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Oxford Christmas Teachmeet 2013

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Once you have logged in you need to click back to find this page! Then click edit! or just email RBO@CHENEY.OXON.SCH.UK OR TWEET WWW.TWITTER.COM/ASTSUPPORTAALI and we will add your details for you! 




December 11th 2013- At Cheney School in partnership with Oxford City Learning (See below for other Sponsors- who have donating some amazing prizes!!)




Arrive for 4.30PM for refreshments/mingling/networking.

5.00pm Start OF PRESENTATIONS!! 






TeachMeet poster 25 11 13.pdf


What is a TeachMeet?


It's a chance to learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, or on placement, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in conversations about learning. This is not an event to present about a product or theory - this is a chance for teachers, and others working in classrooms, to share good practice.  TeachMeet is about engaging and inspiring and making connections with other educators.


If you would like to participate... Please fill in your name on this page

You can edit this page to add your details (details of how to do this above/below) or email Rob on rbo@cheney.oxon.sch.uk or contact www.twitter.com/ASTSupportaali 






How you can get involved...


You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a five minute micro presentation or a two minute nano presentation. A TeachMeet is about sharing good practice and ideas that have worked well in the classroom, as well as spreading positivity and belief in the work we do.  You don't have to present, you can just watch, but the atmosphere will be very supportive and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to present! TeachMeets are free - but please do let us know if you wish to come so we know how many to expect.


Presentation rules

  • You can present on any aspect of classroom practice that you like.  This can be related to how you use technology in the classroom but it doesn't have to be.  You may want to share activities that have worked well with your students, class projects, work that has been produced, lesson ideas..... Please keep it classroom based, rather than whole-school/leadership based, so that it is appropriate to everyone in the room.  
  • You don't have to show slides, but you can if you want to.  There will be a computer and data projector available which will be connected to the internet.
  • We would welcome handouts so we can pass on your ideas within our school! 
  • Please don't try to sell something - the focus is learning and teaching not products.


Five minute micro presentations (FULL!) (NOT IN ORDER!)

Add your name and what you'd like to talk about to the list below. In the best TeachMeet tradition, we'll pick names at random. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.


  2. Amjad Ali (Cheney) Teaching Tips- www.twitter.com/ASTSUPPORTAALI  
  3. Tom Boulter (Cherwell) - Rich feedback using Google Drive - https://twitter.com/tomboulter 
  4. Mike Harrowell (Sir William Ramsay School)- Creating Growth Mindsets in the Classroom- https://twitter.com/MikeHarrowell 
  5. Alex Warner (Reading College) Assessment- Learning Power - https://twitter.com/EducationAlex
  6. Alastair Arnott - "Positive Failure" - Using failure as a psychological tool for development. https://twitter.com/Alastair_Arnott  
  7. Jake Jones (Wheatley Park) - Can they apply it?
  8. @Thefixupteam - Inspiration- Video Presentation -https://twitter.com/thefixupteam    


Two minute nano presentations- FULL!  (NOT IN ORDER!)

Add your name and what you'd like to talk about to the list below. In the best TeachMeet tradition, we'll pick names at random. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.

  1. Judy Gleen (Cheney) Using Marking Codes 
  2. Kev Lister (Stratford) RAG 123 marking - www.twitter.com/listerkev   
  3. Fiona Turner (Milton Keynes Academy)  Little Acorns www.twitter.com/fimturner   
  4. Fran Loxley (Misbourne School) - AFL/Gingerbread Man https://twitter.com/franloxley
  5. Rob Bown (Cheney) Teaching PLTS - https://twitter.com/CheneyLearning1
  6. Claire Hamnett (Cheney) Tedium Avoidance in Class Presentations 
  7. Paul Waite (Cheney) Baggy Trousers: all I learnt at school was how to bend not break the rules
  8. Jill Berry - 5 top tips for MLT/SLT- Video Presentation https://twitter.com/jillberry102
  9. Ruth Smith (Marlborough) - Buddied feedback in practical work 
  10. William Harvey (Didcot Girls School) - Edmodo - https://twitter.com/willjharvey 
  11. Fiona Turner (Milton Keynes Academy) - Little Acorns - Teacher-led CPD 
  12. Samantha Best (Cheney) Murder Mystery Task 
  13. Eluned Harries (Matthew Arnold) Total Teaching
  14. Jamie Kirkaldy (Cheney) Triple Impact Marking



Reserve presenters:


If we have any drop outs, are you eager to present? Please have your presentation ready on a memory stick! 


1.  Karen Russell (Marlborough) Classroom Learning Trails @kazzaruss

2.  Daniel Williams (Leicester College) #Twittercoaching @Danwilliams1984

3.  Martin Burret- (@ICTMAGIC) Top websites to use! 

4.  Louise Hull - Vegas Maths



Just want to watch!

Add your name to the list below. Feel free to include your twitter id etc.


  1. Jolie Kirby (Cheney School) 
  2. Rob Williams (Stratford) 
  3. Heather Doherty - (Cheney School) 
  4. Hannah Tyreman- (Reading College) 
  5. Jessica Marsh (Churchmead School) 
  6. Laura Foulger (Churchmead School) 
  7. Gemma Stapley (Milton Keynes Academy)
  8. Louise Hull (MKA)  
  9. Alberto Passaro (MKA) 
  10. Christina Riehl (MKA) 
  11. Allison Stewart (MKA) 
  12. Izzy Wozniak (MKA) 
  13. Tricia Agac (MKA) 
  14. Charlotte Young (Cheney School)
  15. Roxy Lewis (Reading College)  
  16. Cheryl Pennington (Reading College) 
  17. Katherine Ryan (Matthew Arnold)
  18. Rachel Millar (Cheney School) 
  19. Alex Collins (Marlborough)   
  20.  Sue Cleaver (Wallingford)
  21. Emma Record (Marlborough)
  22. Jacob Minton (Marlborough) 
  23. Chrystal Poon (Marlborough) 
  24. Natasha Leaper (Marlborough) 
  25. Ian Briggs (Marlborough)
  26. Frank Havermann (King Alfred's) 
  27. James Kyberd (Meadowbrook College) 
  28. Mike Higgs (Wheatley Park School)
  29. Tim Rattigan (Wheatley Park School)
  30. Eve O' Reilly (The Bulmershe School)  
  31. Nona Lewis (Faringdon Community College)
  32. Andrea Phillips (Larkmead School)
  33. Charlotte Johnson (Larkmead School)  
  34.  Lucy Wawrzyniak (The Virtual School for Looked After Children and Care Leavers)
  35. Jason Conduct (Chipping Norton)
  36. Nigel Beales (Chipping Norton)
  37.  John O'Regan (Gosford Hill)
  38.  Samantha Best (Cheney School)
  39.  Matthew Wimpenny-Smith (Headington Prep School) @mwimpennys
  40.  Ali Twyford (Wheatley Park) 
  41.  Danielle Kohlman (Fernhill)
  42.  Peter Green (Gosford) peter8green
  43.  Tom Manthorpe (Gosford)
  44.  Ben Clark (Wexham School)
  45.  Mark Flanagan (Cheney School)
  46.  Vanessa Westhead - (Horspath Primary)
  47.  George Speller- (St. Clares)
  48.  Show My Homework 
  49.  Matthew Richardson- IRIS Connect 
  50.  Sylvia Hawken (Cheney School)
  51.  Rachel Collins (Cheney School) 
  52.  Keith Morrison (Cheney School) 
  53.  Daisy Weightman (Cheney School) 
  54.  Stuart Dashwood (Cheney School) 
  55.  Joe Ewen (Cheney School) 
  56.  Jackie Mundell-Perkins (Cheney School)
  57.  Emma Hart (Cheney School)
  58.  Blanche Rabbits (Cheney School) 
  59.  Emily Hoyland (Cheney School)
  60.  Rachel Brown (Cheney School)  
  61.  Sarah McHugh (Gillott's)
  62.  Lucy Jose (Wheatley Park)
  63.  Rachel Askew (Wheatley Park)
  64.  Andrew O (Cheney School) 
  65.  Kate Croft (Marlborough School)
  66.  Rebecca Cairsn (Cheney School)
  67.  Lucie Acraman (Community Governor)
  68.  Natasia Cantwell (Cheney School)  
  69.  Rupa Chandarana (Cheney School)
  70.  Alastair White (Cheney School)
  71.  Emma Taylor (Marlborough)
  72.  Richard Marsh (Oxford Academy)
  73.  Alison Poole (Marlborough)
  74.  Chan-Young Song (Marlborough)
  75.   Naomi Hodge (Combe)
  76. Charlie Wood (Marlborough School) 
  77. Lizzie McLoone (Marlborough School) 
  78.  Charlotte McCutcheon (OUDE intern at St. Gregory)
  79.  Andrea Wickham (Headington School)
  80.  Phoebe Mortimer (Cheney) 
  81.  Andrew Smith





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I can't seem to add myself but I would like to attend. @RoxyLewisGeog

Fiona Turner said

at 4:01 pm on Nov 26, 2013

Ipad won't let me add myself but would love to come with a couple of colleagues... Is that okay? Fiona turner @fimturner

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