by teachers.  It consists of  a programme of micro-presentations, each one being no longer than 7 minutes.


It is about hearing stories about learning, from teachers. This is not an event to present about a product or theory - this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other. Real narratives of practice that make a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and a whole bucket load of networking to boot!  Whether you just want to attend, or are keen to share your ideas by doing a presentation, everyone is welcome.


Teachmeet presentations are short, which is what I like about them! Attendees can simply come along & watch or ideally offer to give a 7 minute micro presentation or 2 minute nano presentation, showcasing something they’ve found useful in their classroom practice.


So, have something that you’re willing to share? If so please add your name to the appropriate list below and we look forward to hearing from you on the day.


For more information please contact

David Rogers @daviderogers drogers@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk


How to add yourself to this page.

If you want to sign up/register that you are coming by editing this page directly- follow the steps below!


  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be prompted to login.
  2. Note that the PBwiki system has changed, so either:
    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
    2. alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest passwordteemhcaet
  3. Return to this page and click the EDIT tab
  4. Add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list (with a link to your Twitter or blog so others can follow you)
  5. Click the Save button at the foot of the page...
  6. That's it!



7 minute presentations (please include twitter ID and email):

1. Priory Geography DiGITAL LEADERS via @davideorgers drogers@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk 

2. Foldables - @bellaale

3. Using ClassDojo - @feebeestar (Sorry ended up double booked, I will check ahead next time)

4. Play to Win- @rlj1981 Rachel.Jones@Richardtaunton.ac.uk

5. Apprentice Bake Off - Jo Payne @MrsPTeach

6. Edmodo "educational facebook" Becky Higgs @MissRHiggs rhiggs@rydeacademy.org

Using video feedback for formative assessment - @CharlotteLovie charlotte.assomo@highbury.ac.uk (Sorry can no longer make. Will try to make next one.)

7.A few different ways to inspire writing - Ian Addison @ianaddison - mail@ianaddison.net

8. encouraging Independence with Creativity Kits @davierogers

9. Charlie Addison - Take One Picture



2 minute presentations (please include twitter ID and email):

1. Jo Debens @geodebs Maybe something on revision games

2. Danielle Kohlman @kohlmand Magpie & Try (I can't make it either. Definitely try to be at the the next one; 3rd time lucky)

3. Sam Atkins @SamGeoAtkins World tour of Maps & Tagxedo


5. Andy Teague @MrTeagueSci ateague@rydeacademy.org Is there such a thing as a science haiku?

6. Chris Gunner @cgun88 cgunner@cpgs.co.uk 'Challenge Cards: Stretching the more able pupils in your classroom'.






Enthusiastic Lurkers

1. Jo Debens

2. Nik Doran (@nik_d_maths)

3. Becky Topliss, Milton Cross

4. Heidi Martin

5. Hannah Cross-Gower

6.Katie Foulger (kegf@hotmail.co.uk)

7. Sam Atkins

8. Rob Harrison (@therobharrison)

9. Dawn Scott (@girlyrunner1)

10. Helen Jerrard hjerrard@saintedmunds.org.uk

11. Jo Payne @MrsPTeach

12. Andy Teague @MrTeagueSci

13. Deborah Hand dhand@rydeacademy.org

14. Laura Coleman  MissLColemanPE

15.  Sofi Cosh  @simplesof

16. Jane Wood

17. Nikki Gilbey @nikkigilbey

18. Joshua Tipping @jetips92

19. Sarah Watling swatling@sandownbayacademy.org @Sjwscience

20. Hannah Gray hgray@sandownbayacademy.org

21. Charlie Addison - @charliedeane

22. Tony Crowther - antony.crowther@horndeantc.hants.sch.uk  @Tony_Crowther

23. Rachel Sutherland @RydeEnglish

24. Martyn Reah @iowgeoger

25. Leah Wright @leah_moo

26. Hannah Sullivan - h-sullivan@hotmail.co.uk

27. Jon Griffiths - jongriff10@hotmail.co.uk

28. Jane Kilpatrick jane.kilpatrick@mrc-academy.org @janeyk419

29. Leanne Cull leanne.cull@mrc-academy.org @humsmrc

30. Rachael Hunt rhunt@sandownbayacademy.org

31. Titchfield Primary Teacher c/o Charlie Addison

32.Titchfield Primary Teacher c/o Charlie Addison

33. George Stevens gstevens@cpgs.co.uk @pompeygeorge




Plan to head to the Customs House as before:

1. David Rogers

2. Jo Debens

3. Alex Bellars

4. Nik Doran

5. Sam Atkins

6. Rob Harrison

7. Dawn Scott

8. Jo Payne

9. Nikki Gilbey 

10. Ian Addison

11. Charlie Addison


Table Booked - if you want to come along email Jo Debens jdebens@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk


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