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tmblakes13 september

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Thursday 26 September 2013

7:30pm - 10:00pm


Blake's Coffee House, 53 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6EE (Map)



Join us for an exciting evening of sharing and learning.  A different format to the usual Teachmeets, so we will have music, demonstrations and opportunities to share around tables.  If you would like to present to everyone, you can - for as long as you like!



More pictures of fun and laffs are here


And there are prizes donated by the wonderful @tes_SEN !! You should see the prizes! There's alsorts of stuff. Crazy stuff. What like? Well.. Alcohol! Books! Sweets! Toys! Games! Camera!!!


What can you do?


Sign up to come along!  If you would like, bring an idea to share. Don't worry about presenting it to the whole room, we will be around tables sharing in small groups. Limited space, so sign up now!


  1. Simon Finch (@simfin)
  2. Steve Bunce (@stevebunce
  3. Bill Gibbon (@billgibbon)
  4. Helen Blanchett (@hblanchett) 
  5. Dom McGladdery (@dominic_mcg) 
  6. Rachel Orr ( @RachelOrr)
  7. Maddy Opstad (@mto78)
  8. Clair Crozier (@c14lrb)  
  9. Sarah Gott 
  10. Nikki Adelaide
  11. Mark Woods 
  12. Lisa Ashes @lisajaneashes 
  13. Terri Dunne @misstdunne 
  14. Mark Clarkson (@mwclarkson) - provisional! 
  15. Jane Hutchison @janehutchison1
  16. Gayle Jobson @gjez
  17. Lydia Burnett @@LGBurnett 
  18. Katie Breeze
  19. Amanda Skilton
  20. Fatima Begum 




Let's keep it all together and use the following hashtag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations with TeachMeet Blakes 13:





We need more sponsors! If you can share some freebies, raffle prizes or small amount of money then please get in touch with Simfin. Thanks


Our thanks go to our current sponsors who have allowed us to hire such a amazing venue:






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