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TeachMeet Worcestershire

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Provisional outline of the event:


Venue: The Theatre at The King's School, WR1 2LL

Map: http://www.ksw.org.uk/senior/contact-kings/google-map

Some (limited) parking available onsite. Public parking also available at King Street 

Wifi available: #TMWorcs

Email contact: dking@ksw.org.uk


5:00-5:30 Welcome with tea and coffee

5:30-5:45 Keynote talk by Rachael Stevens: CPD stands for: Collaborative, Peer-led, Developmental.

5:45-6:15 1st micro and nano presentation session

6:15-6:45 Break and chance for discussion with drinks and light snacks

6:45-7:30 2nd micro and nano presentation session


How to sign up to speak or just to come along to listen:


If you want to sign up/register that you are coming by editing this page directly - follow the steps below:

1. Click the EDIT tab at the top if this page - you'll be prompted to login.

2. Note that the PBwiki system has changed, so either:

     i) create a PBwiki account which is quick and simple, and login; or

     ii) alternatively you can login using the limited guest account - username guest password teemhcaet

3) Return to this page and click the EDIT tab

4) Add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list (with a link to your Twitter or blog so others can follow you)

5) Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

6) That's it!


Presenters (please include topic of presentation, name, email, school - and (if you have one) a twitter address):


7 Minute Micro Presentations

1. Adventures in the flipped classroom - Duncan King (dking@ksw.org.uk) the King's School @duncansking / @kswacademic

2. Independent learning and revision techniques - Roxy Lewis Malvern St James - lewisr@malvernstjames.co.uk   @roxylewisgeog

3. Just Sit Still and Concentrate – the impact of primitive reflexes in the classroom - Joanna Lucas (jlucas@ksw.org.uk) The King's School

4. Whole-School Literacy - 'Write for Real' - inspiring writers with real audiences - Olivia Levez (@livilev) and Sarah Dukes, The Chase

5. Using Gapminder in the classroom - Bob Lang (rlang@kefw.org) King Edward VI Five Ways School @boblanggeog

6. Using IPADs in the classroom - Matt Pritchard Haybridge High School mpritchard@haybridge.worcs.sch.uk / @pritch16

7. Getting Languages into the home - Simone Haughey @simonehaughey Robin Hood Primary Academy Confucius Classroom

8. Making it Stick - Structuring learning for long term retention - Noah Turner, Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

9. The Positive Effects of Vertical Tutoring - Alan Johnson - Christopher Whitehead Language College


3 Minute Nano Presentations

1.  The Learning Environment   Claire Parker Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College  cep43@blessededward.co.uk  @ceparker71

2.  Academic Challenge - Katie Beever kbeever@ksw.org.uk - The King's School

3.  Using Edmodo in Religion and Philosophy - Ronan Head - rhead@ksw.org.uk The King's School

4. Teacher Talk Goes Interactive - John Plant - Bishop Perowne College - plantj@bishop-perowne.worcs.sch.uk

5. Feedback in the classroom - Pose, pause, pounce, bounce - Dani Winter - Hanley castle High School - winterd@hanleycastlehs.org.uk

6. Fun activities in Languages - Simone Haughey@simonehaughey Robin Hood Primary Academy Confucius Classroom

7. Alphabet Plenary - Kate Hughes kah@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk - C.W.L.C.



Enthusiastic Audience Members (please include school, email address and (if you have one) a twitter address):

1. Chris Taylor - Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College - beocht@blessededward.co.uk @mrtaylormaths

2. Rebecca Ward - Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College - beorw3@blessededward.co.uk

3. Amie Lyndon - Malvern St James - lyndoa@malvernstjames.co.uk

4. Emma Cartwright - Malvern St James - cartwe@malvernstjames.co.uk

5. Trish Woodhouse - Malvern St James - WOODHP@malvernstjames.co.uk

6. Jayne Glass - Waseley hills high school jglass@waseleyhills.worcs.sch.uk

7. Andrew Maund - The King's School - amaund@ksw.org.uk

8. Will Joyce - The King's School - wjoyce@ksw.org.uk

9. Celia Rawnsley - King's Hawford - crawnsley@ksw.org.uk

10. Pip Pratty - Blessed Edward Oldcorne - pjp10@blessededward.co.uk

11. Suzanne Lawson - University of Worcester - s.lawson@worc.ac.uk

12. Samantha James - University of Worcester - sami_james@hotmail.co.uk

13. Fiona Hepplewaite - Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College

14. Yvonne Cashmore - University of Worcester - y.cashmore@worc.ac.uk 

15. John Palmer, The Chase / Computing at School Regional CPD Coordinator - john.palmer@computingatschool.org.uk / @johnny__palmer

16. Jodie Jordan - Christopher Whitehead Language College - jj@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

17. Genea Alexander - University of Worcester  - genea.alexander@worc.ac.uk

18. Jessica Millward - The Chase - jmillward@chase.worcs.sch.uk

19. Lillian Blakeley - The Chase - lblakeley@chase.worcs.sch.uk @TheChaseArt

20. Joe Wright - Joseph Chamberlain College - jwright@jcc.ac.uk @Bio_Joe

21. Helen Jennings - The Chase - js@chase.worcs.sch.uk

22. Samantha Cragg -Tudor Grange Academy Worcester - scragg@worcs.tgacademy.org.uk 

23. Penny Melville - Christopher Whitehead Language College

24. Eileen Crossey - Christopher Whitehead Language College

25. Geoff Purvis - Bewdley High School and Sixth Form - geoffpurvis6@hotmail.com

26.Rebecca Jones - Tudor Grange Academy Worcester - rjones@worcs.tgacademy.org.uk @rebeccajones165

27. Zoe Glackin - Tudor Grange Academy Worcester - zglackin@worcs.tgacademy.org.uk

28. J W Barton - - @barton_jw

29. Stephen Fessey - Alderman Knight Special School, Tewkesbury SFessey@aldermanknight.gloucs.sch.uk

30. Hannah Silverthorn - Alderman Knight Special School, Tewkesbury

31. Richard Corbett - Alderman Knight Special School, Tewkesbury

32. Hannah Shaw - Alderman Knight Special School, Tewkesbury

33.Andrew Trickett - Hagley Catholic High School, Hagley - atrickett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk

34. Stuart Freeman - Belmont School, Cheltenham sfreeman@belmont.gloucs.sch.uk

35. Anne-Marie Simpson - The King's School - asimpson@ksw.org.uk

36. Phil Rose- Wolverley CE Secondary School/St Augustine's- phil.rose@wolverley.worcs.sch.uk

37.  Laura Parsons- Wolverley CE Secondary School- laura.parsons@wolverley.worcs.sch.uk

38. Emily Johnson - The Chase - ejohnson@chase.worcs.sch.uk

39. Lisa Gray - Hanley Castle High School - GrayL@hanleycastlehs.org.uk

40. Jenny Clarke - Hanley Castle High School - ClarkeJ@hanleycastlehs.org.uk

41. Jenni Chuck - Malvern St James - chuckj@malvernstjames.co.uk

42. Natasha Phipps- Malvern St James phippn@malvernstjames.co.uk

43. Heather MacDonald - Malvern St James macdoh@malvernstjames.co.uk 

44.Brigitte Wadman-Malvern St James wadmab@malvernstjames.co.uk

45.Karen Cunningham - Christopher Whitehead Language College kec26@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

46. Dorothy Serafini - Christopher Whitehead Language College dms38@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

47.Paul Blackburn - Windsor High School and Sixth Form pblackburn@windsor.dudley.sch.uk

48. Nicki Essenhigh - the King's School Worcester nessenhigh@ksw.org.uk

49.  Teresa Thomas - Christopher Whitehead Language College tgt3@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

50. Clare Steel - Alderman Knight School

51. Adrian Ford - The King's School Worcester, aford@ksw.org.uk

52. Ian Robinson - The King's School Worcester, irobinson@ksw.org.uk

53. Emma Watts - The King's School Worcester, ewatts@ksw.org.uk

54. Beth Darby - The King's School Worcester, edarby@ksw.org.uk

55. Tim Keyes - The King's School Worcester headmaster@ksw.org.uk

56. Carolyn Mellor - The King's School Worcester cmellor@ksw.org.uk

57. Chris Atkinson - The King's School Worcester, catkinson@ksw.org.uk

58. Jo Wootton - The King's School Worcester, jwootton@ksw.org.uk

59.Vicki Dean - Bridgnorth Endowed School vdean@bridgnorthendowed.co.uk

60. Matthew Richardson - Education Consultant - matt@mtm-innovations.co.uk

61. Russ Mason - The King's School Worcester, rmason@ksw.org.uk

62. Alison Thompson - Windsor High School and Sixth Form athompson1@windsor.dudley.sch.uk

63. Kate Benton - Windsor High School and Sixth Form kbenton@windsor.dudley.sch.uk

64. Mel Dufty - Christopher Whitehead Language College  

65. Anita Jenkins - Haybridge High School and Sixth Form - ajenkins@haybridge.worcs.sch.uk - @HaybridgeTS

66. Fabienne Levett - Christopher Whitehead Language College - FL@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk 

67. Ruth Till - John Kyrle High School - ruthtill@jkhs.org.uk

68. Cristin Abraham - Christopher Whitehead Language College

69. Iglika Gillam -  Christopher Whitehead Language College - IG@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

70. Neil Deakin - Educational Consultant - neil@nowcollaborate.co.uk

71. Charlotte Daniell - High School for Girls, Gloucester daniellc@hsfg.org

72. Steph MacDonald - Christopher Whitehead Language College - shm11@christopherwhitehead.worcs.sch.uk

7.3. David Corden - Haybridge High School - dcorden@haybridge.worcs.sch.uk  

74. Fran Greeenaway- ComputerXplorers Cotswolds and Wyvern     @CW_CXplorers

75. Paul Sharpe - ComputerXplorers Cotswolds and Wyvern     @CW_CXplorers

76. Caroline Farris -  MSJ - farric@malvernstjames.co.uk


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