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South Yorkshire Teachmeet 2

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This summer, Hall Cross Academy UPPER SCHOOL is hosting the second South Yorkshire TeachMeet.  It's a chance for teachers from all over South Yorkshire to get together and discuss ideas and techniques that have proved effective and inspiring in their colleges, secondary or primary schools.

Do you want to hear about an idea that's worked well for others?  Would you be willing to share something that your students have been enjoying?  You're the experts and this is the moment to tell others what's worked well for you in your classroom.

You might choose to do a micro-presentation (lasting about seven minutes) or even a nano-presentation (just two minutes long).  Or perhaps you'd simply like to attend, pick up some ideas and chat with local teachers from different sectors.

Refreshments will be available from 4.45pm and we aim to start at the latest at 5:15pm. We anticipate that the event will last approximately one and half hours.   


We look forward to meeting you and learning from you.

Please add your name in the space below or email Gemma Thornton thorntongem@armthorpe.doncaster.sch.uk or Beth Batty battybet@armthorpe.doncaster.sch.uk to sign you up. 


Nano presentations:

1. Yvonne - more to follow

2. Beth- foldables (not my own idea)

3. Gemma- Punk Learning 

4. Andy -more to follow

5. Chris -... 



Micro presentations:

1. Alex (twitter / social media as CPD / research in Education)  





Those coming to be inspired:

1. Yvonne 

2. Louise

3. Andy

4. Janice

5. Zoe

6. Barrie

7. Jenny

8. Chris 

9. Sharon

10. Sandrine

11. Max






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