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TMStockport Computing

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I look forward to seeing you at my second Teachmeet at St Johns CE Primary.Please sign up to lurk or present below. 

Sarah Zaman


Name and email/ twitter name Presentation or Lurker  Presentation title 
Sarah Zaman @sezzyann72  Presentation  Raspberry Pi in Primary
Aimee Middleton @AimeeSarah87  Lurker   
Melissa Harrison @Mi_ss_H  Lurker   
Amy Kingsley @MissKingsley85  Presentation 

Using Explain Everything for Literacy across the curriculum

Sally Jordan @slr112  Lurker  
Jeni Garratt @Jenga76  Lurker   
Asha Kaur araf492@yahoo.co.uk lurker  
Brian Harkins @BrianEHarkins Presentation (micro) Hopscotch App on iPad 
l.isherwood@woodhouses.oldham.sch.uk  Lurker   




@yallsop Presenting Algorithms- unplugged activities




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yasemin allsop said

at 8:37 am on Jun 25, 2014

Algorithms- unplugged activities

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