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Copy of TM Cowes - Presenters List

Page history last edited by Zdenkica Stanec 6 years, 11 months ago

TeachMeet - Cowes 2013

Friday 15th November 2013 5.30pm - 9.00pm (Presentations from 6pm)

Cowes Enterprise College, Cowes

Keynote speaker - David Fawcett



To add yourself to the audience:

Click "Edit Page" at the top of any page and select login

Enter the username: guest

Enter the password: teemhcaet

Enter your details under the audience section.  Administrators of the page will complete details on presentations. 

Click Save!


If you mention it on Twitter or other social networking forums, please use the tag #TMCowes


Seven minute micropresentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below. Your talk needs to be about teaching and learning. There are only ten places for these presentations and you must have a confirmation email before signing up.


1. Nick Wiltshire - Kagan structures and approaches - @njw399

2. Rachel Jones - Digital alternatives to homework. @rlj1981

3. Catherine Edwards - AFL to drive progress

4. Karen Benge - The role of middle leaders in teaching and learning. @teachingleaders

5. Christine Hardman - Engendering infectious enthusiasm

6. Quinton Naidoo - Positive Behaviour Management / Behaviour Strategies

7. Rachel Higgs





Three minute nano presentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below. Your talk needs to be about teaching and learning.  There are only six places for these presentations and you must have a confirmation email before signing up.


1. Jill Reynolds - Questioning techniques

2. Donna Steele - Let's get physical (using the creative arts, creatively) @Steeleye

3. Jemma Harding - Student Action for Learning @jchbear

4. Tom Harding - Committed to Consolidation @tomhardingcowes

5. Tracy Turton - Differentiation with support staff in the classroom - tturton@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk





Add your name


  1. Rachel Vivian - @ravivian 
  2. Lorna Churms - @lornachurms 
  3. Jo Gibson - @JoHGibbo 
  4. Claire Doherty - @wclou
  5. Liz Segal - @LadyProspero 
  6. Lisa Pitman - @Caulkhead_Lisa 
  7. Hannah Gray - hgray@sandownbayacademy.org 
  8. Andy Teague - andrew.teague@live.co.uk 
  9. David Foster - dfoster@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk
  10. Tai Dilaimi - tdilaimi@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  11. James Stewart - jstewart@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  12. Carly Lauder - clauder@rydeacademy.org 
  13. David Moorse - dmoorse@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  
  14. Rachel Sutherland - rsutherland@rydeacademy.org
  15. Christine Lillywhite - clillywhite@rydeacademy.org 
  16. Kerie Augustus -kaugustus@rydeacademy.org  
  17. Clare Murray - @claremurray2
  18. Gemma Barnes gemma.barnes09@bathspa.ac.uk 
  19. Kelly Levett kellylevett@hotmail.com 
  20. Tanieth White tanieth.white@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk  
  21. Karen Worley kazworley@hotmail.com  
  22. Derek Dunford ddunford@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  23. Julie Crane jcrane@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  
  24. Lynn Cresswell lcresswell@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  25. Joy Buckley joy.buckley@medina.iow.sch.uk  
  26. Dave Reynolds dreynolds@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  
  27. Catriona Travers ctravers@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  28. Joe Gwilliams jgwilliams6@googlemail.com  
  29. Laura Stevenson Lollyj78@yahoo.co.uk
  30. Charlotte Wright cwright@rydeacademy.org
  31. Guest of Charlotte Wright
  32. Elizabeth Stannard estannard@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  
  33. Martyn Reah mreah@eggars.hants.sch.uk 
  34. Matt Jacobs mjacobs@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk 
  35. Jennifer Williams Jennifer.williams@christ-the-king.iow.sch.uk 
  36. lmcginty@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk  Lisa McGinty 
  37. nmason@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Nigel Mason
  38. lsouthwell@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Louise Southwell 
  39. ameredith@rydeacademy.org Alexander Meredith 
  40. cridley@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Chris Ridley 
  41. dsanchez-brown@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Dave Sanchez-Brown
  42. oosawe@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Ozzy Osawe 
  43. mcallinan@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Marie Callinan 
  44. lcaws@cowesenterprisecollege.org.uk Linda Caws 
  45. zdenkica.stanec@zg.t-com.hr Zdenkica Stanec


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