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What is #TMOxfail?

Having run a couple of conventional 'sharing best practice' TeachMeets, we'd like to add a different twist to this one. You are invited to come along to present and share experiences of, rather than what that worked well, activities, lessons, approaches or strategies which you tried, but which didn't work out so well! Why would anyone want to do that? Well, #TMOxfail is offered in the belief that:


- we learn as much, probably more, from reflecting on failure as we do by focusing on success

- sharing best practice can be useful and inspiring; so can the honesty and openness which comes from talking about when things go wrong

- as teachers, we can be too quick to feel bad when things go wrong - by discussing these things openly, we can develop a 'growth mindset' culture in which it's OK to fail, as long as we reflect, renew and build again


We are looking for either 2 minute (nano) presentations, or 7 minute (micro) presentations in which you might talk about:

- An activity, lesson, approach or strategy that you tried and what you were hoping for

- What happened in reality and what you think went wrong

- What you learnt from the experience, and how you would / did do it differently next time


For more details, read the blogpost here: http://thinkingonlearning.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/teachmeet-failure.html


How you can get involved..

You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute micro presentation or a two minute nano presentation. This TeachMeet is about sharing classroom experience openly and honestly, recognising that the path to success is littered with failures.  You don't have to present, you can just watch, but the atmosphere will be very supportive and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to present!


TeachMeets are free - but please do let us know if you wish to come so we know how many to expect. Sign up either by editing this page (instructions below), by emailing us at teachmeetoxford@gmail.com, or by tweeting to @tomboulter or @cheneylearning1 


Presentation rules

  • You can present on any aspect of classroom practice that you like.  This can be related to how you use technology in the classroom but it doesn't have to be.  You could also present on leadership issues if you would like to and are brave enough!
  • You don't have to show slides, but you can if you want to.  There will be a computer available which will be connected to the internet.
  • Please don't try to sell something - the focus is learning and teaching not products.



VENUE - The CHERWELL SCHOOL - NORTH SITE - Thursday 11th July 2013 

Marston Ferry Road, Oxford, OX2 7EE


Seven minute micro presentations - THE CHERWELL SCHOOL - 11th July 2013

Add your name and what you'd like to talk about to the list below. In the best TeachMeet tradition, we'll pick names at random. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.


  1. 'TMI - my struggles with less-is-more' @tomboulter (Cherwell)
  2. Rob Bown - @cheneylearning1 - 'Using Matthew Syed's Bounce to motivate - a partial failure!'
  3. Wilson Chong - Taking Students Through Exam Papers (Cheney)
  4. Rupa Chandarana (Cheney)
  5. Judy Gleen (Cheney) - 'A little less conversation...' 
  6.  Britt Strickland: Disaster behaviour management: the trap of the student-teacher power struggle as a spectator sport.  


Two minute nano presentations - THE CHERWELL SCHOOL - 11th July 2013

Add your name and what you'd like to talk about to the list below. In the best TeachMeet tradition, we'll pick names at random. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.

  1.      Robin Marsden - Great Techno Fails and what we learn from them
  2.      Matt Gray - Blog Fails




Enthusiastic lurkers - THE CHERWELL SCHOOL - 11th July 2013

Add your name to the list below. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.

  1. Daniella Heath (Bartholomew)
  2. Guy Patching @guypatching  
  3. John Robertson (Matthew Arnold) 
  4. Owain John (School Direct - KA's) 
  5. Neil Sadler - Cherwell 





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