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What is a TeachMeet?


A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of like-minded teachers learning from each other.



Participants volunteer to present and demonstrate an element of good practice or to discuss a product that enhances learning.    

TeachMeet events are open and is free



This event is for both primary and secondary teachers as most topics will be generic







The theme is #PowertoPedagogy. The aim of our TeachMeet is to share powerful ideas that teachers are able to take back to their classrooms and colleagues in their schools.






Kelly McDonagh (Skills Co-ordinator, Business Studies & ICT teacher) @MissKMcD


Ali Goddard Jones (Leader of Professional Learning) @AliGoddardJones



Sponsors and Prizes











Thursday 8th May 2014




Cotham School 

Cotham Lawn Road 






Telephone: 01179198000




Keynote Speaker


Rachel Jones @RLJ1981 


Rachel is a Sociology teacher at a Sixth Form College. Rachel inspires thousands of her followers on Twitter through sharing creative, innovative and practical ideas. Rachel's blog http://createinnovateexplore.com/ is jam packed full of these ideas and reflections upon her teaching and experiences including Pedagoo London, a whole host of different TeachMeets, Teaching and Learning Takeover as well as Google Teacher Academy 2013 (just to name a few!). We are delighted to have Rachel as our keynote speaker and as our advocate for #PowertoPedagogy!





5:00 - Meet and greet. Food served

5.30 - Introduction and Keynote

6:00 - Start of 5 minute presentations (6 slots x 5 minutes = 30 minutes)

6:35 - Breaktime and a chance to mingle

6:50 - Start of the 2 minute nano presentations ( 10 slots x 2 = 20 minutes) 

7:10 - 5 minute presentations continued (4 slots x 5 minutes = 20 minutes)

7:30 - Prize Draw! (Remember you have to be in it to win it!) 

7:45 – Networking / refreshments





Car parking on site

Wi-fi available 




Five minute micro:


Add your name and what you may talk about below. It should be about stuff that has happened in the classroom. Don't worry if it is just about showcasing a product, a piece of software, free or otherwise, or a tool or a strategy to improve learner interest or engagement or for teachers' professional learning.


  1. Kelly McDonagh @MissKMcD Learning with Loyalty Cards  
  2. David Bunker @Mr_Bunker_edu:  Words
  3. Sharon Porter @SPorterEdu: An ordinary pack of playing cards. 
  4. Jo Oxenham Literacy!
  5. Jamie Collin @sensiblejc7  
  6. Stephen O'Callaghan @mrocallaghanedu - Teaching that sticks.
  7. The Fix Up Team @thefixupteam How To Motivate Your Students  
  8. David Morgan @lessonhacker - Something Exciting 
  9. Cameron Parker - Hungry Under Dogs - Inspiring Students 
  10. Mark Creasy @EP3577 - Unhomework  




Two minute nano presentations


Add your name and what you may talk about below. again, you must talk about experiences from the classroom.


  1. Candida Gould @candidagould (Scrapping the starter in MFL)
  2. Jamie Lloyd : Using TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) to improve group enquiry outcomes
  3. Lucy Mitchell: The Arrow of Aspiration - helping students to discuss and develop progress towards assessment objectives 
  4. kane book @kanebook - hook questions and essential-challenge-stretch 
  5. Chris Hildrew @chrishildrew: Proud Letters 
  6. Josephine Brock - Wooden Spoons - not just for cooking  
  7. Stephen O'Callaghan @nslhub - Never Stop Learning
  8. Paul Norris @RGSDeutsch - "Catch 'em being good, then do something with it". Bit of an App-Smash with a mini whiteboard in MFL  


Those coming to be inspired:


Click here to get your ticket for #TMCotham!



The following people are attending #TMCotham in the quest of bagging some brilliant ideas for their classrooms.


1. Leigh Almey, Bristol Free School

2. Jessica Huzzey, Bristol Free School 

3. Svetlana Bajic-Raymond , Cotham School

4. Stephen O'Callaghan @mrocallaghanedu 

5. David Bunker @Mr_Bunker_edu 

6. Sharon Porter @SPorterEdu

7. John Corbett @Corbettmaths 

8. Sophie McDonnell 

9. Kate Rowlands @KateRowlands5 

10. Alla Wilcox 

11. Christine Ansell, Cotham School 

12. Suella Chapman, Cotham School 

13. Stella Nethercote, KoW 

14. Val Quaye, KoW 

15. Maciej Pajak 

16. Karis Higgins, Writhlington School @KarisJHiggins  

17. Caroline  Francis Cotham School

18. Rebecca Youde, Writhlington School

19. Lyndsay Amos, The Castle School

20. Rob King, Writhlington School

21. Crista Hazell (x2)

22. Ricky Miles

23. Penny Russell

24. Veronika Germain

25. Harriet Shortt @HarrietShortt - University of the West of England

26. Sarah Foley, Hannah More Primary School

27. Clare Furlonger, Bath Spa University

28. Geoff Andrews, Sidcot School

29. Adam Turpin, Bristol Grammar School

30. Jenni King, Bristol Grammar School

31. Ben Whitehead, Bristol Grammar School

32. Becky Prescott, Bristol Free School

33. Sandra King, Cotham School

34. Nathan Wyatt, Welton Primary School

35. Amanda Audritt, Welton Primary School

36. Nick Baker

37.Sarah Tucker, Churchill Academy

38. Lynne Bolton, Bristol Grammar School

39. Cerys Davies, Writhlington School

40. Ruari Mears

41. Jenny Williams, Cotham School

42. Katherine Clune, Cotham School

43. Donna Hay, Abbeywood School @dwsm

44. Sue Marquis, Brimsham Green

45. Jo Hewitt, Brimsham Green

46. Duncan Hansford, Brimsham Green

47. Julie Revans, Brimsham Green

48. Sally Hillier, Brimsham Green

49. Kali May, Brimsham Green

50. Kate Armstrong, Cotham School

51. Sam Collins, Cotham School

52. Helen Marsh, Cotham School

53. Harriet Hand, Cotham School

54. Dominique Deiuliis - Hancock

55. Sara Hutchinson, Hanham High School

56. David Beesley - St Julian's School

57. Octavio Dominguez

58. Donna Ferris, Cotham School

59. Helen Ashcroft, Cotham School

60. Rory Gallagher

61. Lauren Mellor

62. Catherine Stevens, Cotham School

63. Pete Lynch, Brimsham Green

64. Paul Laidler, Hanham High

65. Leyla Hussein

66. Matt Standing, Henbury School @MrStanding

67. Emma Baker, Colston Girls

68. D Webster, Hannah More Primary

69. K Jenkins, Hannah More Primary

70. K Davies, Hannah More Primary

71. B Albery, Hannah More Primary

72. Rhod Evans, Wellsway School @RevansPE

73. Ben Saunders, Cotham School

74. Claire Swayne, Cotham School

75. Keri Poole, Cotham School

76. Natasha Quick

77. Ben Jose, Cotham School

78. Paul Norris, Redland Green School

79. Rich Kennett, Redland Green School

80. Andrew Nalty BGS















Sign Up!


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